Monday, May 18, 2009

Ten or so Truths About Me...

The post I was planning for today is not finished as I have been far too busy with other things.

I have just been over to Foamie's blog and have seen that she was tagged by Ricardo to write ten truths about herself...actually Foamie and I have quite a few similarities and I was going to write some truths about me in her comments box but realised it was her post and there would not have been enough space...she said we could also take the challenge...

So here goes...

1. Turn offs: I don't like alcoholic or cigarette breath, drunks or guys with that stale unwashed hangover odour.
I am very clean, I just like to smell fresh,have soft fragrant hair, I don't smother myself with perfume just a subtle scent.
I don't like people who cause trouble, who gossip, who are insincere, who are loud and in your face.

2. Turn ons: Guys who are sweet and gentle and make you laugh and feel special and make you feel like your the only girl in the room...who are not afraid to give you a hug or hold your hand in public...gentle goes a long way with me.
Pleasant and happy conversation, a dry sense of humour and other things of course.
I am gentle, caring and patient and I wish others to treat me that way.

3. I too am gullible and often miss the innuendo...sometimes vulnerable and people can sometimes take advantage of my good nature.

4. I too have a terrible sense of direction if I am driving to a new place...I dislike freeways for this reason as you have to drive so far to get off...I often get lost and have to back track and find the right way to go...I avoid going to new places at night as I keep track of landmarks so I can find my way home... :/

5. I am a romantic, hopelessly romantic, I am still waiting for a knight in shining armour to come along and sweep me off my feet...I don't read romance novels, I write my poetry instead.
I enjoy sincere love letters, poems or e-mails, thoughtful words, spontaneous gestures of affection, slow dancing in the moonlight, sweet kisses and flowers...♥

6. I have never cheated on a past boyfriend or my ex, though I was tempted once but never acted upon my feelings...just let it go.

7. I'm not going to delve into the subject of perimenopause, menopause or pms...TMI and too personal. just make sure you have your mammograms girls.
I don't borrow anyone's pliers, screw drivers or hammers , I have my own...and I dream about laying in wild flower filled meadows not wielding large knives dripping with blood... :/

8. I love flowers and thankfully not many make me sneeze...I also love going for walks...I love sunrises and sunsets...

9. I do like diamonds, I would like to own an Asher cut or princess cut square diamond but I don't really need one; my favourite gemstone is a citrine which is my birthstone, they range in colour from very pale almost colourless yellow to a lovely warm yellow.
I have two gold rings set with these stones, one is a teardrop shape with a very small diamond the other is a gold dome ring set with a yellow oval citrine... I hardly ever wear them.
I also like antique rose gold jewellery.

10. I too loathe shopping for clothes as I can never find anything I really like, if I do I will buy the same item in different colours. I have a few nice clothes that I just wear and wear until they are just about threadbare.
I ruined my favourite blouse a few months back, that was devastating for me and my favourite cream linen skirts, yes I bought two, are worn out...back to my black winter skirts.
I do however like pretty underwear and have some very lovely things...

11. Oh yes sex, I do like it just have to find a loving, romantic guy...♥


Little Lamb said...

It's interesting to learn about others.

foam said...

surely that's the best picture of you that you have posted. i like it a lot! we do have a ton in common ..
but i have to say .. my knife wielding dreams really are rare. and the tools i borrow are tools that are in the house anyway .. :)
and i won't go into what undies i wear .. for some reason that's TMI for me although obviously talking about pmsing is not ..
go figure, eh? :)

puerileuwaite said...

I agree with Foamy on the picture. The one of you in black is still my favorite, but I really like this close up.

And I am REALLY glad you didn't blatantly steal from "Letters To Penthouse" for your list of Turn-Ons, like Foamy did (especially since you just KNOW every single one of those "letters" are ghost-written by some creepy bald guy named Mel).

Anyhoo, I enjoyed your answers, and both you and Foam have inspired this Pug to take up the gauntlet and post my own "Ten Truths Which People Will Not Be Able To Handle". Stay tuned for that.

I now propose that we follow up with posts of ourselves in our favorite underwear* (* preferably our own, but not an absolute requirement. For instance, it could be an item that you found in your local gym locker room or perhaps something found discarded in a parking lot).

..................... said...

hey .. how does pug know those penthouse letters are written by a creepy guy named mel ...............???
pug is mel !!!
YES .. that must be it ..

dianne said...

Yes dear Lil Lamb it is interesting to learn things about other people, sometimes we find we have many similarities and values. ♡

dianne said...

Thanks for the compliment Foamie dear, the photo is OK, I have put on some weight as I havent been walking and I feel I am looking a bit older than my years. :/

We do have a lot in common,I have to hide my tools or others around here borrow them and dont put them back.

I wasnt being prudish about the pms, periM and menopause, its not my favourite subject at the moment I have had a terrible time,the HRT and evening primrose oil have helped... I hope you skip it altogether.

I did have strange dreams, I think its hormonal, you dont want to hear about mine they were more like nightmares. :)

No details about my undies , I just like pretty feminine things. :)

I enjoyed reading your 'truths'. ♡

dianne said...

You are so sweet Puggles my love, yes the photo of me in the black dress is one of my favourites of myself...I am not very photogenic and it is one that I do like.
I was a lot younger there, back when I thought my life was relatively OK.

As far as 'turn ons' are concerned, there were many more but I thought I would be discreet and not mention him and you...hmm I mean them. :-) (blush) * ( *
I dont read Penthouse, so I dont know this 'Mel' person.

I'm pleased that you enjoyed my answers and that Foamie and myself have inspired you.
I think you should do your own post about yourself, I think it would be a good read. :-)

What an interesting post that would be...posing in our own underwear, I dont really fancy wearing some sweaty discarded item of clothing from a gym locker room or a parking lot, you never know who was wearing them before...I will stick with my pretty lacey things. ♡

dianne said...

