Thursday, August 25, 2016

Home At Last!

Thank you everyone for your prayers and kind wishes for Matthew and myself. I am sure all of the messages I have passed on to him have helped in some way to aid in his recovery. He was very moved by your kindness in taking the time to leave messages for him...especially Yannis and Vania for writing his name in the sand at the beach in Greece, for your lovely poems and dear C.B. for your special prayers.
I am happy to report that after five frightening months my son Matthew was discharged from the hospital on Monday, 22nd August.
He is being given a break from hospital to return home for some rest and recuperation as he is severely deconditioned and in pain. It is hoped that being home will help him to gain some physical and mental strength before he has to face two more major surgeries. 
He has been sent home with a Vacuseal dressing on his wound, it stays on until the wound has completely healed. The dressing is attached to a unit which is powered by rechargeable batteries. The Vacuseal dressing apples negative pressure to the wound site drawing blood vessels toward the surface, thereby vascularising the wound bed and accelerating granular tissue growth and healing. The Community Nurse will visit twice weekly to clean the wound and reapply a fresh Vacuseal dressing.
We have a busy time ahead of us with many outpatient appointments to address the ongoing Tachycardia, the numerous D.V.T's and the level of medication to dissolve them, Pain Management specialist, Radiology for abdominal C.T scans, the Neurologist for the M.S., Vascular Surgeon, Physiotherapy plus some counseling.
This whole episode has felt surreal. It is good to have him home but it will take a long time for him to return to some kind of normal health.

Much love, Dianne xoxoxo 


Algodão Tão Doce said...

Olá querida, apesar da distancia, saiba que vocês estão em minhas orações
sempre lembro de você e seu amado filho, fico pensando que logo ele ficará bem
e tudo fará parte do passado.
Fica com Deus...Jesus vos abençoe sempre!
Abraços carinhosos, Marie.

dianne said...

Thank you dear Marie for thinking of us and for your kind prayers and wishes. Yes, I hope the future will be much better for Matthew.
Much love and kisses
xoxoxo. ♥️

Marisa said...

Hoping the best for you and your family. Take care.

Marisa said...
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dianne said...

Thank you dear Marisa for your kind words and wishes, so very sweet of you to stop by.
xoxoxo. ♥️

Anonymous said...

I will continue praying for you both. It's important Matthew gains strength slowly from here and, if in doubt, stop to rest more, watch a favourite comedy on DVD, etc., rather than attempt too much or expect too much, day by day. All the very best to you both. Much love, C.B. :-)

Marty said...

I imagine how nice it is to be back home ! Now Matthew must gain strength for the next days ! Hope the best for you two and I send you much love from France
Bisous Diane and Matthew

dianne said...

Thank you dearest C.B. for your continuing prayers for Matthew and myself, it is such a comfort to hear from you. My life has changed so much in the past 5 months, you seem like you are a million miles away from me. We cannot attempt too much, taking each day as it comes for we are both exhausted...only those issues which are important to Matthew's recovery are a priority. He has a TV and computer in his room and has access to his favourite music and DVD's. I trust that you are well dear one?
Much love, Dianne.
xoxoxo ♥️

dianne said...

Thank you dear friend Marty for your kind and thoughtful words and wishes, yes it is good to have Matthew at home. He is certainly enjoying the peace and quiet after the hospital. He will gradually regain his strength.
bisous dear Marty
Much love, Dianne
xoxoxo ❤️


Dear Dianne,

We are so happy to hear that you are both back to your home. We think of you every day. Because we love you and we can feel your feelings.
We know that Matthew will be totally allright.

Our best wishes tou you both.

We love you.
Yannis and Vania Politopoulos.

dianne said...

Dear Yannis and Vania thank you dear ftiends for your kind words and wishes for Matthew and myself, you are two beautiful people. We have not had a good week so far as Matthew's immune system is so vulnerable he has picked up an awful viral stomach bug which has sent his temperature soaring, his heart racing, he is dehydrated as he cannot keep anything down so I had to call an ambulance. He is back in hospital again until he is stabilised, I hope it won't be for too long this time. It is such a worry for me, he is still very ill.
Much love to you both, Dianne.
xoxoxo. ♥️


us pesimismo,se nota en tus escritos,tienes que levantar esos ánimos

dianne said...

Juan dear friend, thank you for your kind words and encouragement. Sadly, I find it difficult to be positive about very little lately, I feel lost and overwhelmed.
xoxoxo. ❤️

Giancarlo said...

Buon week end.

dianne said...

Dear Giancarlo thank you for your kind words and wishes. A good weekend to you too!
Hugs, Dianne
xoxoxo. ❤️


M ore than
a great man
t o the
t imeline of our
h earts while his
e ternal light
w ates for his smile

We love you.
Yannis and Vania.

Magia da Inês said...

