Sunday, November 22, 2009

Morning Sun in my Secret Garden

White blossoms on Angophora Hispida - Dwarf Apple Gum

Morning sun shining through canopy of Blueberry Ash

Blueberry Ash

White flowers on Blueberry Ash

Yellow flowering Aloe with ferns and Hakea leaves

Yellow flowering Aloe with Sacred Bamboo and Hare's Foot fern

Lichens on sandstone bush rock

Traveller's palm or Giant Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia Nicolai) not sure until it flowers; left Sacred Bamboo (Dwarf Nandina) ;Fiddle Leafed Ficus and Hakea Laurina at right.

Just a few morning photos from my 'Secret Garden', I will have more flowers and plants to post in the future; it is lovely here for once the trees cast their shadows it is cool and fresh and as it is the lowest part of my garden it fills with rain after heavy showers, a lovely place to sit and run your fingers through the cool water or to dip your toes.
I am still hoping to get a really good photo of my lime leafed bower, with the sun illuminating the green of the leaves and little flecks of sunlight appearing through the spaces between, it looks so inviting and is a great place to sit in the heat of the day.
We have had record temperatures over the last couple of days, it is now after 11pm and the temperature is still 33 degrees C/ 91.4 F, today we reached a temperature of 41 degrees/105.8F; a cooling southerly wind was predicted but it didn't come so it's still very hot.
Hopefully it will be cooler tomorrow, you can see why shade is welcomed here and if any of my Northern hemisphere friends would like to send a cool air blast down here or some snow I will be waiting to catch it ... ♥


foam said...

just always love, love, love photos of your garden!
those temps remind me of the summers in austin, texas. it would also 'cool' down to 98 during the night .. lol ..
plus, i lived there without air conditioning. you once mentioned you didn't have air conditioning?
i do hope you have a lovely summer, dianne. i'm hoping any drought conditions you might have will not result in bush fires though ..
we've had a remarkablly balmy fall here. temps in the 70s and 80s during the day. it's unusual, but not unheard of. this is the south after all.

oh, i'm not a fan of coldplay, but i don't mind them. often times when lyrics are posted i focus on them more then the video link since i feel the message is contained in the words. xxx

foam said...

oh, in regards to that comment above mine .. i had to get rid of my anonymous comment section because i started getting several of those ..
in old posts too.

dianne said...

Thanks Foamy dear I'm pleased that you like looking at my garden photos.

Don't worry about Coldplay, they are not to everyone's taste, I was listening to my CD the other evening and the words to that particular song just struck a chord within me and they seemed relevant.

I am dreading the Summer, the bush fires have started already and these high temperatures, 44C in some country areas and hot winds dont help at all... I feel for the farmers and their stock and loss of crops.
What a hard way to survive and earn a living.
The fire brigades, volunteers and rural fire service have been very busy already, it must be exhausting for them and dangerous.
No I don't have air conditioning, just a portable thing which is working very hard at the moment and a fan.
I will have a cool shower soon and go to bed.

I hope that your mild Fall is a good sign, though I put these irregular weather patterns down to Global warming...where will it end I wonder?

Those anonymous ads are so annoying, I have had to remove quite a few lately... I don't want to remove the anonymous comments as a couple of friends sometimes use that to leave a comment. ♥

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Stay cool, Dianne.

I have moderation cutting in after a couple of days. Most regulars post in that window and then all others, inc old posts, go to moderation. Doesn't stop the junk but easier to delete.

dianne said...

Thanks dear J Cosmo
I'm trying to keep cool, much better today a lovely 21degrees and we have just had a thunder storm and some heavy rain...nothing like the fresh fragrance in the air after it has rained.
I see on the news that Melbourne has had some good rainfall, I hope your State is getting the precipitation where it is needed.

I will put up with the junk comments for a little while longer then I will disallow anonymous comments and try comment moderation. :) ♡

Diane said...

Oh, thank you for this... it's cold and grey and wet and gloomy today. It's nice to know the sun is shining somewhere in the world :)

dianne said...

Diane dear you can have all of our sunshine and the high temperatures as well...I could do with some grey, wet and gloomy.
Thankfully we had a change in the weather yesterday, the temperature dropped considerably, we had thunderstorms and some heavy rain.
When the rain settled a little I went outside and stood in it, so refreshing and the air was so sweet and fragrant.
More clouds today and more rain so I'm happy and my garden is loving it. :) ♡

Little Motivator said...

