Sunday, May 31, 2009

I should just be coming home...

Hi everyone, I thought I would give Sonja Kristina down there on the previous post a little break from singing...she must be getting tired by now.
Speaking of being tired I was watching television earlier this evening,I curled up on the sofa and fell asleep...slept for hours...well I must have needed the rest.
A lot of girls would be just getting home at this time, which is about 1.41am Sunday morning here after a nice night out with some pleasant guy, dinner, a movie, some dancing maybe... no not me...
I dont really mind though, its really cold here tonight and its been raining heavily all afternoon and still is...I just regret that I have wasted a whole Saturday evening.

I went out earlier today looking for some native flannel flowers which I want to photograph for a special friend when I can borrow a camera...I wandered through the bushland which surrounds the park and playing field in my street and found quite a few lovely plants with flowers
...unfortunately the heavens opened up, I tried to shelter under some branches of a tree hoping the rain would subside a little but it just came down heavier and by the time I got home I was dripping wet and soaked to the skin and freezing cold.
Well at least I know where to find the flowers when I have the camera, I'm hoping today will bring some sunshine as well.
Even when its raining the bushland looks beautiful, it takes on a more softened colour scheme, the green foliage is especially more muted in colour.

I'm sorry I dont have much for you this morning, just a half written poem which is a little sad and an idea for a painting which I am finding difficult to start...maybe l will find some more inspiration in the days ahead.
I guess I am in a bit of a 'slump' creatively at the moment, I hope this will soon pass...and so as to not completely disappoint you I have posted this lovely painting by Claude Monet, it is irises planted en masse in his garden at Giverney, he painted this in 1900.

I hope you are all having a great and interesting week-end. ♥

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Curved Air...Melinda (More or Less) live 1972

I found this lovely ballad on Youtube whilst looking at one of Boneman's is old, 1972 and features the sweet voice of the beautiful Sonja Kristina, she is the singer with the UK band which goes by or went by the name of Curved Air...dont know exactly why but the song appeals to me for its melody and simplicity... ♥

Lovely lady falling
laughing down the glory
of a rainbow
lovely lady reaching
crying for the comfort
of the day-glow
Melinda - more or less
Melinda - more or less
in dreams

But if and when
she wakes again
she knows it all
begins again
sleeping, waking,
rising, falling
dumb but calling out
to deafened friends
that's how it ends
For Melinda - more or less
in dreams

Fade - Melinda
fade into fantasy
tell them you won't be played
like any other
instrument of fate
fade - Melinda
into your fantasy
tell them you're not
prepared to wait for
your dream of the end
Melinda - more or less
in dreams

Lovely lady falling
laughing down the glory
of a rainbow
lovely lady reaching
screaming for the comfort
of the day-glow
Melinda - more or less
Melinda - more or less
Melinda - more or less

Monday, May 18, 2009

Ten or so Truths About Me...

The post I was planning for today is not finished as I have been far too busy with other things.

I have just been over to Foamie's blog and have seen that she was tagged by Ricardo to write ten truths about herself...actually Foamie and I have quite a few similarities and I was going to write some truths about me in her comments box but realised it was her post and there would not have been enough space...she said we could also take the challenge...

So here goes...

1. Turn offs: I don't like alcoholic or cigarette breath, drunks or guys with that stale unwashed hangover odour.
I am very clean, I just like to smell fresh,have soft fragrant hair, I don't smother myself with perfume just a subtle scent.
I don't like people who cause trouble, who gossip, who are insincere, who are loud and in your face.

2. Turn ons: Guys who are sweet and gentle and make you laugh and feel special and make you feel like your the only girl in the room...who are not afraid to give you a hug or hold your hand in public...gentle goes a long way with me.
Pleasant and happy conversation, a dry sense of humour and other things of course.
I am gentle, caring and patient and I wish others to treat me that way.

3. I too am gullible and often miss the innuendo...sometimes vulnerable and people can sometimes take advantage of my good nature.

