Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Sunday's Rose

A rose petite
Fresh and sweet
Petals soft to the touch
A scent so heavenly
Delicate but crisp
So fragrant for its dainty size...

A 'patio' rose, name unknown which I rescued from the neglected and dying plants at the supermarket. It is amazing what some water and a little care will achieve, the plant is healthy now and flowers profusely.

Prose - Dianne Dawes ...♥

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Without Asking

Sem Perguntar - João Pedro Pais

Without asking, know your news,
I read in signs forgotten here.
This distance is nothing that hurts,
I cannot exist without you.

If your voice belongs to someone else,
Your silence it cannot belong.
The landscape is a word for nothing
I did not tell you. Wanted never know.

Where are you, I do not see you
You walk away in your wander,
Seeking only in my desire,
Only in I know you find.

This goodbye continues today
The farewell had any name
Slowly, the time runs away,
Flee you and I who am lost.

I have so many dreams saved,
I have so many memories of you,
The resumption postponed plans
And I start to imagine you here.

Where are you, I do not see you
You walk away in your wander,
Seeking only in my desire,
Only in I know you find.

Thank you dear friend Antonio Gomes from Existe Sempre Um Lugar for introducing me to this beautiful song. 

Posted by Dianne ... ♥

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year's greetings for 2015 to all of my dear friends and followers, who have been here with love and kindness to support me throughout 2014. I wish you a wonderful New Year's Eve and as the clock strikes Midnight may you share this special moment with those you love, whether it is with family, friends or that special person in your life.
May the coming year be one of peace, good health, love and happiness. Please keep some love and compassion in your hearts for those who will not be with their families and loved ones to see in this New Year.

I  found this great article on the Internet and I wanted to share it with you here

"Another year starts and with it, new hopes and aspirations – a faint desire that sprouts in every human heart that speaks of happiness, prosperity and goodness to come.

The year gone-by might have shown a grim state of affairs around the world with stories of bloodshed, tragedy and human failures never ceasing to seize the headlines.
But the excitement of a new year brings about an anticipation of a better future. This is one real moment that will touch the fabric of human emotions that entails not only hope, but a reason to keep smiling and living life as it is."

So please lets keep this anticipation alive for a better future and a more peaceful and tolerant existence for all of mankind.

Much love to all, Dianne
xoxoxo   ♥