Saturday, September 24, 2011

Words of Love Unspoken

I closed my heart
Not to feel you
Or the love that welled
Inside just for you
And my eyes shut tight
Not to see you
To quell the desire
That I felt in your sight
Turned my face
So I could not want you
Your written words
Had touched me so
To hide the tears
Of heartache
The one's that so often fell
The many hours in silence
Alone without you
Sadness my only friend
And finally with resignation
I closed my mouth
not to whisper
The waiting words of love
I wished to tell ...

Poem by Dianne Dee ... ♥
Image - Muchacha de Espalda - Salvador Dali - 1925 (1904-1989)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Yesterday's Flowers

Yesterday's flowers
Were gathered with care
Fragrant beauty
In the soft morning air
Sparkling with dew drops
In the sun's first light
Petals and buds
Nature's delights
Yellow for friendship
White for pure love
Shining so brightly
Sunshine from above
Their beauty is before you
No more words can I say
Their perfection delights me
In this wondrous bouquet ...

Poem by Dianne Dee ... ♥

Flowers from my Spring garden - Yellow Clivea, Yellow Calendula, Nasturtiums, Freesias, Grevillea, White Dendrobium Orchids and White Geranium. Please enlarge image for a detailed view.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Emile Verhaeren Love Poem

The still beauty of summer evenings on the
greenswards where they lie outspread holds
out to us, without empty gesture or words,
a symbol of rest in gladness.

Young morning and its tricks has gone
away with the breezes; noon itself and the
velvet skirts of its warm winds, of its heavy
winds, no longer sweeps the torrid plain;and
this is the hour when, without a branch's
moving or a pond's ruffling its waters, the
evening slowly comes from the tops of the
mountains and takes its seat in the garden.

Oh the infinite golden flatness of the waters,
and the trees and their shadows on the reeds,
and the calm and sumptuous silence in whose
still presence we so greatly delight that we
desire to live with it always or to die of it and
revive by it, like two imperishable hearts
tirelessly drunken with its brightness.

Emile Verhaeren - Belgian Poet - 1855-1916
Meadow and Sunset Free Wallpaper