Hi Dianne, Thank you for the link to Loreena McKinnet, I loved what she did witht he poem. I am actually a big fan of hers and have 3 of her albums, but after listening to more of her work on iTunes have now downloaded more. (Your link cost me money ha ha)

Now I look at your photos and you have evoked more memories for me. 20 years ago this month, I moved, with my first husband and 9 month old baby boy to live in Melbourne; and have been thinking about it a lot just lately as my now 20 year old son has just left home. Therefore I have been thinking about his and my own life and time has really flown by. We lived there for 9 months before I fell pregnant again and wanted the comforts of home. But have some fantastic memories of Australia.

We have nothing in our garden at the moment, just dead plants and grass! xx

dianne said...

Thanks Carol dear, I'm pleased that you enjoyed Loreena McKennitt's musical version of 'The Lady of Shalott', I am a fan of hers as well, I think I have five of her CD's to date, I still think I am missing her latest album.
She doesn't get much publicity here which I think is such a shame for a talented musician such as herself...sorry I cost you money but I'm sure anything you bought of hers would be worth it. :)

As you know I live in Sydney, I haven't been to Melbourne but hope to get there one day, I have many destinations in my travel plans.
I'm pleased that you have fantastic memories of Australia. it is a great country.
Yes the years do pass quickly and before we know it our children are adults, I can understand you reminiscing about your life and your son's, especially since he has just left home.
So your birthplace and home to you is Wales, I have been told it is a green and beautiful place...and Glyn's photos certainly give us a look at the great beaches.
Don't worry about having weeds and grass in your garden, you seem to have a busy lifestyle with your personal training and adventures with Glyn, you two make a great team ... the gardening can a wait. :) ♡

Little Lamb said...

Pretty flowers. You're going into summer, we're going into winter. You really are on the other side of the world.

dianne said...

Thank you Lamby dear
I'm pleased that you liked the flowers, I am always excited when buds form and then open, there will be many more in Summer.

Yes I am so far away, on the other side of the world as you have said, I guess in Florida the Winters are milder than further north and in the mid west?
It has been so hot here, I would love some cooler weather. xo ♡

Little Lamb said...

Winters are milder in Florida which suits me just fine.

dianne said...

That would suit me too dear Lil Lamby , I think snow would be very pretty but I don't know how I would cope with those below freezing temperatures and blizzards which some States have in Winter. :) ♡

..................... said...

it's finally cooled down. blowing some coolness your way ..

dianne said...

Thank you Foamy dear, it has been so hot again today, I will stand outside and hope to catch some coolness. :)
What are the temperatures like in your part of the world at present, I am interested to know?

I have just come home from the hospital, Matthew was very down today but he seemed to perk up a little whilst I was there, we had a good conversation, American politics and Presidents would you believe, that is just one of his many interests...he is so intelligent ... what a waste.

I have just been surrounded by my little bird friends, I gave them some more fresh water and their seed mix and some bread, they also eat the grass seeds as well.
I am surrounded now,I just walk amongst them, I have some new visitors apart from the cockatoos and magpies, I now have native minors, rainbow lorikeets, red wattle birds and occasionally a kingfisher.
I will have to put up a birdfeeder and large seed bell for when I am running late to get home ... will try to get some more photos as well. xoxo ♡

puerileuwaite said...

I've decided not to blog about my secret garden, after discovering that law enforcement is learning to use the Internet.

dianne said...

Good idea Puggles my sweet, you just never know who is looking at our blogs. :)

I call it my 'secret garden' because it is enclosed by many trees and shrubs; there is nothing 'illegal' growing there, just many things of beauty. :) ♡

Sparrow said...

Sending you cooling breezes and love, my dear!

dianne said...

Thank you dear Sparrow ,
I would really appreciate some cooling breezes it has been so very hot again today.
Thanks for stopping by and love to you too dear friend. ♡

Lynda Lehmann said...

As it's finally getting cool or even raw here, it feels funny to hear you talking about the heat!

dianne said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting Lynda , yes I just had a look at Tuesday's weather report for New York and it looks like you are in for a cold day.
Thankfully it is not so warm here today just 23/73degrees but there is a blustery wind blowing.
I had a look at your blog and look forward to returning, some beautiful photographs there...we do agree, I think there is something spiritual about wild spaces. ♡

Leovi said...

Wonderful photos of your secret garden. It is very beautiful and should enjoy their plants and their smell, very suitable for inspiration. Besos.

dianne said...

Thank you dear Leovi , yes my secret garden is a lovely place to spend some time, the quiet, the plants and their fragrance provide the perfect place for reflection and inspiration. Besos.

xoxoxo ♡