Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Field of Flowers

Out of the shadows
And into the light
No more shades of grey
I want to wake to sun filled hours
Walk amongst the fragrant flowers
I want a world of colour . . .
No matter what sadness comes my way
What fate awaits me every day
It does not matter anyway
For somewhere in the world each day
A field still blooms with flowers . . .

Poem: Dianne D ... ♥
Image: Delicate Wildflowers Monique Haen Free Images

Monday, May 23, 2011

Do You Hear Me. . .?

I have no peace
I have no feeling of quiet content
All is too quiet
I am distracted
I feel frustration
For I have nothing of you
but Memories
Dreaming of wishes that may never be
You say you will return
but when?
How long must I wait
this time?
My hopes on hold
I am suspended
between the past
and what might be
Waiting ...
With an urgency I cannot explain
Something that mystifies
the boundaries of my thoughts
Do you hear me?
I cannot hold my words
I cannot still my heart
I miss you, I need you
I want to breathe again
To feel your warmth
To hear your words ...
I call out to you
But I cannot reach you
It is as if you are in some void
Where my voice falls silent
At the edges
Of your self imposed exile
From the world, from all, from me?
And cannot penetrate this immutable shell ...
My words come back to me in soft echoes
Of sadness and longing
My wish for all to be as it was
Goes unheard
And fades just like my hopes
Into oblivion ...

Prose: Dianne D ... ♥
Image: Black and White Portrait from 'we heart it'

Footnote: I did not consciously wish to compose another poem of sadness, yet these words have been waiting to be spoken ... I realise you must tire of them. Due to recent events in my life and the departure of two people for whom I care, one for an indefinite period of time, the other I don't know why ... this prose has significance to me on many levels ... I look forward to happier times and poems ... ♥

Thursday, May 19, 2011

PAINT ME MONET by Wintermood

Please enjoy this beautiful video, with images from Claude Monet's garden paintings and some lovely music for which I have not been able to find the title or the name of the pianist.
For full screen please double click on video image and press 'play' once more; to finish press 'escape' button...♥

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mysteries of Love

Sometimes a wind blows
and you and I
in love
and kiss
in a darkness
and the mysteries
of love
come clear
and dance
in light
in you
in me
and show
that we
are Love ...

Sometimes a wind blows
and the mysteries of Love
come clear.

Song performed by Julee Cruise

Lyrics : David Lynch
Music : Angelo Badalamenti

Image : Pale Pink Tulips - Blackberry Wallpapers

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Alda Merini - Poetry and Thoughts on Love

I do not need money.
I have need of feelings
of words, words chosen wisely
of flowers called thoughts,
of roses called presences
of dreams inhabiting the trees,
of songs that make statues dance,
of stars that murmur to the ear of lovers.
I need poetry
this spell which burns the weight of words
that arouses emotions and gives new colors.

Love do not damn me to my fate
Hold me open all the seasons
let my great and warm decline
not fall asleep along drives
put in passive all the passions
sleep on the pillow tenderly
where grow provident ambitions
of love and universal passion
take my everything and do not hurt me.

Alda Merini - Italian Writer and Poetess - (1931-2009)

Image: The Artist's Garden at Giverney - Claude Monet - 1900