Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Friends Award

My friend Sarah Sofia from 'Bed and Breakfast in Denmark' has kindly awarded all of her blogger friends and followers the 'Friends Award' and as I have been hoping for this award I am accepting it graciously and would like to pass it on to the people who mean so much to me...so here in no particular order are the deserving recipients who have welcomed me into their world of blogging and made my life so much more enjoyable...each of you have contributed something wonderful by way of your beautiful blogs and the lovely comments you have left for me...I can honestly say that I love all of you... ♥

Foamy...because you are a lovely girl and have been here for me from the very start, I appreciate your advice, your kindness to me, your friendship and support have never waivered...you encouraged me to start my blog and I have never regretted it...so lucky to have you for my friend.

Chickory/K9...you too are a lovely girl, my warrior and protector in times of need, you have supported me when I have really needed a friend and given me good advice...and invited me into your beautiful world of art and nature...again lucky to have you for my friend.

Lil Lambie...you too are a lovely girl, so sweet and innocent, you dont have much to say but what you do say means a lot to me and I'm pleased to call you my friend.

Anna-Lys... lovely girl, you are inspiring with your projects that you take on, I'm proud to call you my friend and my Celtic sister.

Sarah Sofia...I realise this is passing back an award but you are deserving, you are a lovely girl as well, I like your honesty and I'm pleased to count you amongst my friends.

Helene...another lovely girl with a beautiful smile and happy disposition, our world traveller and adventure girl, another person I am pleased to call friend.

Diane...another smiling face and lovely girl, a great Mom, thank you also for your support when it was needed, I am pleased to call you friend.

Corby...a beautiful talented girl, so sensitive and expressive, thank you for your inspirational poetry and prose, your art and for your understanding,I am pleased to count you amongst my friends.

Sparrow...a very caring and generous person, you do so much to help others, one of the first blogs that I visited and though you dont come here often when you do its nice to have your comments and call you friend.

Elaine...you too were one of my first blogging friends and remain so to this day, I thank you for your beautiful photography which you share and your kind words.

Boney...Oh Boney we have had our ups and downs but we always make up, you are one of the kindest, greatest guys I know and I count you amongst one of my special friends...thanks for all the support you have given me over these months and for your help with my blog...you too are another who encouraged me to start my blog and with your help I have...thanks.

/t. ...You are a great person and have made me feel very welcome in the blogosphere with your kind and humorous words and encouragement; and for some of the technical advice you have given me regarding links, thank you my friend.

Phossy...another person I'm proud to call friend, you have left such sweet comments at my blog, always made me feel welcome, I think you are really a very special guy.

Puggles...another good friend, supportive,I really enjoy your off beat, humorous comments and how sweet you have been to me ever since I started my blog, another really special guy.

M ...I dont know how you found me but I'm pleased that you did, you have some very fine qualities for a male, I love how you dont take things at face value, how you can see so much more and express your feelings, very pleased to call you my friend.

Lee...thank you for your wise words and support when I was at my lowest point last year, it was nice that you cared and gave me helpful advice...you are a good person and friend.

Glyn...thank you for your wonderful comments and inspiring words, you have certainly been a good friend to me, someone to talk to when I needed advice, you're a good guy and thanks for listening.

J Cosmo...we havent seen you lately so I do hope that you are well, thank you friend for all of the lovely comments you have made and your encouraging words.

Pete...thank you for your friendship, humour and words of encouragement, you are also a great guy.

Ruela...what a sweetie you are, thank you for your lovely comments and your friendship, you are a special guy.

laughingwolf ... you are my newest friend, thank you for visiting my blog and leaving your lovely comments, they are appreciated, you too are a lovely guy.

I am truly blessed to be in such wonderful company...and fortunate to have 'landed' where I did in the Blogosphere, with all of you...this may only be an award which has most likely been given to many, but to me the sentiment behind it is that of sincerity, true friendship and gratitude...I do hope I havent forgotten anyone...if so I apologise. ♥


Little Lamb said...

