Monday, October 26, 2009

Of Flowers White ...

Le Roses - Marie the artist's wife in the garden at Skagen, 1893

Marie in garden chair at Skagen - 1893

Marie in the garden at Skagen - 1893

Peder Severin Krøyer - Norwegian born - Danish painter
1851 - 1909

Of flowers white
on branches borne

In fields of green
delight the morn

Of purest white
reflect the moon

In morning's rays
bright the dawn

Pretty petals
display their charm

In meadows wild
their scents adorn

Blooming in hedgerows
or jardins faire

A heady fragrance
fills the air

Their beauty
delights us

Everywhere ...

by Dianne D ♥

Friday, October 23, 2009

Over The Top Award

I have just popped over to All Atwitter to see who had won this weeks Haiku competition and have found that my dear friend Sparrow has so generously passed this lovely award on to me, her words being and I quote "Dianne because she leapt into blogging with all of her heart and is so good at it"... gosh, I had no idea, what a nice surprise, thank you Sparrow, that is quite a compliment coming from someone as lovely and generous as yourself. ♥

This award also comes with a one word meme,so here goes....

Where is your cell phone? purse

Your hair? golden

Your mother? deceased

Your father? deceased

Your favorite food? salad

Your dream last night? romantic

Your favorite drink? juice

Your dream/goal? security

What room are you in? office

Your hobby? gardening

Your Fear? loneliness

Where do you want to be in 6 years? relationship

Where were you last night? friend's

Something that you aren’t? insincere

Muffins? English

Wish list item? love

Where did you grow up? Sydney

Last thing you did? phoned

What are you wearing? black

Your TV? digital

Your pets? kitties

Friends? close

Your life? busy

Your mood? happy

Missing someone? yes

Vehicle? Corolla

Something you’re not wearing? watch

Your favorite store? Target

Your favorite color? yellow

When was the last time you laughed? today

Last time you cried? today

Your best friend? children

One place that I go to over and over? supermarket

One person who emails me regularly? Rebecca

Favorite place to eat? Thai

I am to pass this award on to six people, there are more than six who deserve this but I would like to give this to the following friends ...

Foamy, because you are such a sweetheart and you're always here for me and never let me down.

Chickory/K9, because you too are a sweetheart, are always here for me and protect me.

Sarah Sofia, because you are kind and generous and have offered me your help in the past.

Lil Lamb, because you are such a lovely, sweet girl and I like you to visit.

, because you have been such a good friend to me, given me good advice and you make me laugh.

, because you have had a bad experience this year, you are a lovely person, I love your blog and your photography.

This has been difficult, there are so many who should be here and I don't like leaving anyone out... so I will mention April, because she needs cheering up and she works so hard; Mayden, because you are a sweetie and everyone's friend; Diane, because you are a lovely girl and a great Mom; Helene, because you are lovely and always cheerful; Shweta, because you are a lovely girl and need cheering up; Corby, because you are such a sweet girl; Anna, because you are such a brave, adventurous girl; Phos, because you are a lovely guy; J Cosmo, because you are a gentleman and very kind to me; Ruela, because you are so hot; Alexander, because you are a gentleman and kindred spirit; Glyn; because you are a lovely guy and have given me some good advice and /t., because you are such a talent and I love your comments...and of course Sparrow, for the lovely, generous person that she is...I guess I have most likely left a few people out, if so I apologise... and sadly some who don't visit here any more.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Dancing in the Rain

" Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass ... it's about learning how to
dance in the rain."

Friday, October 16, 2009

Some More Greens .... and some colour

Prosthanthera Ovafolium variegated form - flowers.

I drive past this reserve almost every day, it is a small pocket of native bushland left untouched from a much larger Turpentine forest which was preserved from commercial developement. There was a petition to save the whole forest which I signed of course, unfortunately the developers won.
We must look after our native forests and tracks of bushland and save as many as we can, they are so important for our air quality and are the habitat of so many native animals, birds and insects.
I have been watching this particular plant for a while, I really love the green foliage and now it is flowering it looks more beautiful...I have no idea what species it is, I will have to do some research.

Above plant - photo is over exposed but it's different so I like the effect.

The canopy of the Maple tree from another angle, showing its beautiful trunk and bark.

Some new arrivals, I never come away empty handed from the garden centre, there is always room for one more or three more plants in my garden ;-) ... miniature Pansies, miniature Viola 'Tinkerbelle' and bottom right Anigozanthus - common name - Kangaroo Paw.

Cordyline Stricta, with a cascade of buds in background, Yucca plant to the right and a lovely yellow flowering vine courtesy of my little bird friends. ♥

Please click on any image for a larger view.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Love At First Sight

Flowers and Lovers - Marc Chagall

They both thought that a sudden feeling of emotion had united them
This certainty is beautiful, uncertainty even more beautiful

Because they didn't know each other earlier,they supposed that nothing was happening between them.
What of the streets, these stairs, these corridors where they could have passed each other long ago?

I would like to ask them if they can remember
Perhaps in a revolving door or face to face one day
A "Sorry" in the crowd, a "Wrong number" on the 'phone?
But I know the answer - No, they don't remember

They would be surprised to know that chance
Has been playing with them for a long time now

Not quite yet ready to become their destiny
It brings them closer and further apart
Crossing their path and stifling a laugh
Then escaping a little further away

There were signs and indications
Even if they were not recognized
Three years ago maybe or just last Tuesday
A leaf flying from one shoulder to another
Something that was lost and then found
Who knows? Maybe a ball in a hedge from childhood?

There were door handles and door bells
Where one touch covered another
Two suitcases checked in, side by side
One night the same dream, forgotten on waking

But every beginning
Is just a continuation
And the book of chance
Is always open in the middle.

By Wislawa Szymborska
A translation

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Maple Canopy


Backhousia Myrtifolia

Eucalyptus Ficifolia

Syzygium Australe

Backhousia Citriadora

Mock Orange

Syzygium 'Lilli Pilli'


As one leaf dies

and falls slowly to earth

A verdant shoot unfolds

the promise of another

to take its place...

As one spent flower wilts and loses

the soft petals of her beauty

floating softly to the earth

New buds burst forth and will bloom

to show their own display

Beauty bountiful and anew

the promise of another day...

Raindrops fall on shiny leaves

splash and fall to the earth

Many raindrops fall

and become a river

the journey to the sea begins...

One tear falls, a heart is broken

but love finds another

Today's teardrop is

the promise of tomorrow

More raindrops will fall

more hearts will find love

life renewed...

Prose by Dianne