Saturday, April 30, 2011

Memories of Green Places

Upon reflection tonight
I find my thoughts
Searching through memories
of places we have been
Thoughts of green places
where once we wandered
amongst verdant vines and leaves
Walking together hand in hand
united in hand and heart
Soft greens and sunlight
their magic bound us
forever, never to part
Where love and light met
and shone with such brilliance
And danced around our hearts ...

Prose by Dianne D ... ♥
Image : Green Leaves Wallpaper

Monday, April 25, 2011

Visual Haiku for Chickory

With hope in my stare
so many look but pass by
please give me a home...

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Blessings

To all of my dear friends, may you all be blessed by the Spirit of Easter... ♥

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Cathedral Song

I saw from the cathedral
You were watching me
Yes I saw from the cathedral
What I should be

So take my time

And take my lies
'Cos all the others, they want to take my life

And I watch with an intent, basic

Well It's the same for you
You hold your hand
And it's all fine - laced and
What would you make me do?

So take my time

And take my lies
'Cos all the others, they want to take my life

Serious for the winter time

To wrench my soul
whole cotton, whole cotton ears
But I know there must be
Yes, I know there must be,
Yes, I know there must be a place to go

And you saw me from the cathedral

Well I'm an ancient heart
Yes, you saw me from the cathedral
And here we are just falling apart

You catch me

I am tired
I want all that you are

And I saw from the cathedral

You were leaving me
Yes I saw from the cathedral
You could not see to see

So take my time

And take my lies
'Cos all the others, they want to take my life

Tanita Tikaram from her album 'Ancient Heart'

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Autumnal Twilight

If you are near,
Can you feel the cool air
of the Autumn evening?
The air is heavy like a cloak of cold
surrounding you
As the sun descends in a transparent glow
beyond the horizon
Taking with it its warmth
the last flickering light of day.
The fragrance of late blooming Summer flowers
lingers on
and pervades the stillness of the air
And the scent of amber foliage
as it dresses the forest floor.
See the crescent moon rising
in its golden glowing
As it silently crosses the sky
sometimes partly obscured by the trees
It appears and disappears
as it glimpses from the shadows
Lighting the darkness momentarily
with its warm light
A promise,
that the sun still shines
Beyond the shadow of the Earth
and her face will greet us once again
In the beauty of the next radiant morning.

Prose by Dianne D ... ♥
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'Autumn Leaves' Free Wallpapers

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Monday, April 4, 2011

The Edge of Love

You return to me
once again
And I am lost in the happiness
of your words
The warmth of you
your presence
You arrive like a guiding light
that lifts my heart
From the darkness
of this sadness
I have hope again
because you are near
I live to see
more perfect days
I have so many questions
but only you have the answers
You say I must have faith
there is a time for us
A time for everything ...

You take me to the edge of love
so close, I can almost reach out
And feel your warmth enfold me
but there you leave me
Once again, to wonder
to hope, to wait
Saying you will return ...
But where do you go
what is it that takes you away
Why can't you stay?
And what is it
that always
Brings you back to me?

Prose: Dianne D ... ♥
Image: Serene Sunrise free Wallpaper