Monday, May 4, 2009

The Road That Leads to You...

In my dreams
I've walked this road
so many times before
Hope floats within me
as closer, near I draw

In a dress of Summer yellow
sunshine on my golden hair
The scent of meadows mellow
Wildflowers here and there

My cheeks are flushed
with Summer pink
my face is all aglow
How could I hide my feelings?
My happiness shows

A feeling that I'm coming home
I've waited for so long
To be here with you
the place where I belong

All for you my man of dreams
because I love you so
How could I hide my feelings?
I had to let you know

I've come so far to tell you
I wonder what you will say
When I walk that path
to your open door
Please let me stay...

Poem by Dianne


/t. said...

you can
get to my door,
lovely d, you can stay
here for as long as you like :)

i'm off to visit family on the east coast tomorrow -- will be gone for a week -- and i'll be asking the same as in your poem(!)

¤ ¤ ¤


dianne said...

Thanks /t. dear
it would be nice to find
a friendly refuge and I'm a
very good and reliable house-sitter.

Have a great time on the east coast, its nice to catch up with family, I'm sure they will let you stay. ♡♡♡

foam said...

garsh, dianne ..
you have such a lovely knack for writing poetry ..
what a beauty this one is ..

Diane said...

So pretty! I could SEE it all in my head... xo

dianne said...

Thanks Foamie dear,
I'm pleased that you liked it...

I feel the emotion, then I see/feel images and how they will unfold... then the words come to me.

Its a nice 'space' in my inner world. ♡

dianne said...

Thanks Diane dear,

I'm pleased that you could SEE it,
when I am writing, the images and words are soft and float through my conscious thoughts...
I try to paint with words. ♡

findingmywingsinlife said...

Lovely poem. I really liked the imagery of this one.

dianne said...

Thank you dear April ,

I'm pleased that you liked it and you could see the imagery; thats what I hope to achieve with my poems and its so nice when people notice. ♡

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

Very nice poem and a lovely, lovely picture!!!
Thanks for all your nice comments, Diane, they're very much appreciated!
I also loved the old drawings below.
Re Boney: of course the thing with the daog is tragic and there are always different ways of handling it... I know too little to judge, but I also know just how much harm some MDs, vets and animal protections organizations do...
But re you and Boney: sorry to say this, but the way you sometimes... well what shall I say... get "arcoss to the other" (is that a diplomatic way of putting it?) anyway, one should think you're deeply in love and have been married for decades...!!!

don't take everything so serious, you two, you're actually both quite adorable!
love, sarah sofia

dianne said...

Thank you dear Sarah Sofia , I'm glad you liked my poem and yes that picture of the road and the trees is lovely, I did an image search for 'country roads'
and this one is actually in Indiana. :-)

I love visitng your blogs, always something interesting and nice to be found there, what a lovely family you have.

Yes Boney and I do have our differences, Lol we do seem like an old married couple sometimes but I think he is adorable, he is a good man, has many admirable qualities and I love him as a very dear friend. ♡

Yes I have to learn to lighten up and not take things so seriously.

Love, Dianne x

Rott Weiler said...

very nice diane. im very impressed with your drawings below. you should have gone to work for walt disney! they are truly wonderful and they gave me a smile i needed. love to you

dianne said...

Oh dearest Rott Weiler thanks so much and that is a real
compliment coming from such a talented artist as yourself.
I am going to get back into my drawing and painting as once I get started I just love it, got a few ideas just have to get over my 'fear of the canvas'.
They are cute little kitties arent they!
I've been thinking about you and Trout ever since I visited Chickory earlier, I do hope your girl will be OK. ♡

Love to you too my sweet girl. x

ANNA-LYS said...

Little Lamb said...

That is a pretty poem. I also like the picture that goes with it.

Ruela said...

Thanks Dianne ;)

The Sisters of Mercy;)

dianne said...

Thanks Anna-Lys

dianne said...

Thank you Lil Lamb dear,
I'm pleased you thought the poem was
pretty, when I think of those meadows and wildflowers I think it is too and yes that is a lovely picture to go with the poem. ♡

dianne said...

Thank you Ruela dear
and also for the link to the song. ♡

Sparrow said...

That was lovely, Dianne!

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

Surprised to hear that the rd was in india! I thought it was your own back yard...!

yes, it's obvious that the two of you love each other, maybe you should do something about that? - No, no, not hit me, that was not what I meant...!

thanks for the lovely comment on my blogs and my family!

Oh and here's another entry, which is notr so nice, but which has something to do with all of us:

The Phosgene Kid said...

Nice picture and stirring poem. I like roads such as the one in your photo. Always want to drive down the road to see where it goes.

dianne said...

Thank you dear Sparrow I'm pleased that you liked my poem.
Thanks so much for stopping by,I do stop by your blog and catch up on things, dont always comment and I should start entering the haiku contest again. :) ♡

dianne said...

