Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Grandma's Teapot and other Memories...

I was thinking of my Grandma today and though she is gone she seemed very close to me...she was my Dad's Mother.

Grandma passed away many years ago and I was fortunate enough to be left a few of her favourite things such as the beautiful teapot there in the photograph and the little crocheted milk jug cover, with its heart design and pretty turquoise and opalescent beaded edge, most likely made by her.
I love this teapot with its beautiful blue colour and decoration of painted flowers...these things are very old and priceless as they are one of a kind...yes irreplaceable as they evoke such happy memories of times spent with her and an era which will never come again.

Grandma was a sweet natured lady, with a beautiful face and sparkling soft brown eyes... she was kind and always had a smile for you . She would wear her shiny silver gray hair pinned back and secured with a hairnet, she always wore a touch of rouge and a little lipstick, always dressed nicely, with a neat pinafore over whatever dress she was wearing and no matter what she wore always her amethyst and gold brooch pinned at the neckline....

I have her wedding ring which I wear occasionally, just a simple gold band which is worn thin from too many hours washing at the scrubbing board; I remember her little hands and how dry and red they would be sometimes from the winter cold and too much hard work...
My Grandfather died when I was very young, I dont remember much about him as he was ill and confined to bed, she nursed him at home until he passed away so Grandma was a widow at a young age and on her own for a long time.

Grandma lived in a two storey terrace house in an inner city suburb, I always thought it was a privilege to be allowed to go to her bedroom and to magically step through the bottom half of the window onto a balcony which overlooked the tree lined street...a two storey house with a staircase held a lot of fascination for a little girl like me...it was like stepping into another world.

My Mum and I would catch the train in to see her and our visits were always memorable, we would hear the the latest news of the family who lived in the countryside or read a lovely handwritten letter from a family member who lived overseas or just far away.

Lunch was always a treat, the table would be laid with a crisp white damask cloth, the teapot would be there, along with the little milk jug adorned with its beaded cover, pretty crockery, silverware, crisp linen serviettes and Grandma had this lovely Depression glass butter dish and cheese dish both with lids, also a matching sugar bowl.
I have always been a very visual person and I noticed all of these things, to me they were fascinating and objects of beauty.

We always had tea, dainty sandwiches and some of her beautiful light sultana cake or something delicious my Mum had baked. This was special to me, it was an occasion and it was always a kind of tradition which I enjoyed immensely; spending time with her was the best part.

I loved her kitchen, there were cotton lace curtains on the window where the sun always seemed to shine through. One wall was dominated by a large wood fuelled stove which sat in an alcove and on the mantle were all her lovely yellow enamel pots and canisters, which when we stayed for dinner used to bubble away happily on the stove, steam rising releasing the aroma of their delicious contents.

I always cleared the table and washed up the cups and plates, I loved playing 'house' and I used to enjoy helping her and spending time with her, nothing was too much trouble for me.
There was also the pine table and bentwood chairs, the table was the centrepiece where most meals were served, a place of many family discussions, where plans were made, where engagements and births were announced, wedding plans were discussed and sadly funerals planned.

I miss you Grandma, you know I loved you very much, still do, as you were never afraid to show your affection and I will never forget your warm and friendly nature and your sweet little laugh. ♥


K9 said...

luncheon in more civilized time. im seeing some positive side effects to the recession here. little pleasures. like setting a table beautifully. wildflowers. a pretty day. its an x-box 360 and a bag of chips. grherhahahahaha

i love that little milk cover and the tea pot. that cover though is an odd curiosity. one presumes to keep flies off?

chickory said...

er...K9 would never say the above! that was chickory. ;-)

dianne said...

Yes dear K9 & Chickory , the little cover was to keep flies off, and also the covers for the butter and cheese dish, we are talking about a house which was built prior to 1890, there were never any insect screens on the windows or doors.

A table beautifully laid out, a different era I think.
I do the same myself when I have guests or friends over for morning tea and always have flowers on the table, plus pretty linens, I'm very keen on fabric textures and neutral colours.
Its fun to go to a little extra effort dont you think! :)

If its just myself and the boys we often eat in front of the TV or in Summer outdoors. ♡

dianne said...