Foamie dear I dont know anything about these Penthouse letters, of course I have heard of the people write in with their love problems and Mel err you mean Pug is some kind of sex therapist who answers their questions?
Like some kind of 'Agony Aunt'... somehow I cant picture Pug as an aunt. ;-) ♡ Lol

Helene said...

You and Foam were clearly twins seperated at birth!lol I would have guessed that you were a romantic. Surprised about the clothes though. I am a total clothes horse! Perhaps I will do a list too... we shall see...

That Pug is too funny! I am sure his will be some list! lol

dianne said...

Yes dear Helene , Foamie and I do have a lot of similarities...I would like her for my sister, Chickory also, we could be the three Amigos...Lol

Oh yes I am such a romantic but where does it get me, no-one to share my dreams?

The clothes thing even surprises me,its not that I have no interest in fashion its just that I have never been a clothes horse, though I have owned some beautiful clothes, like that chartreuse silk suit I told you about.
Some of my clothes are nice, I generally stick to skirts with tops, usually white but I seem to become attached to some items and wear them to death...I am always being told by my children to buy some new clothes.
I do get dressed up occasionally.

Yes that Pug is just too funny. :-)

I think you should do the post yourself I would love to read your 'truths'. ♡

/t. said...

an awesome
post, dear dianne

<3 <3 <3

/t. aka "mel"

(a loving, romantic guy)

foam said...

dianne ....
that's not exactly what a 'letter to penthouse' is ..
unless the format has changed. it's been yeeeeeeeeaaaaaaars since i've read one ..

dianne said...

Thanks /t. dear

I'm pleased that you enjoyed my post.

So you are Mel?

Somehow I doubt that but I have no doubt that you are a loving romantic guy, one of the best. ♡

boneman said...
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dianne said...

Foamie dear I have no idea what kind of letters people write in to Penthouse, it doesn't matter anyway.
I have added that song we both like 'Perfect Day'to my song player. ♡

dianne said...

Lol Boney dear, I was thinking the same thing about Pug, yes he would have to wear boxers,satin I think since he has a taste for the exotic... no tail room in briefs...
Then I wondered does he 'shop' for undies in locker rooms and parking lots?...I'm sure looking forward to his post.

Dont feel 'overdressed' some undies are very sexy and sometimes that which is not completely revealed is more desirable...a little mystery is appealing. ;-)

Pleased you liked Foamie's and my 'truths' and no you won't ever hear any PMS stories from me. ♡

K9 said...

personally, i find i cant get through the day without one or two violent fantasies- mostly directed at smoke belching mexican vans with 50 thousand ladders poorly secured on the top, latte-sipping escalade drivers on the phone with big ass plastic sunglasses and a blonde bob; and any one who dares to use a leaf blower on saturday or sunday morning.

i love the smell of a drunk ass loser! to a rottie nose that leads right to a pocket with an unsecured wallet ready to be rescued and relieved of money which i then give to animal rescue groups. (not for cats, though)

dont know much about PMS unless you are talking abut Pug's Mental State - and i can tell you it IS cause for concern. i dont worry too much about breast cancer all 8 of my non lactating nips are nice and firm and pink as a tiny rose bud.

my fur smells great! i just rolled in bear shite.

now see? we both have killer e-harmony ads!
*now sit back and wait for the dates to roll on in*

dianne said...

Lol K9 my dear girl, yes well I could have gone further with my turn ons and turn offs but that would have been a really long post.:)

I have many fantasies throughout the day but they are mostly nice not violent, but I do take offence to these people who start up their leaf blowers on Saturday and Sunday mornings...and exhaust belching trucks and cars.

Havent come across any 'escalade' drivers in my travels but I know the kind of gal you're referring to.
We have a latte sipping, Paris Hilton princess look alike around here, with big ass plastic sunglasses, always on the cell phone, who drives a black porsche, the number plate being 'LYF SUX',Pulease,I wish I had your life...ahh, maybe not, maybe she's a hooker. :/

So you like the smell of a drunk ass loser, lol yes I guess they would be easy enough to roll and fleece of their wallet, good on you for your benevolence but please dont forget about the kitties, its not their fault that humans are so irresponsible. :)

PMS, Pugs Mental State, I wouldnt worry too much K9, I think he's doing fine...well I hope he is.

Pleased to hear all 8 of your nips are firm and as pink as tiny rosebuds, my 2 are fine as well... :)

If your fur smells like bear shite come on over and I'll pop you in the bathtub and I'll give you a nice wash with my exotic chamomile and jojoba shampoo, slap on some wild orchid and ylang ylang conditioner and you too will have silky fragrant fur. :)

Well now, where are all of those dates you were talking about?
Come on fellas two pretty hip chicks waiting here for ya, so dont be shy. :) ♡

K9 said...

K9 isnt a chick! He is a HE. grrherhahaha

dianne said...

K9 is a HE?...I'm sorry I always assumed he was a SHE, no wonder his nips dont lactate.
Please forgive me. :-)) ♡

The Phosgene Kid said...

Interesting facts, thanks for sharing. Clean your lens, seems to be a film over it.

dianne said...

Thanks Phossy dear, I'm pleased you enjoyed my truths...I took the photo with my cell phone camera which has 0.6 megapixels,has never taken very good photos and the phone actually 'died' about two weeks ago.
Maybe the 'film' has come from when I put it in 'word' to change it to grayscale. ♡

The Mess said...

At least we have one thing in common... ;-)

dianne said...

Hello M dear, one thing in common and you're not going to tell me are you!?! ;-) ♡