Yes dear Sarah Sofia that is a lovely road and yes its in Indiana, but I dont know the exact location.
I have a whole file on country road pictures, this one just felt right and America and Europe have such beautiful trees compared to here.

I wont hit you for saying that my dear,:) Lol he doesn't love me, just friends, its a shame we live so far apart. ♡

I always enjoy looking at your blogs and family is important. ♡

Love Dianne. x

I will take a look at that link.

dianne said...

Thank you Phossy dear,
so pleased you liked my poem, I was happy with it too.

Yes it is a lovely road, it looks so inviting and you want to see more. I do the same thing, I always have to explore and drive a little further to see where it takes me. ♡

puerileuwaite said...

This CANNOT be the road that leads to me. WHERE are the cheap diners, packaged liquor stores and "massage" parlors? Also, WHERE is the litter and crying Indian? You may want to send a complaint to "Google Maps".

laughingwolf said...

foolish man if he rejects you....

dianne said...

Gosh Puggles my sweet, I didnt realise you lived in such a sleazy neighbourhood, I guess there are fire hydrants there also and you like to mark your territory with eau de Pug on your 'hydrant break' :)...
I definitely have the wrong had better give me your GPS map co-ordinates so that I can find you. ♡

dianne said...

Thanks dear laughingwolf that is very sweet of you to say that... but life doesnt always work out how we would like...maybe in some perfect world at a different time and place things would be different. ♡

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

I wouldn't be so sure that he doesn't love you...!

yeah, our trees are pretty in a way, you're right, but your trees are definitely interesting and so is the landscape!

dianne said...

Thanks again dear Sarah Sofia you are very sweet, if he does love me he certainly isnt telling me, I'm sure he just wants to be my friend. ♡

Yes we do have some beautiful trees and landscapes but it is only in the cooler parts of the country that you see so much Autumn foliage and deciduous trees. ♡

Corby said...


My favorite of yours -lovely images in it, wistful.


dianne said...

Thank you dear Corby

it is one of my favourites as well, I can see and feel every word. ♡

-Dianne x

Nina said...

Happy Mother's Day, Mom! I was too busy this morning. And i lost my phone somewhere in the salon, so....couldn't call you, couldn't message. That's bad. I've been waiting for you to give you something i made for you last week. Anyway, i will see you soon, Mom. Love you. Take care.

dianne said...

Thank you darling Nina that is very sweet of you too, yes I will see you soon. ♡ xoxo

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

oh, you're still on that road...

really sweet what your daughter wrote!

dianne said...

Yes dear Sarah Sofia , still on that road in Indiana, I am working on a new post, actually a couple.

Nina is my adopted daughter, well actually she has adopted me, she is a beautiful young woman from Viet Nam who is here with her husband but her Mum is still in Viet Nam, my other adopted daughter Marina is a young woman from Russia...they are lovely girls, I love them very much, I am their Mother substiture here in Australia. ♡
My youngest son took me out for lunch today with his girlfriend and her Mum and brother, we had a lovely time.
My daughter, with her children called in to see me this week with lots of lovely presents and cooked dinner for me this evening so I had a break from cooking.
Matthew had to stay home as he wasnt well enough to come out with us.
Was it Mothers' Day in Denmark today? if so have a happy Mothers Day.
Love Dianne. x

chickory said...

happy mothers day. lucky are the ones who call you mom. luckier still are those of us who count you as friend. xo

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...


The Phosgene Kid said...

Roads less traveled are often the best.

ANNA-LYS said...

When You arrive, You will get coffee
just phone me 5 min before ;-)

dianne said...

Thank you so much dear Sarah Sofia , that is very kind of you, my very first blog award. ♡

Love Dianne xo

dianne said...

How very true dear Phossy , there are all kinds of new experiences and wonders to discover.♡

I hope Mrs Phos had a lovely Mothers Day. :)

dianne said...

Thanks dear Anna-Lys I will call first. :)
White please with no sugar.

I hope you had a lovely Mothers' Day, I'm not sure that this day is celebrated in May on the second Sunday worlwide, I know it is different in Ireland. ♡

dianne said...

Thank you dearest Chickory what a sweet thing for you to say to me; you will always have my friendship and support and I am honoured to count you amongst the people I call friend.
I told my daughter what had happened and she was saddened also, I keep my children up to date with all of the news of you and my blogger children love animals also and are gentle and caring.
You have been in my thoughts so much today, I was hoping that Dovey had just wandered off and had returned, I thought how wonderful that would have been for you and V.
I hope you were feeling a little less sad yesterday and had time to enjoy some happy moments with your Trout and the little chicks, they are your babies so I hope your Mothers Day wasnt all sad. ♡

Much love from your friend Dianne. xo