Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Maple Canopy


Backhousia Myrtifolia

Eucalyptus Ficifolia

Syzygium Australe

Backhousia Citriadora

Mock Orange

Syzygium 'Lilli Pilli'


As one leaf dies

and falls slowly to earth

A verdant shoot unfolds

the promise of another

to take its place...

As one spent flower wilts and loses

the soft petals of her beauty

floating softly to the earth

New buds burst forth and will bloom

to show their own display

Beauty bountiful and anew

the promise of another day...

Raindrops fall on shiny leaves

splash and fall to the earth

Many raindrops fall

and become a river

the journey to the sea begins...

One tear falls, a heart is broken

but love finds another

Today's teardrop is

the promise of tomorrow

More raindrops will fall

more hearts will find love

life renewed...

Prose by Dianne


Anonymous said...

your garden
is lovely, dianne


puerileuwaite said...

When it comes to love, I fancy myself as somewhat of a rake. In the garden: not so much.

foam said...


chickory said...

grherhahaha to puerile

this is a lovely meditation on green -the color of life. and you are full of new green shoots yourself. you make me smile when you are so fresh and new.

love to you!

i do not know how to make a heart. how do you do that?

dianne said...

Thank you dear /t.

yes it is a nice place to spend some time, my sanctuary, many shades of green amd many flowers. ♡

dianne said...

Lol Puggles my sweet,

oh so you are a rake and a heart-breaker when it comes to love...but you're not so handy when it comes to gardening?
Well that is alright my sweet, I'm sure you would be good company and we could share great conversations while I am outside gardening... you could lay back in a lawn chair, sipping a martini and wearing your capri pants of course. xo ♡

dianne said...

Foamy dear friend,

so you liked my photos and did you enjoy my prose...not too sad?

♡love♡ to you too dear friend. xo ♡

dianne said...

Thanks chickory my dear friend...
I'm pleased that you liked my meditation on green and water the giver of all life...
I love the many shades and shapes of green in my garden, the new shoots and buds,the leaves, tendrils on vines, they make me happy... the promise of new life to come...yes I am feeling fresh and new.

love to you also my dear friend.

The hearts ♥ this one is alt + number 3 on your numeric keypad.
♡ this heart was given to me by dear J Cosmo, I just keep copying it from my comments...there is an ASCII code for it but it doesnt work on my keyboard.../t. could help you with this one or just copy mine from here. xo ♡

foam said...

yes, i loved both .. :)

dianne said...

Thanks Foamy dear friend,
your good opinion means so much to me. xo ♡

Little Lamb said...

Pretty pictures.

dianne said...

Thanks Lamby dear, I'm pleased you liked them. ♡

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Renewal is good. Can you imagine a flower crying over last season's blooms?

Corby said...

Beautiful Dianne!


dianne said...

Thanks dear J Cosmo ,
yes renewal is a good thing.
I cant imagine a flower crying over last season's blooms but I can imagine a pretty flower crying over her petals and stamens which were once a thing of beauty but have now wilted and faded...
which no-one will now notice and admire since they have fallen to the ground and lay there in a sad little heap...but that spent flower will blow in the breeze and be scattered afar and decay and become part of the earth again to be reborn as new life and something of beauty in nature...
nothing is ever gone it just becomes something else...renewal.

I'm speaking about living things and flowers here my friend, not me,I'm still evolving... my petals haven't fully opened yet to reveal all the beauty I possess and I'm not just speaking of physical beauty, beauty of the soul and I have so much to give to those who are deserving. xo ♡

dianne said...

Thank you dear Corby
that is such a compliment and such an honour coming from favourite writer of poetry and prose. xo ♡


Mayden' s Voyage said...

I love what Cosmo said...
and your flowers are lovely. A cheer for Renewal!!!
Hugs friend :)

The Phosgene Kid said...

Very nice! What are trees again? I forget...

dianne said...

Thank you dear Mayden faire, I'm pleased that you liked the photos.

Yes, J Cosmo is a true gentleman and friend, he always has something nice to share.

Thanks for the hugs, they are most appreciated, some for you as well.

~♡~♡~♡~ @-->---

dianne said...

Thanks Phossy dear friend...

What are trees again?

Just think back to those times in Wisconsin, the stillness and quiet of the forest only broken by the calls of birds,your footsteps in the leaves, the fragrance of the woods,the leaves, the pine needles, the mighty oaks and maples, the place where you like to camp and the lake where you like to fish and your 'tree' memories will come flooding back...and you will remember. xo ♡

Anonymous said...

Your words mean much to me

dianne said...

