Sunday, October 11, 2009

Love At First Sight

Flowers and Lovers - Marc Chagall

They both thought that a sudden feeling of emotion had united them
This certainty is beautiful, uncertainty even more beautiful

Because they didn't know each other earlier,they supposed that nothing was happening between them.
What of the streets, these stairs, these corridors where they could have passed each other long ago?

I would like to ask them if they can remember
Perhaps in a revolving door or face to face one day
A "Sorry" in the crowd, a "Wrong number" on the 'phone?
But I know the answer - No, they don't remember

They would be surprised to know that chance
Has been playing with them for a long time now

Not quite yet ready to become their destiny
It brings them closer and further apart
Crossing their path and stifling a laugh
Then escaping a little further away

There were signs and indications
Even if they were not recognized
Three years ago maybe or just last Tuesday
A leaf flying from one shoulder to another
Something that was lost and then found
Who knows? Maybe a ball in a hedge from childhood?

There were door handles and door bells
Where one touch covered another
Two suitcases checked in, side by side
One night the same dream, forgotten on waking

But every beginning
Is just a continuation
And the book of chance
Is always open in the middle.

By Wislawa Szymborska
A translation


foam said...

lovely together..
the chagall ..
the poem ..

HLiza said...

LOvely...the incertainty..the unexpectation..

dianne said...

Thanks dearest Foamy

it is a lovely piece when you think that the person who is to be your destiny may have passed you in the street or touched a door handle that you have touched...and that one day you will meet and be conscious of this person and these feelings...very romantic.

Me...It happened to me once about three years ago,it was magical and took me quite by surprise...but no happy ending there.

I would like to think that it might happen again but I have become very cynical of late and hold out no hope of the 'fairy tale'...maybe we only get one chance and that was mine...

I hoped that the image was appropriate, it was difficult to find something that would convey the message of the prose. ♡

dianne said...

Thanks dear HLiza

yes the beauty of the uncertainty and the excitement of the does happen...if I remember correctly it happpened to you. ♡

Shweta Tiwari said...

lovely words..
thanks for ur concern :) Dianne, all of my frnds have returned and its has got really busy here..i have not been able to log in to my account for last few weeks..studies sports and what not..over occupied with everything..i think..if this will small blog will definitely start counting its last days..and even i have missed ur last few posts also :(..i need to read them also
will be back in few days..
take care

dianne said...

Pleased to hear that you are well Shweta dear, I was getting concerned.
Good that your friends are back and that you are busy, helps a little to take your mind off things that hurt you...I hope you are feeling happier now, but it does take time... ♡
You know that I always love to hear from you so take your time to read my posts if you want to...I'm not going anywhere just yet...
Please don't close your blog, you might feel inspired to write some of your lovely words again so leave it there until you have the time.
You take care too sweetie and love to you as well. xo ♡

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Thoughtful work. Thank you.

The book of chance is indeed always open in the middle.

dianne said...

Thanks dear J Cosmo

Yes it is a beautiful piece of writing by Wislawa Szymborska, I really enjoyed it and it is thought provoking when you consider the possibilities of how chance plays such a role in our destiny. ♡

K9 said...

there is definitely destiny in a revolving door -getting smashed. i hate those things.

love the chagall. i like the airy light ones like this and you dont see them that often.

i found your email. girl, you gotta tell me to check that account i forget. i sent you a note tonight. sorry it took me so long. remember the rotty needs a heads up!

i had a good chuckle at that photo you attached. oh brother!

dianne said...

Thanks my dear friend K9

Lol...Yes I hate those revolving doors myself, a disaster just waiting to happen.

I liked this painting by Chagall, it is light and flowery compared to some of his other works, I thought that the lovers were an appropriate accompaniment for the prose.

Thanks sweetie, I just got your e-mail and have sent you a reply, glad the photo made you chuckle it really is a classic! ♡

Anonymous said...

We see things, without seeing things, all the time. Driving past a church on the left or a cemetery on the right where someone's mother is buried. A painting that we have seen before.

Anonymous said...

A theatre of the third kind.

dianne said...

Dear C.B.

These locations for the film are wonderfu;,and you created all of this? I think what you have done is amazing.
Thank you I have just had a wonderful tour of the streets and little avenues of Paris and some of the beautiful villages in France and Krakow...Paris is indeed a beautiful city and the Holiday Inn is sumptuous.
The architecture is wonderful, some beautiful rooftops, fountains,parks,beautiful trees, I loved the 'planet' window display at Printemps,beautiful gowns in the window of Cendrine, gosh so much...I would like to move into the Cki vecut Vialatte and some of the other buildings...of course you know it will take me many hours to appreciate all that is here to see.
The painting is of Chambon Sur Lac, Chambon Lake it is behind the church on the left that we see in the first picture opposite the cemetery.
You are a mystery to me C.B. I find it intrigueing that you would be so mesmerised by this film... does it mirror your own life in some way? I wonder. Is there a part of you who is Alexandre Fabbri and you are in love with someone who reminds you of the beautiful Véronique?
I have really enjoyed looking at these places, thank you.

We see many things in our day that register subconsciously,they may be fleeting, many we forget, never to be thought of again and then something as subtle as a feeling,a fragrance, a colour,sunshine, a chill in the air,soft rain,a leaf, some music will bring it all back to us and we will remember.

