Sunday, June 21, 2009

Love Amidst The Flowers

Clouds float above us
in a sky so blue
As we lay in the meadow
wildflowers of every hue

Hear the song of the grasses
as the breeze drifts by
As we lay here together
and gaze at the sky

You hold me so closely
hear the beat of your heart
Nothing can come between us
or keep us apart

You kiss me so deeply
taste the sweetness of you
Together in this moment
ever closer to you

We are lost in each other
hear the softness of my sighs
You look at my face
and I lose myself
in the blue of your eyes

Wrap myself around you
You hold me closer now
we are together
here and now

Rapt in the warmth of each other
a feeling of content
Words of love spoken
whispered and meant

And in loves afterglow
Softy fall asleep
To the song of the meadow
and all of her charms

Bathed in the glow of sunshine
we fall into our dreams
Holding on so lovingly
in each other's arms...

Poem by Dianne


/t. said...

a little
meadow action...

you lovely romantic, you

it's a beautiful poem & sentiment, dianne

¤ ¤ ¤


foam said...

you are such a sweet romantic, dianne ..
this is really beautiful.

dianne said...

Thank you dear /t.

yes the romantic in me is showing through once again, I'm so pleased that you enjoyed my little bit of fantasy in the meadow, it would be great with someone you loved. ♡

dianne said...

Thank you Foamie dear, yes I'm a hopeless romantic,a silly way to be really as it sets you up for all kinds of disappointment.
I'm so pleased you enjoyed my writing.♡

I love Spring and Summer meadows, they are so pretty and I have laid down in some and felt the warmth of the sun, watched the sky,listened to the song of the grasses and taken in the scent of the was lovely. ♡

I have often thought it would be a lovely experience to make love in a meadow with someone I loved and who loved me, you do realise this is just one of my romantic fantasies... ♡

Corby said...

Pretty poem


dianne said...

Thanks Corby dear
pleased you liked it. :-)

Do you see now why I have to hold onto my dreams, they are all I have? ♡

K9 said...

yes. very romantic. i need to learn from you. in my poetry the chiggers get the better of the lovers and then there is the poison oak in a most inconvenient place....grrrrrrherhahahah

its a lovely poem. and wildflowers are the best arent they? a few of mine have bloomed but next year will be better.

The Mess said...

Meadows are a nice place for love making..

You should bring a blanket although. The grass is rather sticky when rolling around :-)

foam said...

i see ole k9 is about as romantic as me ....
grrrrrrhahaha ..

dianne said...

Thank you and lol K9 dear, yes it is romantic, a very romantic place and I'm pleased you liked it.

You couldnt learn anything from me sweet girl mine is all fantasy, just thought it would be a lovely place to make love...naked in the sunshine amongst the flowers.

I guess 'chiggers' are some kind of insects, yes you would have to watch out for some insects here as well but luckily we dont have poison oak, though some of those grasses can be very prickly. :)

Wildflowers are the best especially those I have seen at Chickory, I'm pleased your flowers are in blossom...dont forget to photo them for your blog. ♡

dianne said...

Thanks M dear...

Yes that is just what I was thinking, a great place for love making and I guess a lot of grass would get flattened out but it would be so much fun...lots of room to move around, naked in the sunshine and amongst the flowers. :)

Now all I have to do is find someone to love me,I already have a blanket. ♡

dianne said...

Foamie my sweet friend I do believe that you are romantic in your own way, not the flowery fantasy way that I am in some of my writing, you dont have to pretend like me as I know you love Mr Foam.

Though if I did have someone real I would still be romantic, thats just how I am.

And K9 is right, I was just thinking with all of those flowers around there might be a problem with bees...ouch! :) ♡

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

nice poem, but i just LOVE the picture!!! Looks like a monet-painting!

dianne said...