Thank you dearest C.B. ♡

And your words mean so much to me...thank you for the link, I had forgotten how happy I was back then and you have reminded me...
I went back to our 'special place' last night to see if you had returned.

I was reading 'Love at First Sight', do you remember what I had said about it's significance to me...and you said I was the only one to understand the subtle nuances of such a beautiful poem?

You were very much in my thoughts last evening, I thought about the bird singing outside your window, you plucking out a tune on your guitar... and I read this poem which I have kept, it is so visually beautiful and I wondered if you had been the author? ♡

I ran down the aisle shouting crazy
The audience looked and gazed
"Sweet Marie come now with me"
The conductor turned to me amazed

You dropped your violin as I waved to you
And wobbling your music fell off stage
You kicked off one then another red shoe
While the conductor's stick shook in rage

Then you ran past the violas
Hurrying across without a care
Undoing your bows and ribbons
Pulling them away from your hair

Shaking free your wild hair
Music sheets flying around
Then running down the stairs
White pearls scattering down

And our hands touch
As together we run across the floor
And we just hold on tight enough
As we make it through the door

While the red-coated usher
Steps aside as we pass
And we burst onto the street
Just in front of a cab going fast

Waving madly to him to let us in
Two hearts beating fast as ever
Our journey just beginning
We hold on tight to each other.

Anonymous said...


dianne said...

Yes dear C.B.
I thought the poem showed your sensitivity and your appreciation for beauty.
It is so visual, I can see the musicians,the warmth of the colour of their instruments, the violin and violas especially...the white and black of the sheet music.
I see that sweet Marie is wearing red shoes,velvet or suede I think... which she removes.
A dress of black taffeta which rustles as she hurriedly runs barefoot from the stage, her honey-golden hair falling around her shoulders as she removes the black ribbons from her hair, the sound of the pearls as they drop and scatter on the stairs as she rushes to take your hand...and from there the journey begins.

Thank you for the link, I have at least been able to have a glimpse of Vé sad for the marionette, she dies, was the old woman 'death' waiting to take her and then she is transformed into an angel?
Lovely music, but too sad for me...there are too many sad endings. ♡

Anonymous said...

You can see the colours & textures perfectly. Do not place too much importance on any one thing or think to yourself 'this means that'. The two marionettes are the real key to this film. Suggest to your friend in India to watch it. She would understand easily as would you. A very good day to you. C.B.

dianne said...

Dear C.B.

You are speaking now of the film 'The Double life of Véronique', not my interpretation of your poem or is your poem somehow linked to the character of Véronique?
I could suggest to my young friend Shweta in Gujarat to watch the film, though she might find my recommendation a little strange.
I have yet to find the film here, you say that the two marionettes are the real key to this film, I have an uneasy feeling that the puppeteer is controlling and will hurt Véronique...just from that film clip. I hope that I would understand it easily, though we all perceive things in a different way.
A good day to you too C.B.

-Dianne ♡

dianne said...

Dear C.B.

I watched some 'shorts' of the the film on romantic, so beautiful...I just have to see this film. ♡

Anonymous said...

Yes, they are connected. This film is not about predestination. Nor is it about manipulation. One has to see beyond western interpretation. Like I said before, do not think to yourself, 'this means that'. Kieslowski worked under censorship in Poland & by 1991 had learnt to convey subtle layers in between superficial ones; the film is deeper than the simple western understanding of a film about a puppeteer who manipulates events or people. Thus, the end of the film does not mean the end of the relationship between Alexandre & Veronique. Alexandre is not the one who determines everything even if he is the one who controls the marionettes of his travelling theatre. I hesitantly add that I recommended this film to you a year ago. I hope our paths will cross again one day. I bid you a very good evening. C.B.

dianne said...

Thank you dear C.B.

Yes you did recommend this film to me a year ago and I did search for it...then having no success I let it go...other things like the reality of my life took over, though thoughts of it and your observations about it were never far away...just like your poem.

I would hope that from my words and the correspondence we have shared over many months that you would know enough about me to realise that I would be sensitive to the subtle layers and depth of feeling and meaning of this film.
My search begins again...and yes I do hope our paths will cross again one day.
A good evening to you too my friend.

Dianne. ♡

dianne said...


My dear C.B. , it would be very pleasant to hear from you again if you so wish.
You will have to contact me as I have no way of contacting you.
Since you have such praise for this film and that in itself is a recommendation of its merits I will try and purchase it on-line, I have had no success at some of the better video/dvd stores.
I do hope it has a happy ending,or leaves one with some hope as I am so tired of sad endings.

Yours in anticipation.
Your friend, Dianne. ♡