Thursday, June 23, 2011

Far and Away ...

Thoughts of you
who are so far away
I wonder what you do
to fill your days
Let go of the past
and find your way

Have you travelled enough
to find what you seek
Is your heart now fulfilled
and your life complete?
The soft days of Spring
have now come and gone
And Summer now warms
with her brilliant sun ...
Will you return to us soon
before Autumn colours the trees
And did you find that the yellow flowers
still bloom in Tuscany?

Poem : Dianne D ... ♥
Image : Yellow Flowers in Tuscany

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Words of Yesterday

On a cold Winter's morning
The birds still sing their song
But I cannot find my voice
Somehow it has gone
Maybe I have lost it
In my words of yesterday
Or perhaps I just misplaced it
In the lyrics of a song
They held so much promise
In the warmth of days gone by
And they seemed to have some purpose
When spoken yesterday
In the emptiness of the present
They seem so far away
Perhaps they were lost
Somewhere along the way
Wasted, spent, rejected
Who knows anyway...
Maybe I shall find them
In the colour of the day
Amongst the petals of a flower
I can hope ... anyway!

Poem : Dianne D ... ♥
Image: Tulip 'Charming Beauty'