Sunday, May 31, 2009

I should just be coming home...

Hi everyone, I thought I would give Sonja Kristina down there on the previous post a little break from singing...she must be getting tired by now.
Speaking of being tired I was watching television earlier this evening,I curled up on the sofa and fell asleep...slept for hours...well I must have needed the rest.
A lot of girls would be just getting home at this time, which is about 1.41am Sunday morning here after a nice night out with some pleasant guy, dinner, a movie, some dancing maybe... no not me...
I dont really mind though, its really cold here tonight and its been raining heavily all afternoon and still is...I just regret that I have wasted a whole Saturday evening.

I went out earlier today looking for some native flannel flowers which I want to photograph for a special friend when I can borrow a camera...I wandered through the bushland which surrounds the park and playing field in my street and found quite a few lovely plants with flowers
...unfortunately the heavens opened up, I tried to shelter under some branches of a tree hoping the rain would subside a little but it just came down heavier and by the time I got home I was dripping wet and soaked to the skin and freezing cold.
Well at least I know where to find the flowers when I have the camera, I'm hoping today will bring some sunshine as well.
Even when its raining the bushland looks beautiful, it takes on a more softened colour scheme, the green foliage is especially more muted in colour.

I'm sorry I dont have much for you this morning, just a half written poem which is a little sad and an idea for a painting which I am finding difficult to start...maybe l will find some more inspiration in the days ahead.
I guess I am in a bit of a 'slump' creatively at the moment, I hope this will soon pass...and so as to not completely disappoint you I have posted this lovely painting by Claude Monet, it is irises planted en masse in his garden at Giverney, he painted this in 1900.

I hope you are all having a great and interesting week-end. ♥


foam said...

don't beat yourself up for sleeping away a saturday evening and night. if that's what you did then you really did need the rest. actually most evenings my beloved spouse falls asleep infront of the tube too :) ..
but he works hard.
so .. it's getting cold where you are ..
how cold can it get? i'm just curious..
a flannel flower .. i will have to google an image and see what one looks like. but if you do take a photo, you could post it for us too.
i don't know how great and interesting our weekend is turning out to be. i had to work this morning to make up a missed school day due to floods on tuesday. i have one child sick in bed, the other child just went off to his senior prom. i'm actually looking forward to crashing on the couch this evening .. ;)

Diane said...

I hate those slumpy times... but they pass :) I'm only just going into my Saturday evening, but it's not likely I'll do much more than you did... in fact, a nap sounds quite nice right now! Here's to hoping for Sunday sunshine for you, my friend!

boneman said...
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dianne said...

Thanks Foamie dear, it has been a very busy week, I guess I needed the rest but there are so many things I needed to do...and when I did wake up I just thought what a waste of time and realised how alone I am.

When I take the photo of the flannel flower I will definitely post it here for you all to see and any other native flowers I find.
It looks like rain here again so I wont be venturing into the bushland today.

I'm sorry your son is ill and I sure hope your eldest son has a great time at his senior prom, a very exciting event.
I saw the floods in the picture on your blog and read that school was cancelled,its a shame you had to work this morning to make up the time... there seems to be a lot of rain everywhere.
Well my dear you enjoy crashing on the couch you deserve it and enjoy knowing that Mr Foam is there to snuggle up to. ♥

dianne said...

BTW Foamie dear the temperature here rarely gets below 37degrees F, so its hardy freezing, it was just that I was so wet, it can get colder with the wind chill and when we have a hail storm. ♥

dianne said...

Thanks Diane dear, yes I hope this creative slump does pass as I dont like feeling this way.
I do have many ideas just need that boost to get started.
Enjoy your nap and thanks for the wish of sunshine my friend but once again it is cool and the rain clouds are gathering, I hope you have a great Sunday. ♡

dianne said...

You are so sweet and thoughtful Boney but I think you misundestood what I wrote, I was looking for native 'flannel flowers' to photograph for a friend, I wasnt wearing flannel, though it is a great way to keep warm...when it is dry.
No dear I was just wearing ordinary clothes and they did get soaked, when I came home I quickly took them off, dried myself, dried my hair with the hairdryer and put on dry clothes to warm up as I was shivering.

I dont think any of my photos would sell Boney, I am quite the amateur photographer, not a professional like yourself. :-)

By 'assurance' were you meaning my self confidence, no I dont mind you commenting on that,thanks I do get on well with people, I like meeting people... I just feel very alone sometimes. ♡

Anonymous said...

am looking forward
to your new photos, dianne

and i trust you're well rested :)

¤ ¤ ¤


The Mess said...

Is your autumn filled with high and clear air with lots of colours from the trees? I actually like that period before the leaves start to fall and it gets so cold and dark.

