Monday, July 29, 2013

One More Time Again ...

I find comfort in the places
where our memories live on
and your words once warmed my heart.
Out of the long space of silence
and the lonely shadows
you return again
My heart comes alive once more
you are near
and I breathe again
Would it be wrong of me this time
to hope that you might stay awhile
I wonder do you care just enough
Or once more will you take your light away
and my heart shall falter again
leaving me in the cold of darkness
to mourn your absence one more time again…

Prose - Dianne Dawes
Image - Red Sunrise Free wallpaper

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

You Come To Me...

You come to me so softly
Just before the day
I cannot hear your footsteps
But I feel you just the same
The warmth of your caress
Like the sun’s first rays
The closeness of you
Takes my breath away
To know that you are near me
Takes the shadows away...

Prose - Dianne Dawes ... ♥
Image - Sunrise Free Wallpaper
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Monday, July 22, 2013

Vive Le Tour de France

Lake Annecy / Annecy-Semnoz Stage 20

Congratulations to all of the participants of Le Tour de France for your ability, strength and endurance, you all deserve to win.
I have been spending many evenings and early mornings in front of the television watching this wonderful event unfold...later today, Paris. I wish I could be there.
I have also marveled at the spectacular beauty of the landscape of France at every stage, especially the aerial footage of the forests with their magnificent trees, the green countryside, beautiful cows, The Pyrenees, the majesty of the Alps, in particular the Haute-Savoie region, Annecy and Annecy-Semnoz... so many places I would love to visit one day. There are some great video highlights and places of beauty to view at the official Le Tour website. Enjoy, if you have a chance.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Gentle Heart

How gentle the one
Who nurtures love
For a heart that is broken
And lost its way
And guides this love
Over darkened paths
With a light that glows
From an inner warmth
To find its way
To a saddened heart
One that has hoped
For a chance to love
To mend and grow
And let love live ...

Prose - Dianne Dawes
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