Oh and BTW, I dont use the teapot as I dont want to risk breaking it, I keep the teapot along with the cover in my display cabinet.
My teapot is white ceramic, I have two, one is for ordinary tea, the other I use for jasmine, chamomile or green tea.
I keep my tablecloths fairly neutral in colour and add themes of colour with serviettes, candles and table decorations. ♡

chickory said...

we should set such tables for ourselves! what are we saving it for? i admired some china in a flea market and my mom bought it for me. i use this china everyday at the cabin. it is a pattern with tiny green ivy. very like the forest. but it is a bit formal -but it kind of works as a paradoxical presentation.

i make sun tea in a ball jar everyday.

chickory said...

we should set such tables for ourselves! what are we saving it for? i admired some china in a flea market and my mom bought it for me. i use this china everyday at the cabin. it is a pattern with tiny green ivy. very like the forest. but it is a bit formal -but it kind of works as a paradoxical presentation.

i make sun tea in a ball jar everyday.

Little Lamb said...

Memories are nice to have. Both my grandmother's never learned to drive. My grandfathers did know how to drive. One grandmother took the bus if she wanted to go someplace if Grandpa couldn't take her.

I loved visiting them.

dianne said...

Yes dear Lil Lambie memories are lovely to have, there are many happy ones associated with that teapot and my Grandma.

Neither of my Grandmother's learned to drive, nor did my Mum so when my Dad wasnt driving us, there were buses and trains to catch...I would ride my bike to school.

It was good when I got my drivers licence then I could visit and take them all for an outing. ♡

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...







foam said...

ohhhhhh .. i love the teapot !!! i love this post. it's good to write down memories like this. your children will enjoy reading them.
i have some items from my grandmother on my mother's side. i treasure them. i never new any of my grandparents though. i do have fond memories of great aunts though ..

Anonymous said...

@ the now lovely k9 ;)

dianne, your grandma would be
(or perhaps _is) pleased to know how much you treasure her lovely treasures and memory <3


¤ ¤ ¤


dianne said...

Thanks dear Sarah Sofia , yes my Grandmother was a wonderful person and had a great influence on me when I was growing up, she had a hard life as a widow but always remained a lady,was always affectionate and never had a bad word to say about anyone.

Yes thank you for the award, I did leave a message at your blog.

The girls found me Sarah Sofia and since I am such a loving, caring person they have actually apopted me...I have become a substitute Mum.
I saw my Nina today, she made me a beautiful collage photo with pictures of both of us set amongst yellow flowers which are my favourites, this was my Mothers Day present...I am very lucky.
Marina is away at the moment.

I will take a look at those links you have left me and have a great time in Lapland, you sure get around Sara Sofia. :) ♡
Love Dianne xoxox

dianne said...

Yes Foamie my dear friend the teapot is beautiful and so are the memories of my Grandma, she was a lovely warm person and had a great influence on my upbringing.

These things I have of hers are treasured just like you said about the things from your maternal Grandmother.
Yes my Dad and I used to have long conversations about her and what a great Mum she was to him and I have always told my children about her as they were only babes when she died.
His Grandmother, her Mother-in- Law lived there too for a while, he said she was lovely too but to me she seemed very stern and always wore black with her hair tightly pulled back in a bun, very straight, tall and thin...this is where part of the Irish connection comes into the family.
I was only a child and Lol...no disrespect meant but she scared me as she reminded me of a crow in all of her black. She was also 93 when she died and still riding a pushbike, she must have been a tuff old bird. :-)) ♡

dianne said...

Hi /t. dear, so good to have you back, I hope you had an enjoyable time on your holiday. :)

K9 is always lovely, so is Foamie and Lil Lamb! :-)

Yes /t. dear I hope my Grandma would be pleased that I have so many fond memories of her, we were very close and that I am taking care of the treasures amongst other items which she left to me when she passed away.
Please dont think that I ever coveted these things, I enjoyed them for their beauty and the ceremony of taking tea with her and spending time with her...I was surprised that I was given so much.