The Phosgene Kid said...

Count De Money, one of my favorites. Never seen any flannel flowers, though my wife has some silk ones in the kitchen...

laughingwolf said...

no worries, dianne... a snooze is a good way to recover from the drenching... and your muse will bite when she's ready ;)

K9 said...

so thats what they make lumber jack shirts out of! i agree rain colors are interesting if you get the camera and its raining still go out and shoot.

creative slump? ive got a cure. go outside the area you want to be working. you need to start the painting right? then do something crafty or 3d -art but away from what you intend. it will break. thats why i have different tables set up. when i can paint well i go make one of those creaturas or a linocut or mess around with a movie or take some art and fool around in photoshop with it.....

glad you had a restful saturday night. to me, that is a great night!! the more days i spend out in the hot sun, the more nights i have like yours.


dianne said...

Yes thank you /t. dear I am well rested.
I will post the photos of the native flowers here on my blog when I have taken them with the camera I have yet to purchase.
The Nikon Coolpix is looking promising. ♡

dianne said...

Yes dear M the air is clean and cool and the sky is blue and beautiful but not today, the sun has gone and the clouds have returned.

I love the crisp evenings with the deep blue sky scattered with sparkling stars at night.

Not so many Autumn foliage colours here amongst our native trees but plenty from the introduced European trees...yes Autumn is a lovely season. ♡

dianne said...

Count de Money? Is that a movie Phossy dear? One that you would recommend?
The flowers arent made of 'flannel', they have creamy white petals with a 'velvet' kind of texture, I dont know how they were given the name 'flannel flowers', they are pretty. ♡

dianne said...

Yes dear laughingwolf the snooze was rather nice after I felt so cold, I wrapped myself up in a blanket on the sofa, probably got too comfortable. :-)
I do hope my muse returns soon, maybe she is having a rest as well. ♡

dianne said...

Thanks dear K9 , for your advice re my slump in creativity, yes I need a change of scenery, I should just get out of the house and look for things that inspire me, forget about the painting and shift my mind to something else.

I dont know what is wrong with me lately, I feel restless and everything seems tedious.

Yes you would need a rest after all of that hard work in your garden, I hope you are enjoying yourself, it will be so rewarding.

I think those lumberjack shirts are made out of brushed cotton or a soft flannel material, I have never been up close and personal with a lumberjack so I cant be sure. :-) ♡

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

Hi Diane, home again!

I love the Monet pictured above!
He has very much inspired me and I laso used to have his prints hanging in our home until I realized prints were too cheap and I had to create my own art instead!

very interesting the 10 things you write about yourself! made me think, perhaps I should do that as well?
But I could never compete with you, I'm totally different and amongst other things a real pig - of course, I live with four guys, how else could it be?!

thanks for your sweet comments on my blogs, they were really heart-warming!

He's where we've been:

and this one:

and re being alone saturday night: well I always have the guys around me, but I also feel alone... they hardly ever wanna watch the movies that I wanna see and somehow my husband's always busy... well then I just get ahold of my little one and cuddle him... still even though I see him all the time, I still miss him, because we both always have something to do... and when we are together... uh well, what do we do them? We'd better not spoil that precious moment then or stuff happens, like I accidently end up kicking him into the... well you know the nether regions...

-and Phos: "Count de Money" is a good one! But I don't think he made that much cash while he was alive. However I think he was rich in depressions - at during the last years of his life... think he really took a down turn towards the end, but can't remember exactly why and what was going on, but somebody else was involved and things turned out differently than he had estimated them to be and you can very clearly see the change in mental attitude in his work.

The Phosgene Kid said...

Don't get me wrong, I love the impressionist (not in the biblical sense) but if you stand real close to their work it looks as though they were drinking the paint (artists will drink damn near anything) and sneezed. Too many late nights and absinthe...

Helene said...

I am a day late and a dollar short with my comment... by now I hope your creativity is back in full force and you have taken the new week by storm.

All that said, I am not one who covets being alone, so your comment about realizing how alone you were tugged at my heart strings.

I am anxious to see what your flower looks like! In the winter here, there is no folliage to photograph, no less flowers! I enjoyed Florida winters much more than up north here in Philadelphia!!

dianne said...

Welcome back dear Sarah Sofia , its lovely to have you back.

Its great that you are such a fine artist and are able to paint your own 'masterpieces', I dabble a little in painting but not on the same scale as you, Boneman or K9, just small things that makes me happy and I do have some prints, not many but get great enjoyment looking at paintings on the internet and galleries when they have an exhibition.
I have seen many impressionist works done by modern artists that I would love to show on my blog but because of copyright I cant and you cant always contact the artist to get their permission.