Thanks dear Sarah Sofia , I'm pleased you liked the poem and yes it is a picture of a beautiful meadow and it would be lovely if painted by Monet.
You can paint it if you like. ♡

laughingwolf said...

all kinds of good stuff there, dianne :)

dianne said...

Thanks dear laughingwolf , pleased you liked the poem. ♡

Lee said...

Lovely sentiments.

dianne said...

Thanks Lee dear, its good to see you again. ♡

chickory said...

what i learn from you is sweetness. i have made love in a field. being really really in love helps. grherhahaha

grrherhaha to foamy

actually my wildflowers are producing much. but i think next year will be better. lots of perennials in there.

dianne said...

Thank you my dear friend chickory , I'm pleased to hear I contribute something nice...and yes that Foamy is a funny , sweet girl.

That is wonderful that you have made love in a field and I think that to make myself vulnerable like that and to open myself up emotionally to someone I would have to be very much in love and be sure that they loved me as well.

Wildflowers are lovely and we will have more here in Spring and Summer...looking forward to seeing yours next time they are in bloom.

I thought of you today and checked on my lenten rose, no flower yet and strangely my 'baby blue', purple and white agapanthus didnt flower this Summer for the first time in many years.
I used to have a garden bed filled with annuals and perennials where I lived before and seeing your marigolds has inspired me to maybe try again.
I am preparing a garden now for some white foxglove seedlings that I bought last month and some Japanese windflowers which are white with lovely yellow centres and stamens.
Flowers always make me happy. ♡

chickory said...

ive never seen windflowers! i meant to type above my wildflowers are NOT doing that much. but i hope it will be better next year.

well my days of field love are a time ago. perhaps i should give it a try and bring some surprise back to 17 years of marriage? i will have to ambush V in a clever scheme. a picnic?

it would be my luck that would be when "nephew" would pop over. grherhaha

(/t are you reading?)

boneman said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
/t. said...


me & nephew
will pop over together

¤ ¤ ¤


dianne said...

chickory dear, I will do a post on white flowers, then you can see the windflowers. ♡

I'm sure that V wouldnt need much coaching to go on a picnic with a beautiful girl like yourself... dont forget to take the picnic blanket. ;)
There are lots of ways of ambushing them and delighting them, spicing things up,just a little bit of imagination, yes I do remember I have a good memory. ♡

I have no idea of whom this 'nephew' is that you refer to and /t. as well?
One of those people who show up at the most inopportune moments? ♡

dianne said...

Now Boney dear was the encounter memorable for the girlfriend and the sex or for the rash that ensued?

You have to be careful with that cute pink tush of yours, grass is very harsh on soft skin and knees...always take a blanket... or a towel for moonlight swims at the beach, sand you know it can be very harsh as well and it gets into everything. ;-)
Be prepared!
Did you have your pick-up truck back then?
In the back would have been good as cars and cabins can be a bit cramped but its amazing what can be achieved if there is a need and in the heat of the moment. :-) ♡

dianne said...

So /t. dear, are you going to pop over to chickory's place with this 'nephew' guy and ruin her romantic picnic with V?

I hope not, there is nothing worse than guests turning up when one is having fun and making love. ♡

Anonymous said...

Oh so beautiful, sensual and romantic. Your description leaves little to imagine. As you read you begin to feel the warmth of the sun, smell the sweet scent of the grass and shiver at the gentle caress of the breeze upon your skin. Makes one want to drag someone into a meadow and get it on!!!!! Well written, so sentimental, definitely one of your best.

dianne said...

Thank you Anonymous , you keep popping into my must be my previous anonymous, the unknown one.
I'm so pleased that you were able to feel so much of this poem, yes it is sensual and romantic and with the right person, a person who would love me it would be a lovely way to spend some precious time. ♡

Leovi said...

Beautiful love poem, very evocative and emotional, and very tender ... Besos.

dianne said...

Thank you dear Leovi , yes one of my more romantic and tender poems; I am so pleased that you enjoyed it.
Besos xoxoxo ♡