Thank you, Dianne. I really appreciate this. I'm going to post this and what you said about me.

Little Lamb said...

How can I put my award on my side bar like you did?

K9 said...

i accept this award! id like to thank Jesus, my mom, dad, various chickens and dogs, my car, and my imac. but mostly i thank you dianne for being the sweetheart you are. thank you so much. im going to put it on my mantle by a vase of white windflowers. xo

Diane said...

Lovely! Thank you so much... and I say all those nice things back to you!! xo

boneman said...
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dianne said...

You are most welcome Lil Lamb , I appreciate your comments.
If I am going to post an award on my sidebar, first of all save the award from here to your images...go to blog 'layout' select 'add a gadget' then selct 'add a picture', dowload the picture of the award from your images and add a caption if you like and save it...I hope this has helped. ♥

dianne said...

Lol K9 my dear, its not the Oscars, just one grateful friend recognising another and letting you know how much you are thought of...I would he honoured if you did that but any coloured flowers will do. ♡

dianne said...

Thank you Diane dear, your blog is always a pleasure to visit and thanks for commenting here. ♡

dianne said...
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foam said...

what happened to my comment? i know i left one.
anyway, as i was saying. this was really lovely and thoughtful of you to do, dianne. you are a good, kindhearted person and i've very much appreciated your presence here in this bloggy world of ours.
oh, and thank you so much too .. :)

Anonymous said...

are so kind
to share this with all of us

unworthy wretches tho we may be...

well, some of us...

thank you!


dianne said...

Foamy my dear friend you are very welcome, this is just a small way to let you know that you are thought of in a very special way...you have always been here for me and I appreciate your friendship and friendly comments. ♡

dianne said...

/t. dear, you are all deserving, no 'wretches' here, thanks so much for all of your great comments and friendship you have shown me. ♡

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Why Dianne, thank you very much. This is a lovely surprise. Life has been quiet for me of late. Perhaps I have the hibernation gene. ❦

Little Lamb said...

Yes, Dianne, that helped. Thank you for your help and thanks again for the reward. I feel honored. :-) ♥

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

this is so sweet of you, thank you Diane!

as for Berry-Boney: I always thought, you two should get married... and make those ups and downs official and legal! Ha!

anyway, good to see that you're still alive, Berry since I haven't heard from you for ages... your dog hasn't bitten off all your fingers?!

and I bet Phos will get all green in his face, when he sees this award! - that is of course, if he doesn't crash the fancy wings on his way home...

anyway, am gonna shut up now... a sweet lady like Diane hasn't deserved me brabbling here like that...

nice to hear that you've always hoped for this award, Diane! I like it when hopes and dreams come true... no matter how small... they still have a big effect and as a writer I naturally love happy endings...

loved K9's speach too - really funny!

laughingwolf said...

aw thx dianne... much appreciated :)

nice to know you, as well :D

Helene said...

Thanks Diannnnnnne. (sorry I left out that n before. I hate when people leave off the e on my name! lol)

You are very kind and I am happy to have made your list!! I am among many a wonderful blogmate here!!

I think in this forum, blogging either brings out the best or the worse in people. There are some who write from behind the shield and say things they would never otherwise have the nerve or sense to say, and others who reach out and touch people out of kindness and genuine caring. I have been fortunate in meeting and becoming friends with many of the latter category!

Thanks again for my award! It means a lot!

dianne said...

Lovely to see that you're alright dear J Cosmo , you deserved a rest afer all of those daily poems you had written...I just wanted to let you know that I had not forgotten you and all of the kindness you have shown me. ♡

dianne said...

Lamby dear, you are welcome, I see you have posted it on your blog, that's nice and I'm so pleased that you feel honoured, that was the whole idea to let you know how special you are to me. ♡

dianne said...

No dear Sarah Sofia you are the sweet one and yes with this award you have made a dream come true, it has made me very happy and now I can pass that happiness on to you and so many others who I care for.

As I said I love your honesty and you can say what you like here to me; you are very perceptive.

