Sunday, August 10, 2008

Lighthouse Card & Get Well Wishes

I hadn't been inspired to paint anything for quite some time. This is a small painting from June, 2007; it was for the front of a Get Well card which I made for a very dear friend who was going through a rough patch, health-wise.I could have easily bought a card but under the circumstances decided I would make something special for him. I painted it on card and used water colours & water colour pencils which I 'washed' to blend the colours especially for the sky.
Not a great work of art but every line and brush stroke was painted with love and sincerity. Not a good photo either as I have taken it with my mobile/cell phone camera.
The verse I wrote in it went something like this, so much time has passed since then I am finding it difficult to recall...and in case you are wondering as far as I know he is well now.

The Lighthouse
A beacon of light in the darkness
A guiding light to keep you safe
And guide you away from life's rocky shores.


boneman said...

welcome aboard, gal!

I forgot to mention the one part that drives me nuts...not that it's that far of a drive, or, that big of a deal, really...the posts go on 'backwards' as it were.
Last post first.
There is a way to circumnavigate the very first post, but, danged if I know how.

foam said...

oh shoot! i was gonna be first! lol..
you already have links, photos, your own wonderful painting, nice writing all within the 1st couple of posts...
dang, but i'm impressed .. :)

foam said...

re your comment on my post concerning yuor links..
the only thing i can think is that you put the url perhaps where it said 'new site name'...
but it looks fine like that ..
i actually though ..
what a good idea.

Jean said...

What a lovely painting. I'm sure your friend was deeply touched.

dianne said...

Jeannie, one could hope that he did, as it was given with sincerity and no hidden agendas. :)

Andrew said...

Congratulations on your blog Mum :)

Just thought I would check it out, seems all is going well with it, I love this painting that you did, its a shame you didnt use a better camera for it to capture its true beauty. I guess thats where I come into it hey ?:)

Anyways, best of luck with it, I hope its the creative outlet that you require.

With all my love,

Your Son,

Andrew :)

puerileuwaite said...

You are very sweet. I like everything about the card. Well. maybe except for one little thing ... lack of followup. Is he okay now? Did the lighthouse guide him in safely? I need closure.

dianne said...

Puggles my sweet, he was fine last time we spoke but the lighthouse guided him safely to someone else and he broke my heart. His loss - he doesn't know what he missed out on! :) xoxox

puerileuwaite said...

Who needs him, anyway? Frankly, I didn't even know he was gone. Vindictiveness is a bad thing, so suffice it to say that hopefully he's stuck on Gilligan's Island with only Mrs. Howell for company. You're a catch.

dianne said...

Puggles I harbour no malice,just some regret - he is a lovely guy and will always have a place in my heart, it's just that he loves someone else and they are together, I hope he is happy. :)

Elaine said...

The blog is a good gift to you. Love yourself with passion. Love your life and all in it begins to blossom.
This blog is a lovely blossom. I'm so-o happy for you. If I lived near you in Australia, I'd come and photograph your paintings!

Sparrow said...

Congratulations on the new blog, Dianne! I love the painting, though I'd like a better look at it. Keep up the good work, and welcome to the blogosphere!

dianne said...

Elaine, thank you so much that is thoughtful advice, I hope this Blog will be a medium for a whole lot of ideas that I need to express, both visually and through my thoughts and words. I need to blossom. Thanks for the offer of the photography but he did keep the card with the painting. :) xoxox

Sparrow, thank you for your welcome;sorry but that is the best photo of the painting that I have. The original is with him so I'm not likely to see it again. :) xoxox