Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Unrequited Love - Such Sadness Befalls Me

Love poems on tear soaked paper
Wasted words for the undeserving
Paper bubbles & the words are blurred
She pours out her heart,
But is never heard...

Poem by Dianne


leelee said...

Hi Dianne,

Thank you for the invitation to visit your little home in blogland.

I just KNEW you were a romantic.

Very lovely!


PS: no sooner did you take away your word verification...you got spammed. It shouldn't be an ongoing thing...sometimes you get hit a bit then it falls off.

Little Lamb said...


boneman said...

she lifts her head,
dries her eyes,
then she comes
to realize.

Happiness is within one's own heart.
a small smile crosses her face.
Perhaps I'll become a part
of happiness where'er the place.

The Sun still rises
so does the moon.
All of life still entices,
and like the beaches dune,

The tides come as well as go.
I think everything will be OK; y'know?

boneman said...

yeah...what Leelee said.
You shouldn't click on them...remember the trashcan?
Click on their trashcan, and when the blogger box takes you to the new place?
Click the box that says "remove forever" and then delete.

Good bye spam
we don't give a dam
for your sales techniques
yer just a bunch of sneaks!

puerileuwaite said...

Sometimes you pour out your heart and it IS heard by the undeserving. In this case, by both "stockmarketnewsletter" and "lotto winners".

First off, if stockmarketnewsletter is telling YOU that you have an amazing story, this tells me that he is not successful. So write him off (just not on your taxes).

Ditto for lotto winners. When is the last time you heard from an ACTUAL lotto winner? Never, right? That's what I thought. In fact, none of them have ever even bothered to return my calls.

dianne said...

Thanks leelee and welcome to my little space in the Blogosphere; yes I am a hopeless romantic. :) xoxox

Boney, thanks for the advice on the spam, it didn't take them long to find me.
Thanks for that beautiful poem, oh if I had just a tiny part of your talent. Yes happiness is found within one's own heart. :) xoxox

Puggles my sweet, thanks for your advice as well, I sure have some great friends. :) xoxoxo

dianne said...

Lil Lamb it is so sad... :)

Elaine said...

Thank you for inviting me to visit! I love your blog. I want to see more lighthouses. OK?

DNR said...

It is sad, but also very beautiful.

Sparrow sent me.
Welcome to the blogosphere.

dianne said...

Hi Elaine thanks for popping over, I will see what I can do about more lighthouses. :)

Hi dnr & welcome to my Blog and thanks. :)

boneman said...

well, that is interesting.

Let me go back and try to duplicate what you've done...

boneman said...

OK, I'm guessing, but...I'll be right back after a couple more shots.

boneman said...

OK, after you've done almost anything on blogger, you'll see a tool icon appear on your blog beneath every element, right?
(it doesn't matter whether you do or not, only I'm trying to get to the exact set-up that you're using.

What's interesting is that blogger has changed its own layout set-up just in the past week or so.

The reason there'sa a gap between every name is you've used a new link element for each one of them.
In fact, am I seeinmg that you've used a completely different link list for the title, 'Special Friends'?

Well, whatever.
Go back in to where you have /t

Notice that there's a new blank where you put the name and link.
Put a new name and link in there and click on 'add link' and it does....
then repeat the process till you've got us all crammed into the one box.

dianne said...

Thanks Boney I will give it a go later today/tonight when I have a little more time. You're another one of my gallant knights in shining & warmer armour! Remember my favourite movie 'Kingdom of Heaven' and the oaths we took? :) xoxo