Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Wildflowers in Winter

Flannel Flower - image courtesy of Cumberland Forest Nursery

Native Flannel Flower - Actinotus Helianthi

Lomandria Longifolia in foreground..Gray Ironbark Gum..Wattle..Scribbly Gum

Egg and Bacon plant - Eutaxia Obovata

Star Flower with buds - these flowers are less than half an inch wide

Golden Wattle

Sweet Scented Wattle - blossoms and buds with foliage and eucalypt leaves

Sweet Scented Wattle - Acacia Suaveolens

Grevillea Hybrid 'Kay Walker' in my garden

Grevillea hybrid 'Peaches and Cream' in my garden

Some Winter wildflowers from my local bushland area and some from my garden.


chickory said...

awesome. so exotic. that last photo reminds me of a chihuly glass sculpture. amazing shape to it. thanks dianne for some lovely garden time.

Diane said...

So pretty! You just reminded me that I need to weed (you know, so you can actually SEE my flowers). Sigh.

Little Lamb said...

Pretty flowers.

foam said...

ohhhh, thank you!!
they are just all so beautiful.
but, for some reason, i just love the flannel flowers.

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

very, very pretty and so nice to see what it looks like where you are!

thanks you for your kind and sweet comments, Diane! Also nice to know that tyou live by a code of honour yourself!

The Phosgene Kid said...

gorgeous. The only plants I have are some volunteers growing out of the lawn, but they are evil looking with thorns...

Anonymous said...

Ha! I love the Egg & Bacon plant, perfect, my fave sarnie and now my fave flower :-))))

dianne said...

Thank you dear Chickory , I'm pleased I could brighten your day...I was looking for the flannel flowers for you as you said you would like some photos of native plants. :-)

Yes those grevillea flowers are awesome and there are so many colours in the hybrid varieties.

It does resemble an art sculpture by Dean Chihuly, his glass art is fabulous. ♡

dianne said...

Thanks Diane dear, I'm pleased that you liked them; yes weeding is something that I have to do as well, mostly the grass runners invading the garden beds.

Some of the 'weeds' I keep as they have dainty flowers. ♡

dianne said...

Thank you dear Lil Lamby , I'm glad that you think they are pretty.
Since you like birds so much I almost managed to get a photo of a family of magpies which were in my garden this afternoon, I was going to post a photo for you.
They were scared off by some raucous screeches from some suplhur crested cockatoos, so I will try again to get a photo for you. ♡

dianne said...

Oh thank you Foamie dear, I was hoping you would like my native wildflowers and yes the flannel flowers are my favourites as well.

I was a little disappointed with the blooms this year, as you will notice there is a small amount of green on the tip of the velvety petals, this is not so prominent this year so thats why I posted the picture from the Cumberland Forest nursery, that is how they usually look...though it could be a hydrid.
There are about 16 different species in Australia and we have so many other beautiful wildflowers, though too many to post here on my blog. ♡

dianne said...

Thank you dear Sarah Sofia , I'm pleased that you liked my pictures, this is only a small sample of what I was able to photograph, so many are inaccessible given that the terrain in so steep in parts and of course there are more flowers and lovely colours according to the seasons. ♡

You are welcome as far as my comments were concerned, I have the greatest respect for you and I think you are a very warm and intelligent woman.
Yes dear I treat people as I would have them treat me, I do have a code of honour on how I conduct myself and how I behave towards others, I take responsibilty for my actions and set a high standard for myself...probably why I am still alone. ♡

love Dianne xo

dianne said...

Thank you Phossy dear, I'm so pleased that you liked the flowers.
You most likely have cacti as you live in that lovely warm Arizona climate.
These are just a small sample of what grows around here,some of ours have thorns too; there are many more and of course more flowers and colours in the warmer seasons. ♡

dianne said...

Thanks Glyn dear, yes 'Egg and Bacon' is their common name and there are other species which have much more yellow on their petals, these are the only ones I could access.
Pleased that you have a favourite flower to go with your favourite sarnie now. :-)) ♡

Anonymous said...

has some exotic
flora and fauna, dianne

that last one is really lovely

¤ ¤ ¤


dianne said...

Thanks /t. dear,

yes the grevillea is really lovely and we have many beautiful and exotic flowers, the diversity depends on the climate.

These are just a few examples of my local species of wildflowers. ♡

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

Thanks for the nice words, Diane!

I really wonder, what the terrain is like, looks very, very interesting and yes, I would also have thought: steep! imagine that that it's winter!!! you've gotta get lucky for things to bloom like that in summer here, at least in some parts of scandinavia...!

