Thursday, November 26, 2009

In My Lime - Leafed Bower

There is much to enjoy

In my lime - leafed bower

A place to ponder

Wile away the hours

Watch the leaves as they change

In the sunshine’s aspect

From shades of lime green

To the deep green of shadow

Listen to the leaves

As they move in the breeze

Their song is as soft

As the fragrance that surrounds me

Feel the cool of the water

As it pools in the pond

Trickling ever slowly

Past me and beyond

So on a warm summer’s day

If you cannot see me

Look for me there

That is where you will find me … ♥

Poem by Dianne D.

My lime leafed bower is a large shrub which is called Durante Erecta 'Sky Flower', it has pretty purple flowers in Summer, I have let mine grow wild so that it is very large and has formed an arbor, a place to sit under the canopy, it is near my 'Secret Garden 'where the water pools and forms a pond.

I have fragrant liles as underplantings, so it is a very pleasant place to sit.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Morning Sun in my Secret Garden

White blossoms on Angophora Hispida - Dwarf Apple Gum

Morning sun shining through canopy of Blueberry Ash

Blueberry Ash

White flowers on Blueberry Ash

Yellow flowering Aloe with ferns and Hakea leaves

Yellow flowering Aloe with Sacred Bamboo and Hare's Foot fern

Lichens on sandstone bush rock

Traveller's palm or Giant Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia Nicolai) not sure until it flowers; left Sacred Bamboo (Dwarf Nandina) ;Fiddle Leafed Ficus and Hakea Laurina at right.

Just a few morning photos from my 'Secret Garden', I will have more flowers and plants to post in the future; it is lovely here for once the trees cast their shadows it is cool and fresh and as it is the lowest part of my garden it fills with rain after heavy showers, a lovely place to sit and run your fingers through the cool water or to dip your toes.
I am still hoping to get a really good photo of my lime leafed bower, with the sun illuminating the green of the leaves and little flecks of sunlight appearing through the spaces between, it looks so inviting and is a great place to sit in the heat of the day.
We have had record temperatures over the last couple of days, it is now after 11pm and the temperature is still 33 degrees C/ 91.4 F, today we reached a temperature of 41 degrees/105.8F; a cooling southerly wind was predicted but it didn't come so it's still very hot.
Hopefully it will be cooler tomorrow, you can see why shade is welcomed here and if any of my Northern hemisphere friends would like to send a cool air blast down here or some snow I will be waiting to catch it ... ♥

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Square One

You're in control, is there anywhere you wanna go?
You're in control, is there anything you wanna know?
The future's for discovering
The space in which we're travelling

From the top of the first page
To the end of the last day
From the start in your own way
You just want somebody listening to what you say
It doesn't matter who you are

Under the surface trying to break through
Deciphering the codes in you
I need a compass, draw me a map
I'm on the top, I can't get back

Whoa whoa

The first line on the first page
To the end of the last page
From the start in your own way
You just want somebody listening to what you say
It doesn't matter who you are
It doesn't matter who you are

You just want
Somebody listening to what you say
You just want somebody listening to what you say
It doesn't matter who you are
It doesn't matter who you are

Is there anybody out there who
Is lost and hurt and lonely too
Are they bleeding all your colours into one?
and if you come undone
As if you've been run through
Some catapult it fired you
You wonder if your chance will ever come
Or if you're stuck in square one


Saturday, November 14, 2009

Just a quick post tonight ...

Just a quick post tonight as I am going out with friends for dinner.

I have been reading excerpts from a book over at my friend Dan Felstead's blog, Wood and Pixels Narrative... the book is written by a sweet man by the name of Ralph Gregory, he is an area historian and he is over 100 years of age.
The title of the book he has written is "When the 20th Century Was New and I Was a Boy", a wonderful book and the excerpts which Dan is kindly posting are an insight into a time that has gone by, a quieter time, when family and helping each other was important... I would highly recommend that you all visit Dan's blog and you will thoroughly enjoy his beautiful photography and narratives and the excerpts from this book.

Last time the author touched on the subject of candle making, prior to electricity.
He mentioned something about being a boy and taking his candle to his room, melting some of the wax onto his window sill and standing the candle on the melted wax to steady it.
Well this brought all kinds of memories back to me, I can remember having candle light as a child, not because I am that old but there was a time when my Dad was building our house when we didn't have electricity, so a fuel stove, oil lamps and candles were used ...magic.

I can also remember doing that with a candle to steady it in a candle holder, this would be in the time of electrical blackouts which happened quite often when I first moved here because it was a remote area at that time and we had a power sub-station, most of our electricity being diverted from a larger power station, this caused many problems for a while.
It was lovely actually, living on the edge of the bush land, no street lights, only a few houses had been built, the night sky looked so dark dotted by a myriad of brightly shining stars, a sliver of a moon and all was quiet, the silence was only interrupted by a breeze now and then ... you could hear the sound of the creek water rushing in the distance or some forest birds settling down in their nests for the night.
The soft cool air and the beautiful fragrance of many forest trees and plants and the sweet fragrance of the forest floor.
Me with my candle ... there is something very comforting and reassuring about the golden glow of candle light

Have a great weekend everyone ... ♥