Why that particular song?
The words are nice and the music uplifting, do you think my Grandma is writing words in the sand and waiting for me? ♡

Anonymous said...


as you said,
nice and uplifting

i don't know what your grandma is doing now, dear, but i like the thought that she might be waiting... beyond

¤ ¤ ¤


laughingwolf said...

wonderful memories, thx dianne :)

The Mess said...

You made such a colourful portrait of your grandma and so nice for you to have this things that once was in hers and now is in your hands. Makes her memory last through you.

I thought about my own grandma who died so many years ago.. my fathers mum and her adventurous life, not only painted in bright colours..

Her name was Sigrid.

boneman said...
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dianne said...

Yes /t dear, the music was uplifting and I hope Grandma is happy and having a well deserved rest.
If she has been waiting for me its been a long time, maybe I will see her again one day. :) ♡

dianne said...

Thanks dear laughingwolf , I have many happy memories of times spent with my Grandma. ♡

dianne said...

Hello dear M its so nice to have you back, where have you been, hibernating for the winter?

I'm pleased you enjoyed the memory of my Grandma and yes those things that she left to me are in my care and hands and they will then go to my daughter when I pass on, it will be a continuing memory.

Nice that you thought of your Grandma as well and Sigrid is such a lovely name. ♡

dianne said...

Yes Boney dear its nice that your Grandad left you some of his things, they always bring back memories of the person.

I love old things myself, they all have a history... that oil burning lamp sounds great,imagine the places it has been and its nice to use it as long as you are careful.
I dont want anything to happen to the teapot that is why I keep it in my display cabinet.
My Bob Cat has already broken an antique glass vase that Grandma gave me, it was on the table and he wouldnt leave it alone, its now in many pieces and cant be repaired, it is so disappointing as it was so pretty.

I'm sorry your Ma's plate got broken. ♡

The Phosgene Kid said...

Bet the tea tastes especially good from that special pot

dianne said...

Well Phossy dear the tea did taste good when I had it at my Grandma's, I've never used it since I have owned it...
This may sound a little strange but it was her teapot and she was the last person to make a pot of tea in it, I remember the ritual so well, how she added the tea leaves and the boiling water, gave it a little stir then put on the lid...like a tradition I will let it remain that way. ♡
I would be so sad if I damaged the pot in any way. ♡

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

thanks for your sweet comments on my blogs. am in a rush, getting ready to go north. you can see pic here:




love, SSG

puerileuwaite said...

This was a wonderful homage to your grandmum. Unfortunately I now have that "I'm a little teapot" ditty stuck in my head.

dianne said...

Thats Ok dear Sarah Sofia I enjoy visitng your blogs, always something interesting there and I loved your poem. ♡

Have a great time in Lapland. ♡

Love Dianne x

dianne said...

Thank you Puggles my sweet, I'm glad you enjoyed my homage to a very special lady. ♡

Now get that 'teapot' ditty out of your head and start humming something like 'Besame Mucho' or 'Just the Way You Are'. :-) ♡

The Phosgene Kid said...

Nice to have the memories, that is for sure!

dianne said...

It sure is Phossy dear, for that is all I have of Grandma now. ♡

Pete Bogs said...

thaks for sharing these... I have few tangible reminders of my grandparents...

PS: I posted some videos from my trip!

dianne said...

Thanks Pete dear, it is nice to have these belongings of my Grandma's but the memories are the most important. ♡

I was just watching a movie 'The Departed', it had a great song in it 'I'm shipping up to Boston' by the Dropkick Murphys, very lively, have you heard it?...gave up on the movie as I started watching half way through...lost the plot.

I will come over and watch your videos if my computer will 'stream' properly. ♡

J Cosmo Newbery said...

There is something special in enjoying another person's treasures; a shared love.

dianne said...

Hi dear J Cosmo , I hope you are well?

Thank you, you understand, yes it is a shared love of something that meant so much to both my Grandma and myself. ♡