Should post some more pics about the north soon, but don't have time to make it all happen... have a lot of awards to post as well...!

re single: hm, I don't know if it'slike that that this is the reason why you're still alone... but I must tell you, sticking to what one knows to be right doesn't make one more popular...!

Re relationships: I think the problem is often that men and women have unrealistic expectations of one another and that they are often not willing to put in the discipline required to make things work and I think that's why so many people stay single. they're just not willing to put in the work and stay on target, in spite of loosing sight once in a while.

And then many people focuss on what is wrong and what they want to have but can't get. But I believe that almost everybody could be happy with everybody else -as long as they could agree on the terms and would be willing to put in the work!

dianne said...

Yes dear Sarah Sofia , my area is quite high I dont really know how many metres above sea level, I am on a plateau which is one of many at the top of a sandstone escarpment, with deep valleys on three sides, at the bottom are creeks which flow into a river...the ocean isnt that far away.

Looking forward to your new pictures. ♡

Single? Well I did try very hard to make my marriage work but it takes two people...sometimes your partner wants other things.

I have just about given up hope as I'm not the type of person to go out clubbing, going to bars as I dont drink or smoke and I would never just go out looking for a man, or a one night stand,dont like singles clubs, I'm not like that...
I would have to meet someone through friends and get to know them a lot before I even thought about going out with them so that kind of narrows down my chances...and sometimes we find someone who is completely unobtainable but thats life...thanks for your thoughtful advice. ♡

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

Uhm... well perhaps then through the net... I knew a couple of people who got lucky that way. Common interests seems to be the key there.

But you know, somtimes things turn around just after one has given up.
F.ex. I have a pretty messed up body, and I really didn't think one could still do something about that, yet today I went to a dentist who was just so sweet and so competent and she's absolutely doen a wonderful job, in spite of the almost impossible task! so there is hope afterall it seems...

anyway, sounds great that you are so close to the ocean!!!

And here's a little soemthing for you:


-it's at the end of the post.

dianne said...

Yes dear Sarah Sofia ,
perhaps I shouldnt give up all hope as often one's situation turns around when you least expect it. ♡

Thank you so much for my 'sunshine' award, I have posted it in my side bar. ♡

The Phosgene Kid said...

most plants are dry and crunchy right now.

dianne said...

Is it very dry there, no rain Phossy dear?
I have lost a lot of my plants this past summer due to the heat and lack of rain, water restrictions, some of the softer leaf plants just cannot survive. ♡

Corby said...


Those are really cool looking, I like the bacon and eggs plant!
(maybe it is the name :-)


dianne said...

Thanks Corby dear,

yes there are some pretty plants in the bushland around here; those flowers on the 'egg & bacon' plant are quite small though they are easy to see amongst the grasses and other foliage because of the bright yellow petals. ♡


Elaine said...

What lovely flowers, Dianne!
I can see why the egg and bacon plant is named that. It looks like egg and bacon pie that I used to get in school dinners when I was a young sprout.
We had a lot of rain in Colorado this June. Everything is green. Thanks for posting. You have a good eye. I like the peaches and cream too!

dianne said...

Thanks for popping over Elaine dear, I wish I had your photographic skills, though I do like the subjects I choose.

Yes the flowers are lovely and the photos are taken with a Nokia N95 cell phone camera which my son has lent me, so I guess they are OK.

We had a lot of rain here about two weeks ago so the bushland is looking quite green.

Colorado looks like a beautiful place, I have only seen pictures, lots of mountains and valleys you seem to have it all there.

I'm pleased you have had some rain, it certainly refreshes the garden, so much more than watering with a hose.

Again its lovely to see you, take care. ♡

boneman said...
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dianne said...

Gosh Boney dear you snuck this comment in right at the end, I had moved on to the next post...but thanks anyway. ♡

Yes the 'peaches and cream' flower is beautiful and so is the fluffy 'sweet scented wattle' and it does have a sweet fragrance, the bees love it.

No the egg and bacon plant doesnt smell of eggs and bacon, it has a slight pleasant fragrance as well; it is supposedly called that because of the colours. ♡

puerileuwaite said...

That is NOT how I expected a flannel flower to look.

Either that, or every shirt in my closet is a lie.

dianne said...

Thats how they look Puggles my sweet, just a plain velvety cream colour, not like the plaid flannel shirts that lumberjacks and mountain men wear. :) ♡