✿⊰ه° ·.
Continuaremos a orar pela total recuperação dele.
Mantenha a fé e a confiança na misericórdia de Deus.
Ele ficará bom pela graça de Deus!
Ótimo fim de semana com muita força!

⎝✿⊰ه° ·.

dianne said...

Dearest friends Yannis and Vania thank you for your lovely wishes and once again you cheer us and give us hope with this beautiful acrostic poem.
Matthew has been feeling a little better this week after his return to hospital and now at home again. He is taking antibiotics amongst other medications and the Community Nurse visits and changed his Vac dressing, the raw wound from where the skin graft was taken.
Much love to you both, Dianne and Matthew
xoxoxo ♥️

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Hope things are improving, Cosmo.

dianne said...

Dearest Ines thank you for your kind words, warm wishes and continued prayers, your ongoing support is appreciated.
Much love Diamne and Matthew
xoxoxo. ❤️

dianne said...

Thanks dear Cosmo for your kind words. Things are a little less hectic since I don't have to visit the hospital every day but each day still seems to bring its own set of problems; just have to try and cope as best as we can.
xoxoxo ♥️


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Hoover Boo said...

I hope your dear son continues to improve. Thinking of you.

dianne said...

Thank you dear Juan for your kind words and wishes, it will bring much relief and happiness when our lives return to some kind of normality.
Hugs dear friend.
xoxoxo. ❤️

dianne said...

Thank you dear Hoover for thinking of us and for your thoughtful words.
Hugs my friend.
xoxoxo ♥️

Anonymous said...


In the dry summer field at nightfall,
fireflies rise like sparks.
Imagine the presence of ghosts
flickering, the ghosts of young friends,
your father nearest in the distance.
This time they carry no sorrow,
no remorse, their presence is so light.
Childhood comes to you,
memories of your street in lamplight,
holding those last moments before bed,
capturing lightning-bugs,
with a blossom of the hand
letting them go. Lightness returns,
an airy motion over the ground
you remember from Ring Around the Rosie.
If you stay, the fireflies become fireflies
again, not part of your stories,
as unaware of you as sleep, being
beautiful and quiet all around you.

Marilyn Kallet
(Pour Dianne, C.B.)

dianne said...

Dearest C.B. it is so lovely to hear from you once more. Thank you for thinking of me and for sharing this beautiful, visual poem. It brings back memories of my younger years, when I was just a young girl. I was fortunate to live only one block away from the beach at Brighton-Le Sands. On warm summer evenings my parents and I would go for a walk after dinner. It was so lovely to feel the cool of the breeze coming from the water, a soft hush as it rushed through the beach grasses and so refreshing after a hot day. Many of the more affluent residents had tennis courts in their gardens and the lights from these always looked bright with a warm glow and welcoming against the dark night sky. Along the streets were lamps with many moths and small insects circling around drawn to the light as if they were in some kind of ritual dance. Another lovely memory of these walks apart from the salty air was the beautiful scent of honeysuckle, which delicately perfumed the air. A wonderful time in my life when all was more simple and everything seemed possible.
I have been thinking about you and wondering how you are and I hope that you are well? I see that you were overseas for a while, I hope you enjoyed your time there?
Please take care dear one.
Much love, Dianne
xoxoxo. ♥️

♥ Łucja-Maria ♥ said...

Dearest Dianne.
The daily prayers, I am with you.
Please for the health of you and your beloved son.
I wish you the love of the Father in Heaven, and much, much health.
Lucia ♥️ ♥️ ♥️

dianne said...

Dearest Lucia thank you for your daily prayers and your thoughtful wishes for Matthew and myself, you are very sweet to think of us.
Much love to you dear friend,
xoxoxo. ♥️

:.tossan® said...

Você como sempre nos apresenta belos textos como este. Abraço e obrigado

José Ramón said...

Que se mejores.

Gracias por su visita Feliz domingo Saludos

dianne said...

Olá caro amigo tossan obrigado por sua gentil e palavras generosas. Abraços, Dianne
xoxoxo. ❤️

dianne said...

Gracias querido José por su visita y amables palabras .
Abrazos , Dianne
xoxoxo ♥️

Leovi - La Fotografía Efectista Abstracta said...

It is for me a great joy. Good luck!!


Todos tus amigos desean la pronto recuperación de tu hijo
Un fuerte abrazo

dianne said...

Thank you dear Leovi for your very sweet words.
xoxoxo. ♥️

dianne said...

Thank you dear Juan , yes everyone has been so kind and thoughtful with their prayers and wishes.
A big hug!
xoxoxo. ♡

Strawberry Girl said...

God bless you wonderful, beautiful soul! Glad to hear he's on the mend. <3

dianne said...

Thank you so much dear Strawberry Girl for your thoughtful blessings and kind words. My son is improving slowly, when he is strong enough he still has to undergo two more surgeries.
xoxoxo. ♡

Laura. M said...

Today I was very happy to read this great news dianne. Finally Matthew is now home to recover completely.
Kisses for Matthew and for you.