Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Twist In My Sobriety

All God's children need travelling shoes
Drive your problems from here
All good people read good books
Now your conscience is clear
I hear you talk girl
Now your conscience is clear

In the morning when I wipe my brow
Wipe the miles away
I like to think I can be so willed
And never do what you say
I'll never hear you
And never do what you say

Look my eyes are just holograms
Look your love has drawn red from my hands
From my hands you know you'll never be
More than twist in my sobriety
More than twist in my sobriety

We just poked a little empty pie
For the fun that people had at night
Late at night don't need hostility
The timid smile and pause to free

I don't care about their different thoughts
Different thoughts are good for me
Up in arms and chaste and whole
All God's children took their toll


Cup of tea, take time to think, yeah
Time to risk a life, a life, a life
Sweet and handsome
Soft and porky
You pig out 'til you've seen the light
Pig out 'til you've seen the light

Look my eyes are just holograms
Look your love has drawn red from my hands
From my hands you know you'll never be
More than twist in my sobriety
More than twist in my sobriety

Tanika Tikaram ... from her album 'Ancient Heart'

Something a little different from me - for my dear friend Alexander & thank you 'M' ...♥


dianne said...

I adore this song, but I've never really understood the lyrics, I don’t think I ever really wanted to, it's just one of those songs that speaks to you in its own way, you can interpret it as you could be perceived in many ways.

It's one of those songs which can help you through some hard times in your don't feel so alone.
I need its empathy; it mirrors the ache and anxiety that resonates deep within me when I am truly sad comforts me like some songs do for all of us at times...

I love the pulsing rhythm and haunting sound of the oboe. ♥

foam said...

i love her alto voice and the oboe..... and what you call the pulsing rhythm. music does have healing powers .. can sooth the soul.
i have my own artists that i rely on from leonard cohen to george clinton to bach .. the list could go on.

listen away, dianne ...

puerileuwaite said...

Excellent song! Now we're on the same page!

Thus is one tune I always have in my iPod.

However, to clarify: technically I "persistently tug at people's sobriety".

puerileuwaite said...
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dianne said...

Thanks dear Foamy

Pleased to hear that you have your own songs that heal and soothe the soul, I do have many more that I listen to either for enjoyment or relaxation but I guess last night I was in a 'sepia' kind of mood and I do love her voice and the oboe.

listening away...dianne xoxo ♡

dianne said...

Really Puggles my sweet, you think this song is excellent and we are on the same page and you have it on your iPod?

Thanks for your comment though I can never quite tell with you... I don't know whether to believe you or are you just 'tugging at my sobriety'? ♡

By the way 'sobriety' has more than one definition but I am sure you are aware of that.

The Phosgene Kid said...

Nice to see LSD making a come back!!

dianne said...

Lol Phossy dear

LSD? did you mean the singer or me, would never touch the stuff... she made this song in 1988...maybe. :) ♡

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

LSD?! Who needs LSD, when he's got nutmeg?!
Anyway, thought, the song was very catchy, when it came out!

Loved you colour and light post-below, Dianne - very, very beautiful!!!

thanks for your comments, also on my blogs, re the renovations.
I have just posted 2 other things which are relevant:

do you have remembrance day as well? you should have, there has been enough involvement...

and as far as the wall-post is concerned: that's my background.

dianne said...

Thanks Sarah dear, yes I really liked the song and had forgotten about it for a long time, then 'M' sent me a link to it some time ago and my love of it was renewed.
I am very old fashioned I think, just the way I was raised... I honestly haven't tried anything like LSD, marijuana or any other substances like that, or cigarettes.
So nutmeg is a narcotic, I didn't know that?

