Thursday, August 25, 2016

Home At Last!

Thank you everyone for your prayers and kind wishes for Matthew and myself. I am sure all of the messages I have passed on to him have helped in some way to aid in his recovery. He was very moved by your kindness in taking the time to leave messages for him...especially Yannis and Vania for writing his name in the sand at the beach in Greece, for your lovely poems and dear C.B. for your special prayers.
I am happy to report that after five frightening months my son Matthew was discharged from the hospital on Monday, 22nd August.
He is being given a break from hospital to return home for some rest and recuperation as he is severely deconditioned and in pain. It is hoped that being home will help him to gain some physical and mental strength before he has to face two more major surgeries. 
He has been sent home with a Vacuseal dressing on his wound, it stays on until the wound has completely healed. The dressing is attached to a unit which is powered by rechargeable batteries. The Vacuseal dressing apples negative pressure to the wound site drawing blood vessels toward the surface, thereby vascularising the wound bed and accelerating granular tissue growth and healing. The Community Nurse will visit twice weekly to clean the wound and reapply a fresh Vacuseal dressing.
We have a busy time ahead of us with many outpatient appointments to address the ongoing Tachycardia, the numerous D.V.T's and the level of medication to dissolve them, Pain Management specialist, Radiology for abdominal C.T scans, the Neurologist for the M.S., Vascular Surgeon, Physiotherapy plus some counseling.
This whole episode has felt surreal. It is good to have him home but it will take a long time for him to return to some kind of normal health.

Much love, Dianne xoxoxo