Saturday, July 31, 2010

Dangerous Liaisons

"My Dearest One"
That is how I should like to address you
But you have no idea of my feelings
or how your words touch me
I long for each word
each one warms my heart
and sparks a fire within me
One that belies the boundaries of friendship
a deeper feeling of affection
Between each line
there is so much left unspoken
Words of affection that I dare not say
nor my feelings could I reveal
In fear of losing what we have
You are not free to love me
for you love another
And I could not betray that trust
I dream that one day
I should like to finish a letter
"With All My Love"...
But I must put aside
all foolish thoughts of love
And your friendship must always be enough ...

Poem by Dianne D.

Images: My Journal
& Pressed flowers from a letter.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

French Landscape

Pommiers en Fleurs

Village sur la Colline

Promenade au bord de la Riviere

Pierre-Eugène Montézin - 1874 - 1946
French Post-Impressionist Painter

There is not much information about this painter to be found on the Internet, however I did read that he was influenced very much by Claude Monet. There are many other beautiful paintings that I would have liked to have posted here but some images are in miniature format or are protected by copyright . . . I trust I am not breaking any rules here with these beautiful images.
There is a very interesting article and the only comprehensive information I could find about the life of this wonderful painter at ART WALLY FINDLAY , it is copyrighted so I cannot reproduce any of the information here. I have included a link so that you can read about this painter and his love of the open air and landscape; I hope Mr Findlay has no objections to me providing a link . . . he is sure to let me know I think. . . ♥

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Saddest Farewell

Ours shall be the saddest farewell

When we two must part

I will not want to let you go

For it will surely break my heart

But go, farewell I know you must

For now you cannot stay

But hope of your return one day

In that I must place my trust

But for now you must leave me

Alone with my tears

As I watch you walk away

A little wave and a silent prayer

That our time apart shall pass

But first we shall share the closest embrace

And the sweetest kiss to last ...

Poem Dianne D. ♥

Image : 'Two Lovers' - Dante Gabriel Rossetti 1859 Pen and Ink with brown wash on paper.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Did I Hear You ...

Did I hear you
Was that you ...

I thought I caught
a glimpse of you ...

As you slipped by me
you spoke not one word ...

In silence, not to be heard?

I felt your presence
I felt your warmth

I thought I could reach out
and touch you
as you came to earth ...

Just then
as I looked at the moonlight
was that you ... ?

Thought I heard you breathing
or was it my heart beating
from the closeness of you ...

Or just the breeze
like me sighing softly
as it moved through the leaves

Or perhaps it was
just a beautiful dream ... ?

Dianne D.

Poem first posted on January 12, 2010

Image: The leaves of my tree shining in the moonlight.

Friday, July 16, 2010

A Little Romance

Sometimes a little perseverance and some creative thinking pays off if there is a spark of attraction between two people; why leave everything to chance, sometimes for love to blossom it needs a little help, a little nudge . . . I know this is an advertisement for coffee but I think it is really sweet, I love the piano music, I think it is romantic, and her attraction for him is palpable.
A feeling of lightness, happiness and anticipation when you are falling in love, I know, I have felt it myself, it is the best feeling, the attraction and first consciousness of love for someone else and the path of candles in the empty coffee jars - well that is something that I would do, because I am a very romantic person . . . I hope you enjoy this little bit of sweetness as much as I did . . . ♥
I think like most of these Moccona ads there will be more, they become an ongoing story as the romance develops, something to look forward to; much nicer than the evening news.

Monday, July 12, 2010

I Was Lost For a While . . .

The path of promise
beckoned me
to wipe away my tears
and lose my sorrow
in the beauty
of the forest
The hush of the breeze
is a soothing song
as it gently moves
through the leaves
and stirs the grasses
from their slumber
As I wander on
I am transported
to another world
of verdant vines
and leafy bowers
I am warmed
and reassured
by the glow of the
sunshine upon myself
and the wild flowers
Their fragrance
surrounds me
with its sweetness
and the promise
of newly opened buds
delights me
I brush my hands
over flower
and leaf
Touch my hands
to my face
sweet fragrance dispersed
to my cheeks
Happy thoughts
stir within me
this place overwhelms me
Beauty untouched
Beauty unbound
at last I am found
and happiness
fills my heart
and rises up within me . . .

Poem by Dianne D ... ♥

Glorious image, 'Sunshine Through the Trees' with kind permission from my friend Des Boxall at
Picasaweb Albums from his 'Autumnal Sheffield' series, please enlarge the photo for a a more detailed view, you won't be disappointed.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Our Hands Have Met

Ink Sketch - Dante Gabriel Rossetti 1828 - 1882

Our hands have met, our lips have met
Our souls - who knows when the wind blows
How light souls drift mid longings set,
If thou forget'st, can I forget
The time that was not long ago?

Thou wert not silent then, but told
Sweet secrets dear - I drew so near
Thy shamefaced cheeks grown overbold,
That scarce thine eyes might I behold!
Ah was it then so long ago!

Trembled my lips and thou wouldst turn
But hadst no heart to draw apart,
Beneath my lips thy cheek did burn -
Yet no rebuke that I might learn;
Yea kind looks still, not long ago.

Wilt thou be glad upon the day
When unto me this love shall be
An idle fancy passed away,
And we shall meet and smile and say
'O wasted sighs of long ago!'

Wilt thou rejoice that thou hast set
Cold words, dull shows 'twixt hearts drawn close,
That cold at heart I live on yet,
Forgetting still that I forget
The priceless days of long ago?

William Morris
1834 - 1896

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Looking Skywards This Afternoon

Today was a pleasant day considering that it is Winter, the temperature peaked at about 16º Celsius, much warmer than yesterday which had the coldest June morning recorded in 61years. No snow here but colder than the average Sydney temperature ... just plenty of frost on the grass, ice on my car windscreen, the water in the hose was frozen and a chilly minus 2ºC.
I do realise dear friends that these are 'tropical' temperatures compared to the blizzards and freezing temperatures you experience in the Northern Hemisphere ... :-)
There was plenty of snow in the colder areas of inner New South Wales and great conditions for the snowfields.

I couldn't resist photographing my tree again today, this time from different angles, it looked so pretty as the blue colour of the sky changed considerably when the clouds obscured the brightness of the sun momentarily until it broke through again in all of its pristine Winter beauty, sitting low in the northern sky.
There are still remnants of green leaves hanging on to the branches, as are the amber, gold and russet leaves, just waiting for that sharp breeze to come along and scatter them to begin their random journey...

Please enlarge the photographs for a more detailed view... ♥