Sunday, October 7, 2018

On A Lane In Spring

A Little Lane, the brook runs 
close beside
And spangles in the sunshine 
while the fish glide swiftly by
And hedges leafing 
with the green spring tide
From out their greenery 
the old birds fly
And chirp and whistle 
in the morning sun
The pilewort glitters 
'neath the pale blue sky
The little robin 
has its nest begun
And grass green linnets 
round the bushes fly
How Mild the Spring Comes in; 
the daisy buds
Lift up their golden blossoms 
to the sky
How lovely are the pingles 
and the woods
Here a beetle runs; 
and there a fly
Rests on the Arum leaf 
in bottle green
And all the Spring 
in this Sweet lane is seen.

John Clare -  1793 - 1864
For my dear friend C.B. wherever you may be.