4. I too have a terrible sense of direction if I am driving to a new place...I dislike freeways for this reason as you have to drive so far to get off...I often get lost and have to back track and find the right way to go...I avoid going to new places at night as I keep track of landmarks so I can find my way home... :/

5. I am a romantic, hopelessly romantic, I am still waiting for a knight in shining armour to come along and sweep me off my feet...I don't read romance novels, I write my poetry instead.
I enjoy sincere love letters, poems or e-mails, thoughtful words, spontaneous gestures of affection, slow dancing in the moonlight, sweet kisses and flowers...♥

6. I have never cheated on a past boyfriend or my ex, though I was tempted once but never acted upon my feelings...just let it go.

7. I'm not going to delve into the subject of perimenopause, menopause or pms...TMI and too personal. just make sure you have your mammograms girls.
I don't borrow anyone's pliers, screw drivers or hammers , I have my own...and I dream about laying in wild flower filled meadows not wielding large knives dripping with blood... :/

8. I love flowers and thankfully not many make me sneeze...I also love going for walks...I love sunrises and sunsets...

9. I do like diamonds, I would like to own an Asher cut or princess cut square diamond but I don't really need one; my favourite gemstone is a citrine which is my birthstone, they range in colour from very pale almost colourless yellow to a lovely warm yellow.
I have two gold rings set with these stones, one is a teardrop shape with a very small diamond the other is a gold dome ring set with a yellow oval citrine... I hardly ever wear them.
I also like antique rose gold jewellery.

10. I too loathe shopping for clothes as I can never find anything I really like, if I do I will buy the same item in different colours. I have a few nice clothes that I just wear and wear until they are just about threadbare.
I ruined my favourite blouse a few months back, that was devastating for me and my favourite cream linen skirts, yes I bought two, are worn out...back to my black winter skirts.
I do however like pretty underwear and have some very lovely things...

11. Oh yes sex, I do like it just have to find a loving, romantic guy...♥

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Grandma's Teapot and other Memories...

I was thinking of my Grandma today and though she is gone she seemed very close to me...she was my Dad's Mother.

Grandma passed away many years ago and I was fortunate enough to be left a few of her favourite things such as the beautiful teapot there in the photograph and the little crocheted milk jug cover, with its heart design and pretty turquoise and opalescent beaded edge, most likely made by her.
I love this teapot with its beautiful blue colour and decoration of painted flowers...these things are very old and priceless as they are one of a kind...yes irreplaceable as they evoke such happy memories of times spent with her and an era which will never come again.

Grandma was a sweet natured lady, with a beautiful face and sparkling soft brown eyes... she was kind and always had a smile for you . She would wear her shiny silver gray hair pinned back and secured with a hairnet, she always wore a touch of rouge and a little lipstick, always dressed nicely, with a neat pinafore over whatever dress she was wearing and no matter what she wore always her amethyst and gold brooch pinned at the neckline....

I have her wedding ring which I wear occasionally, just a simple gold band which is worn thin from too many hours washing at the scrubbing board; I remember her little hands and how dry and red they would be sometimes from the winter cold and too much hard work...
My Grandfather died when I was very young, I dont remember much about him as he was ill and confined to bed, she nursed him at home until he passed away so Grandma was a widow at a young age and on her own for a long time.

Grandma lived in a two storey terrace house in an inner city suburb, I always thought it was a privilege to be allowed to go to her bedroom and to magically step through the bottom half of the window onto a balcony which overlooked the tree lined street...a two storey house with a staircase held a lot of fascination for a little girl like was like stepping into another world.

My Mum and I would catch the train in to see her and our visits were always memorable, we would hear the the latest news of the family who lived in the countryside or read a lovely handwritten letter from a family member who lived overseas or just far away.

Lunch was always a treat, the table would be laid with a crisp white damask cloth, the teapot would be there, along with the little milk jug adorned with its beaded cover, pretty crockery, silverware, crisp linen serviettes and Grandma had this lovely Depression glass butter dish and cheese dish both with lids, also a matching sugar bowl.
I have always been a very visual person and I noticed all of these things, to me they were fascinating and objects of beauty.

