Thursday, November 26, 2009

In My Lime - Leafed Bower

There is much to enjoy

In my lime - leafed bower

A place to ponder

Wile away the hours

Watch the leaves as they change

In the sunshine’s aspect

From shades of lime green

To the deep green of shadow

Listen to the leaves

As they move in the breeze

Their song is as soft

As the fragrance that surrounds me

Feel the cool of the water

As it pools in the pond

Trickling ever slowly

Past me and beyond

So on a warm summer’s day

If you cannot see me

Look for me there

That is where you will find me … ♥

Poem by Dianne D.

My lime leafed bower is a large shrub which is called Durante Erecta 'Sky Flower', it has pretty purple flowers in Summer, I have let mine grow wild so that it is very large and has formed an arbor, a place to sit under the canopy, it is near my 'Secret Garden 'where the water pools and forms a pond.

I have fragrant liles as underplantings, so it is a very pleasant place to sit.


chickory said...

delightful. i'll be right over!

K9 said...


Helene said...

just popped in to say hello! Lovely photos and I so miss the green leaves on the trees right now! We are just heading into winter =[

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Sounds a good escape place.

Shweta Tiwari said...

seems as a place to spend good time with oneself and come out with a new energy...wud love to be there :)

dianne said...

Thanks you dear chickory / K9
So pleased that you liked the post, come on over sweetie there is plenty of room for nice people. ♡ xo

dianne said...

Thanks dear Helene for popping over, always nice to see you.

Yes I guess you would miss the green leaves but then there is beauty in the bare branches set against the white snow and before you know it there will be new Spring buds and leaf shoots again.

It is so hot again today, I think I would enjoy some cold. ♡

dianne said...

Thanks dear J Cosmo
Yes it is a nice place to escape to and lose yourself in your thoughts. ♡

dianne said...

Thanks dear Shweta

It certainly is a place to relax and look around at and listen to nature, I am usually joined by some little birds who flit about in the canopy, when the flowers are in bloom they enjoy the nectar.
I guess you could say 'energised'... well energised spiritually but I have been known to fall asleep if I become too comfortable. :) ♡

foam said...

i love how your poetry just flows ..
i want to sit under your lime-leafed bower too..
so, move over, dianne .. :)

dianne said...

Thank you Foamy dear ..
pleased that you like my poetry ..
so come on over, there's always room for friends. :) ♡

ANNA-LYS said...

Wish I was there
under the tree
listening to U


dianne said...

Thank you dear Anna-Lys
that would be nice if you joined me, we could have tea and conversation...or would you like me to recite poetry or perhaps sing. ♡


The Phosgene Kid said...

I killed one of those in my backyard - no kidding. It was a pretty plant while it lasted...

dianne said...

Oh Phossy my dear, that is a shame, I'm surprised that it died as they are a fairly hardy plant; mine seems to survive on some very occasional rainfall and they are pretty plants especially when they flower. ♡ xo

Little Lamb said...

That looks like a nice place to relax.

dianne said...

Thank you for stopping by Lamby dear, yes it is a nice place to relax and it is cool there on a hot day. ♡

Anonymous said...

Dianne, your beautiful garden changes as the seasons go by like the scenes in a play. Actually, at this moment in time, I am watching the film, The Secret Garden, based on the novel by Frances Hodgson Burnett & directed by Kieslowski's close friend & screenwriter, Agnieszka Holland. It reminded me of the pictures I've seen of your wonderful garden that you walk through each day.

Now, a question or two for you: Who is the music by in the film, The Secret Garden, & who appears in the first few seconds of the film as Mary Lennox's ill-fated mother? Have a fine day.

I remain, &c.
Alexander Dyle

dianne said...

Thank you my dear Alexander ,
what a lovely compliment, to compare my garden with that of an English Garden...I do try to make it as beautiful as possible, with surprising vistas around every curve of each garden bed.
I only wish I had more room, it is always a work in progress.
I have not seen the film but when I was a young Mother in the 1980's I did watch a television series with my very young children and we found it delightful and could hardly wait for the next episode. I have always loved gardens and have had my own from a small child and I think that is when the seed for my 'Secret Garden' may have been sown.
I am at present looking for a fancy wrought iron gate like the one you have shown me in 'Notting Hill', that would enclose another mystery part of my garden planted with a copse of trees and a lovely garden ultimate wish would be a 'folly' built of old sandsstone and bricks, something that would resemble a Roman ruin.
And yes I do enjoy walking through my garden each day to see if some new green shoot has sprouted or some full bud has blossomed, my garden is a great source of happiness for me.
Now I think the film score would have been written by Zbigniew Preisner and Mary Lennox's ill-fated Mother would have been your favourite and the beautiful Irene Jacob.
I will have to find the film.
Thank you my friend. ♡

puerileuwaite said...

Technically I think many trees can qualify for "lime-leafed" status. My theory is that the Lime-Leafed Bower simply managed to get to the patent office first.

dianne said...

Yes Puggles my sweet, many trees have lime green leaves and can form a bower.
Mr Samuel Coleridge beat me to it with his poem "This Lime-Tree Bower, my Prison" but technically mine is about a lime-leafed bower, not lime trees. Though that would be nice to just reach over and pick a juicy lime fruit to put in my lemonade or mineral water. :)
And my sweet,mine isn't a prison, I can come and go freely...that's if I can drag myself away from this peaceful place. ♡

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Leovi said...

A very descriptive poem ends with beautiful words of love, very romantic. Besos.

dianne said...

Thank you dear Leovi , it is one of my favourite places in my garden, a lovely place to sit and ponder, I am so pleased that you liked my poem.
Besos xoxoxo ♡