Saturday, June 13, 2009

Chasing the Setting Sun

First glimpse

Near the school oval

My favourite

At the crossroad

From my street

From my street

From my street

From my garden

From my garden

I was driving home this afternoon and first noticed that lovely glow of golden colour in the western sky.. as the sun was setting the colours changed so beautifully and dramatically and I wanted to capture it in all of its changing beauty. I took a couple of photos at first then drove to some other vantage points where I was able to get some more pictures from different locations until the sun set below the horizon.

Its difficult to believe that this is the changing colours of one sunset, I took the first photo at 4:50pm and the last at 5:16pm; I haven't posted them all as many are similar, this is a view of a glorious Winter sunset in the Southern Hemisphere.

These photos were taken with a Nokia N95 cell/mobile phone camera...I hope you enjoy the beauty and the colours...♥


foam said...

these are very beautiful!
you cellphone does takes good photos!

boneman said...
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chickory said...

winter skies are the best. summer has her virtues, yes but there is a clarity to winter. lovely. i liked the last photo best.

coming to ya from the nursing home. its. so. hard.

Ruela said...

nice photos to a cellphone!
I love setting sun!

dianne said...

Thanks Foamie dear, I'm pleased you liked my photos and yes for a mobile phone camera it is very good, 5 megapixels.

I was literally chasing the sunset as I kept seeing glimpses of the different colours and I did drive safely to catch them. ♡

dianne said...

Thank you Boney ,

I'm pleased that you liked my photos and yes I did keep checking to see if I had taken a good photo then moved on to the next opportunity; as I said to Foamie I was literally chasing the setting sun, the colours were so beautiful and changed so quickly and I wanted to capture every colour.

Its a shame there are so many houses to obscure the view...its not like your open spaces where you have filmed so many glorious sunsets and sky pictures.

Yes if I had followed the sun I would end up on the west coast and would walk right into the Indian ocean, yes a long walk. :-)

The Nokia N95 has a 5 megapixel camera and yes it is 'point and shoot' though a real camera for your kind of beautiful photography would be better as it does have some is a 'loaner' from my son.

I will have to get up very early one morning and drive to the beach at Cronulla and try to capture some beautiful ocean sunrises for you. ♡

dianne said...

Thanks dear Chickory I'm so pleased that you liked my photos and yes the Winter skies have great colours and crispness as they are not obscured by the humidity of Summer.
I couldnt believe how quickly the colours changed and yes I just had to get that last photo, what a colour, that yellowish/orange glow really contrasts with the deep almost lavender blue of the remaining sky.

I'm sorry it is so hard for you at the nursing home, I do feel for you, I have been in that same situation with my Mum, its so heartbreaking to see someone we love so much who was once vibrant and full of life fade into dementia and health problems...well that was my experience.
My Mum was always such a sweet and gentle person and always a lady and I'm so happy to say that her beautiful nature stayed with her right until the was all very sad, so treasure every moment you have with your Mama. ♡♡

dianne said...

Thank you dear Ruela ,
yes sunsets are beautiful, no two are the same and the cell phone camera does take good photos, I was actually surprised at how well it does photograph. ♡

The Mess said...

I can sense that feeling from a day that's closing, Wonder how the smells are.. believe you have that special smell in the air that tells you it's winter..

laughingwolf said...

on a cell phone cam? very nice, dianne :)

dianne said...

Yes M dear, you can sense when the day is closing, sometimes its a happy feeling sometimes not so much it depends on what kind of a day you have had. :)

But you can feel the chill in the air at the closing of a winters day once the warmth from the sun has gone and yes there is a special smell in the air, a cool crispness,the fragrance of moisture on the leaves, it is different to the scents of Summer.♡

dianne said...

Thanks dear laughingwolf ,
yes on a cell phone, pretty impressive photos I think, I wish the phone was mine to keep. ♡

puerileuwaite said...

These ARE wonderful shots. What a beautiful place* (* at least until yours truly moves in).

I like the progression into darkness too, and the suspense as the time for the zombies to awaken and feast draws near** (** if I'm to believe my travel agent).

dianne said...

Thank you Puggles my sweet, yes it is a beautiful place and I'm sure you would not spoil the tone of the area, plus there are plenty of trees here for you.

Yes I like the progression into darkness, something very comforting about it as the deep blue of the night sky takes over, then the moonlight and the stars appear. ♡

Your travel agent must be referring to another place,there are no zombies here. :) ♡

Corby said...

Beautiful !


dianne said...

Thank you Corby dear, I'm pleased that you liked my photos. ♡

Anonymous said...

the chase

beautiful pics!

¤ ¤ ¤


dianne said...

Thanks /t. dear,
I'm so pleased you like the photos; yes it certainly was worth chasing the setting sun to capture those beautiful sky colours. ♡

The Phosgene Kid said...

Great shots - hard to believe they were taken with a cell phone. Mine can barely make phone calls!!

dianne said...

Thank you Phossy dear, I'm pleased you liked the photos...yes a Nokia N95 cellphone camera, five megapixels, zoom and flash. ♡

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

lovely pictures!!! really nice! But imagine: winter?! It looks warmer than our summer!!! but it does have a southern hemnisphere touchy, that is definitely right! very beutiful1 i love sunset pics as well never really take any other pics...

re boneman's comment: had to laugh!
First of all the way he is... laugh his sense of humor... but also because I wrote a book some years ago where the pilot of a small amphibium crashes into the artic ocean. and why because she's so amazed by the sunset that she keeps staring at it, get's blinded and does judge die altitude wrongly and then all of a sudden she ditches...

But big difference here: her sunset isn't really in the west, it's more or less in the north since the sun doesn't really set there!

dianne said...

Thank you dear Sarah Sofia , I'm pleased that you liked my photos, I know you love sunsets I was admiring some you have posted on your blog. ♡
Yes that Boneman is a funny fellow and like your story wasnt too far wrong about staring at the sunset...
I first noticed the lovely colour when I was driving and I kept getting different glimpses of the changing colours through the trees and houses, so I had to be careful chasing and driving, parking the car and getting out to capture each shot. ♡
We have mild Winters here where I live, it doesn't snow here, tonight it is 13ºC and rarely goes below 5ºC. ♡

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

yeah I can see your winters are nice and warm! how warm do your summers get (not sure I wanna know... it's probably like in a furnace, is it?!)

phos was funny, too, perhaps his phone may barely be able to make calls, but I bet it can still blow up stuff...! Right, Phos?!

M had a good point as well, re the scent! i also alway think you can smell the seasons or rain for that matter...

dianne said...

Yes dear Sarah Sofia , the summers are hot, it can reach 43ºC here and shade is welcomed...thankfully it has stopped raining today, the sun is shining and it is a pleasant 16ºC.

Yes Phossy is always funny, he leaves such nice comments.

Yes M seems to be very in tune with these kinds of things, thats a nice quality in a man and did have a good point re the scent of Winter; actually all seasons have a scent and a feeling to them, just like the rain and sunshine. ♡