Pleased you liked the 'colour and light' post, the paintings are truly beautiful, Daniel Gerhartz seems to be able to capture the life and beauty of the female form plus landcsapes as well...a very talented artist.
I was very impresed with your renovations and am looking forward to seeing more of your work.
Yes we celebrate Rememberance day here, there are different gatherings at the various services clubs, the laying of wreaths at the Cenotaph and various memorials around the city and one minute's silence is observed by all at the 11th hour where everything and everyone stops to pay respect.
I will go and have a look at your links tomorrow, it's after midnight here and I still have a few things to get done before I have a shower and go to bed.
Nice to hear from you again, there is an award for you down further on my October 23 post. xo ♡

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

es, i know about the award and I really am looking forward to it, but i haven't gotten to it yet... the same thing with as so many other things... really sad! 24 are just not enough for one day!

there's nothing oldfashioned about not taking drugs!!! It's the only sensible thing to do! I have also NEVER taken any street dryg and my intake of psychopharmica is limited to ½ a pill for this entire lifetime ( The police insisted on that after a car crash because they didn't like my testimony!)and I also don't take medications like other people do. So it's definitely very sensible that you've stayed away from drugs, because this is a great problem in our society, that people get tempted to take drugs! they're the cause of many disasters!

yes it's true, nutmeg and other spices/herbs are in fact drugs. Natural ones, but still we're in many cases talking about quite some strong medication here!
That's why I use very few spices and check beforehand what medical use they have. I know of a test at the university of Copenhagen where one of the scientists took 5 grams of nutmeg and he had a complete horror trip and almost died! in the 60s hippies often used nutmeg, when they ran out of LSD. mind you LSD is also one of the worst drugs. once you've taken that you do have brain damage.

bearly domesticated boneman said...

she must have taken some, then

stay the heck off my blog! I love fiction, but I hate liars like you.
Syrup laced with arsenic.
and, stop taking acid

K9 said...

just sayin hi

puerileuwaite said...

Wait. Did you say there are OTHER forms of sobriety? Perhaps I have been giving it a bum rap all of these years as a goody-two-shoes one-trick-pony. I shall look into this further!

findingmywingsinlife said...

I've never heard of this song, but thank you for sharing it. You may not always think you understand our mutual friends posts, but I'm inclined to think you feel the ideas he has rather than the words to voice them. Either way, I still stand by what I said to you in an email way back when, I'm sure you know what I mean :)

Take care over there my friend.

dianne said...

Thanks Sarah dear,

Yes the after effects and brain damage associated with long term alcoholism and drug abuse are self evident...I see it all of the time.
It is sensible to stay away from any kind of hard/street drugs and those which aren't prescribed by a doctor.
Thanks for the information on nutmeg, I do remember reading something about it...I think a lot of herbs and spices would be dangerous if taken in large quantities like that.
I have just gotten home myself, it seems there aren't enough hours in the day sometimes...your award is there for whenever you want it and I will have a look at those links later this afternoon. xo ♡

dianne said...

Hello dear K9 :)

just saying Hi back at you! ♡

dianne said...

Thanks Puggles my sweet
yes there is more than one definition for sobriety, you should look it up in the dictionary.
It's not all about abstinence from the consumption of alcoholic beverages or the use of can also be about the seriousness of manner, bearing or one's attitude.
Nice of you to stop by again. xo ♡

dianne said...

Thank you April dear,

Yes I don't quite understand all of the postings at our mutual friend's blog, well sometimes I can't put my feelings into words.
Yes dear I remember the e-mail and due to recent developements I think you might have been onto something there...we will wait and see.

I'm pleased that you liked this song, I heard it many years ago, you would have been a little girl then I should think...anyway I had forgotten about it then my Swedish friend 'M' sent me a link, which he has done with so many songs.

Yes I will take care over here my friend, same to you dear girl. xo ♡

The Mess said...

Did I mention about that poor man playing the Oboe who got all blue-faced when they recorded. Nowadays they'll do it with computers..

Secret; I have some torn-memories with that song..

dianne said...

Hi dear M I have missed you, where have you been?
You went on vacation and never came back.

Yes I love this song I had forgotten it until you sent me the link and yes you did tell me about the oboe player and his blue face, he certainly plays well.

I think we all have torn memories with some songs, I do hope no-one broke your heart.
Please take care and come back soon. ♡

Anonymous said...

It is certainly interesting for me to read that blog. Thank you for it. I like such themes and everything connected to them. I would like to read a bit more soon.

Julia Swenson

dianne said...

Thank you Julia, I am pleased that you enjoyed your visit here.

Leovi said...

Excellent song, one of my favorites of the 80's, it brings back fond memories

dianne said...

Thank you dear Leovi yes it is a great song, one of my favourites too.
I'm pleased that it brings back fond memories for you. :)

Saludos xoxoxo ♡