We always had tea, dainty sandwiches and some of her beautiful light sultana cake or something delicious my Mum had baked. This was special to me, it was an occasion and it was always a kind of tradition which I enjoyed immensely; spending time with her was the best part.

I loved her kitchen, there were cotton lace curtains on the window where the sun always seemed to shine through. One wall was dominated by a large wood fuelled stove which sat in an alcove and on the mantle were all her lovely yellow enamel pots and canisters, which when we stayed for dinner used to bubble away happily on the stove, steam rising releasing the aroma of their delicious contents.

I always cleared the table and washed up the cups and plates, I loved playing 'house' and I used to enjoy helping her and spending time with her, nothing was too much trouble for me.
There was also the pine table and bentwood chairs, the table was the centrepiece where most meals were served, a place of many family discussions, where plans were made, where engagements and births were announced, wedding plans were discussed and sadly funerals planned.

I miss you Grandma, you know I loved you very much, still do, as you were never afraid to show your affection and I will never forget your warm and friendly nature and your sweet little laugh. ♥

Monday, May 4, 2009

The Road That Leads to You...

In my dreams
I've walked this road
so many times before
Hope floats within me
as closer, near I draw

In a dress of Summer yellow
sunshine on my golden hair
The scent of meadows mellow
Wildflowers here and there

My cheeks are flushed
with Summer pink
my face is all aglow
How could I hide my feelings?
My happiness shows

A feeling that I'm coming home
I've waited for so long
To be here with you
the place where I belong

All for you my man of dreams
because I love you so
How could I hide my feelings?
I had to let you know

I've come so far to tell you
I wonder what you will say
When I walk that path
to your open door
Please let me stay...

Poem by Dianne

Friday, May 1, 2009

Some Very Old Drawings of Mine

I have been going to my Father's house for quite a few weeks now as there is much sorting and cleaning out to be done. While I was there last week I found a bundle of my drawings which I had completely forgotten about; I would have drawn these when I was about 14 years of age. I'm pleased my Dad kept these as I have unintentionally thrown out many of my paintings and drawings at some stage when I have had a big clean out or moved house, sadly including one watercolour for which I won first prize in an art competition. I do this every now and then, I get a bee in my bonnet about hanging onto things for too long. I threw out my pink satin ballet points not that long ago as well, they weren't much use to me, they haven't been for a very long time as I soon outgrew my chances of being a ballerina, I was very thin but I kept getting taller and taller and my ample (yes Pug) breasts were growing too big to flatten into the bodice of a ballet tutu. :)

Now getting back to the drawings, as you can see the paper is discoloured from age, these were not drawn on art paper but in a typical book you would use for a school project. The first lot of drawings featuring the kitties in the garden with their various gardening tools were illustrations from a book that was given to me by an Aunt, it was second hand, it belonged to her daughter. My Mum came from a family of twelve children, so there was a big age difference between the eldest grandchild and myself; I was amongst the youngest of the grandchildren so I received a few hand-me-down books, clothes and toys.

These drawings are copied from this book, not traced, I used them as models for practice. It was a lovely book and I wish I had not given it away, I cant even remember the title for I would try and buy a copy. I know my granddaughter would have loved the story of the kittens and their adventures in the garden, their daily lives and their school days; there are plenty more illustrations that I have copied but too many to post here... I have just chosen a few of my favourites.
I know they are not great drawings but you have to start somewhere and I realise that cats are not a favourite with a lot of people but here they are anyway. I'm sorry the images are all over the place I have had quite a few problems trying to align them evenly.

The white fluffy kitten below is a drawing I did of my friends kitten while it was curled up sleeping.
I dont remember what inspired me to paint the picture of the music hall singer but I thought I would post it here anyway, it is after all an 'original'.
Please click on all images to enlarge.