Yes you can be in a household of people and still be lonely, you want to get hold of that husband of yours and tell him he had better 'up' the romance and give you more cuddles and kisses, thats what I miss. ♡

You should do a post on your 'Ten Truths', I would love to read it, you are certainly an interesting person, so think aboutit OK.

I will go and have a look at your photos, I always enjoy your blog.♡

Love Dianne xo

dianne said...

Yes Phossy dear if you get up close to an impressionist painting you will find visible brush strokes where the paint is daubed on and it gives a beautiful effect and you get a better 'impression' of the overall image by standing back a little and admiring the whole work.

Can you please tell me who is 'Count de Money', is he a painter or someone famous? ♡

dianne said...

Thank you dear Helene you are very sweet, don't worry about me I am getting used to being alone and since I am too afraid to put myself 'out there' on the 'meat market' I will most likely be alone for a long time...doesn't matter I've resigned myself to that fact. ♡

No my creativity isnt back yet, but I went out again today searching for some flowers and will have some lovely photos to post soon.

It doesnt snow here where I live so the winters are mild in comparison to yours so there is beautiful green foliage and wildflowers in bloom all year. ♡

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

Diane, thanks for your sweet "welcome back" and your words here and on my blogs...

have you been able to comment on foam's blog? I can do it at all, the comment-thing just disappears... strange! any idea what on earth it can be?

Oh my husband is alright, but our workload is enourmous, even my lawyer told me today that we should take some time off, he apparently didn't get it that our little trip north had been the time off...!

dianne said...

Sarah Sofia dear,you are mosy welcome I thought ypur photos were amazing.

Yes you can comment on Foam's blog, the comment thing does disappear but click on the place anyway and the comments open up. ♡

You and your husband are still young so make time for some romance for yourselves, even though you have such busy lives... dont let it disappear as once it is gone its very difficult to get it back...♡

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

Thanks for the commenting-tip.
it seems to have worked now... at least I think so.
Now you've made me curious:
you're saying my husband and me are so young. Try and guess our age! I really would like to know what you come up with!!!

dianne said...

Dear Sarah Sofia , I'm pleased that you were able to comment at Foams's, that was tricky how the comments kept disappearing.

As far as your ages are concerned looking at photos of you and especially that one of you posted in your holiday photos I was thinking early to mid forties. ♡

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

Thanks, yeah, it's true, I am in the mid-fourties, but my husband is 7½ years older...

I have just posted the 10 things, makes me look like a real bitch...

gotta try and correct the 3 billing spelling mistakes, because it might not make sense otherwise...

Little Lamb said...

That's a very pretty picture.

dianne said...

See dear Sarah Sofia , I got it right, you are still young and have plenty of time for romance, your husband is still young too.

Dont lose that closeness and dont lose the romance as its so lonely living without a man and not being loved.

I will go and take a look at your ten truths. ♡

dianne said...

Thanks dear Lil Lamby , it is a pretty picture.
Imagine how lovely it would be to walk through the beautiful gardens at Giverney, Claude Monet not only painted on canvas his garden was a work of art and beauty as well. ♡

ANNA-LYS said...

hello Dianne,
I have taken some photos of my new surrounding, but You know how it is when moving ... can't find the cable between the camera or cellphone and my computer.

Well, soon soon dear :-D

dianne said...

Hi Anna-lys , I hope you are enjoying yourself on your island and getting used to living in a cave. :-)

I am looking forward to seeing your photos when you can post them on your blog.

Take care dear, :-D ♡

foam said...

my comment thing does disappear? i had not noticed...
i noticed that about the title.
i don't know why that is. i think i must have inadvertently done something to my settings.

dianne said...

Hi Foamie dear, yes your title disappears and so does the comment thing but I clicked anyway and your comment box came up.
Sorry I thought you knew about it otherwise I would have mentioned it.
These computers do strange things at times.
Have a good Sunday. ♡

Lee said...

Just popping by to say 'Hi'. Searching for inspiration, too.

dianne said...

Hi Lee dear, nice to see you again,you have been missed.
Sorry, nothing very inspiring here at the moment.

I'm pleased to hear that you are doing so well with your new work and that you're efforts are being appreciated. :)

I left a comment at the Curate regarding your post on 'the nape of the neck', did you see it?
A very interesting subject. ♡

puerileuwaite said...

Please don't fret. EVERY Saturday night I don't spend curing at least one incurable disease is a wasted one for this pug scientist.

Leovi said...

Monet painting that has a value of at least 10 springs. Besos.

dianne said...

Yes dear Leovi , his paintings of his gardens of flowers are so beautiful; he said his garden was his greatest masterpiece.
Besos xoxoxo ♡