Is this what you mean by 'a theatre of the third kind'? Because some of those moments that have come back to me and that I have remembered have been the most precious. ♡

dianne said...

Dear C.B.

I was looking back through the posts on my blog and I wondered was it you who left me the link around July, 8 to that beautiful song 'The Irish Girl'?
It was really lovely.
It seems that this is the only place where I can talk to you. ♡

Anonymous said...

A theatre of the third kind.

dianne said...

"A theatre of the third kind".

Well dear C.B. , you like to challenge me with riddles.

In my instance it could mean 'being a spectator in my own life'and that would be a comedy of errors...

or life itself, where one has some degree of free will but is not completely in control of their destiny as their happiness is in part subject to the needs and influences of others...

Some say we make our own happiness and are responsible for our own future, that may be true to some degree...though sometimes we make compromises when we can't have the happiness we want and accept what we have... making some happiness out of the little we do have but sometimes that is not enough... and though we try we will never reach that state of mind where we feel complete or if we do it is taken away all too quickly.

Or the emotions we feel, something that touches us when we see something of beauty, such as a film, a play, art, ballet or a hear a beautiful piece of music.

It is a long time since I have seen or felt something which has taken my breath away...but still I hope.

Please tell me if I am getting close to the correct answer or maybe I am lost completely. ♡

My DVD of the film will arrive Wednesday next.

dianne said...

C.B. dear, do you remember your posts on 'Nature Diary', 'How does one mend a broken heart?', your poem 'Hope' sad and beautiful, the poem 'There Was Nothing Ever Between Us' by Adan Asnyk, so lovely as well...I have them all. ♡

Mayden' s Voyage said...

Leave it to Cosmo to note "And the book of chance
Is always open in the middle."

My favorite to the flowers of course! :)
Hope yours is a beautiful weekend!

Anonymous said...

A theatre of the third kind.

dianne said...

Thanks dear Mayden for stopping by, it is always lovely to see you.

Yes as Ms Wislawa Szymborska has said "And the book of chance
Is always open in the middle", it somehow gives us some hope...and of course dear J Cosmo would take note of it...I miss his poems.
And another romantic part that I truly like "There were door handles and door bells
Where one touch covered another"...

Pleased you liked the flowers Mayden, thank you, you have a beautiful weekend as well. xo ♡

dianne said...

"A theatre of the third kind"?
C.B. dear friend are you referring to puppets and marionettes?

This is my last guess, no more games,please don't play games, I think I have suffered enough over the past few months at the hands of someone who enjoys 'mind games', playing with my feelings and hurting me...thankfully that is over but it has left scars.

Anonymous said...

All that you have said above, I understand & it has provided me much thought. But if you wish to follow along that which interests me, you might like to look up 'a theatre of the third kind' just as you would for any other phrase you might come across. Concerning the film that I recommended you to watch, I apologize but I cannot guarantee that you will have the ending that you might have pre-supposed or felt that you have deserved to see. Life is seldom going to follow the path we set for it & hope for. It never has for me & I doubt it will ever for you, now or in the future. To be honest, expectations have caused me the greatest pain in life. So why should I be dishonest & promise you that the film is a love story according to a much hoped-for script in one's heart, for example? Something, just something, might ring true for you, as it did for me. That is all. Lastly, the film is not about me. Nor especially about you. It is about the common inner emotions that sensitive persons feel. Emotions such as deja-vu, warmth, nostalgia, longing, pride, jealousy, fear, sadness, isolation, a feeling of connectedness, etc. I wish you a very good evening & hope you keep your mind open as indeed I try to.

dianne said...

Dear C.B
I did a search for 'A theatre of the third kind' and came upon a blog 'The Fab 50's' which featured the same video from the film and an article you posted about the history of rod you are interested in marionettes and puppetry?
I also thought you were interested in the natural world and all it has to offer and many other things of wonder.
I think the marionettes are beautifully made and the marioneteers? very skilled...but for some reason I find them to be sad characters, maybe a hang over from childhood.
I place no expectations on anything or any one person now for that has been my undoing in the past.
I will watch the film with an open mind, I might enjoy it for all the same things you have mentioned,it is just like life, if it has all that it will indeed be time well spent, I might even find more to enjoy as we all perceive the same things with a different perspective.
I wish you a lovely Saturday. ♡

puerileuwaite said...

Wow! Seriously, I had not experienced this bit of prose before, but it is absolutely brilliant. Than you for sharing it.

Perhaps on - in retrospect - a more petty note, it completely diminishes my own similar composition entitled "Strangers Parting For Disperate Rest Rooms".

puerileuwaite said...

(My version even has a typo in the title)


dianne said...

I'm pleased that you enjoyed it Pugsley my sweet, it is rather lovely and romantic, just think of the possibilites... ♡

Sorry that it takes away from your own similar, creative composition...the title being?

"Strangers Parting For Disperate Rest Rooms?"
That would be with a New Zealand accent.

"Strangers Parting For Desperate Rest Rooms?"
They're in a hurry.

"Strangers Parting For Seperate Rest Rooms?"
Maybe for those who are dyslexic?

"Strangers Parting For Disparate Rest Rooms?"
Those looking for dissimilar rest rooms?