Lol, yes Boney/Berry and myself,the seemingly old married couple with their 'ups and downs' you would think he would make an honest woman of me... well one can live in hope but it would be a very long distance marriage... difficult to consumate I think, you would have to ask him about it...but one never knows.

I think Boney/Berry still has all of his fingers, you will have to take that up with him and Phos is back at home now and he has always been very nice to me so he gets an award as well.

Yes K9's speech was great, she's a very funny girl.

Thanks again dear friend. ♡

dianne said...

Aw dear laughingwolf you are most welcome and you are my newest friend. ♡

dianne said...

Helene dear, thanks I'm pleased that you are happy with your award, you are most welcome, I wanted to let my friends know how much they mean to me and how they have welcomed me into their world, just giving something nice back.

Yes we are very fortunate amongst our blogging group all lovely people and everyone gets along well;I might seem a bit 'flowery' and 'wordy' sometimes but with me what you see is what you get.

The name thing, it gets confusing with the 'Nnnnnn's, yes I have two, I am also called Dee and Diana which I like and sometimes helps. ♡

dianne said...

Sarah Sofia dear, I love happy endings too. ♡

Anonymous said...

"When you are deep in love..."

puerileuwaite said...

Thank you Dianne. Your friendship is both cherished and inspirational. For I am encouraged to go on and resume blogging.

Puglypaloosa officially kicks off today, in fact.

I would like to make one humble request, if I may. Is it possible to shed the losers that you opted to include alongside yours truly on your list?

If not, perhaps you can move me into a more exclusive "VERY VERY SPECIAL FRIENDS" category.


Ruela said...



It's an Oscar!?
If pigs could "fly" it's time for me have an Oscar.


Ruela said...

Thanks Dear Dianne, you're very special!

dianne said...

Anonymous ,
Its a great song, I listened to the song, I listened to the words...I dont know who you are...I dont know whether you were trying to be kind to me or not...I really dont understand you...

LEAVE by VV Brown

How does it feel like this
To be caught in a web of a heavy grip
Where you might want believe or try to admit
That the one that you love is a fool you don't realize
When will you finally wake up
And the love that you hold is a taste of bad luck
And all that you have is a bag full of lies
He's blinded you deep by the look in the pit of his eyes

And If I knew that this could be
A total catastrophe
I probably would have told you a little sooner so you wouldn't get hurt
If I could change this possibly
It would be how you want this to be

Cause it ain't over till it's all done
So let me finish my conversation
Yes I'm tryna get your attention
Cause your distracted by affection
Can't you see that it isn't true
What you thought you had and you knew
And I've been chosen to tell you
That you're stupid and you know you gotta do it LEAVE!

When you are deep in love
It is hard to see past all the dirt and the mud
You tell everyone that it's great and okay
When you know in your heart
That it hurts and it won't go away
Afraid to let go of the hand
That you held so tight when he said I'm your man
But his eyes seem to sway at the flick of a switch
And you are alone in the dark with a bruised broken heart

And If I knew that this could be
A total catastrophe
I properly would have told you a little sooner so you wouldn't get hurt
If I could change this possibly
It would be how you want this to be

Cause it ain't over till it's all done
Listen to my conversation
Yes I'm tryna get your attention
Cause your distracted by affection
Can't you see that it isn't true
What you thought you had and you knew
And I've been chosen to tell you
That you're stupid and you know you gotta do it LEAVE!

You know that I do get it right
The truest friend you can't deny
You know that I don't tell a lie
I know that you love him
It's clear that you put up a fight
To keep the love still in your life
But I must speak
The truth be told
Even thought I know you love him

Cause it ain't over till it's all done
Listen to my conversation
Yes I'm trying get your attention
Cause your distracted by his affection
Can't you see it isn't true
What you thought you had and you knew
And I've been chosen to tell you
That you're stupid and you know you gotta do it do it!
Say what?!
Cos you're stupid and you know you gotta do it LEAVE!

dianne said...

Puggles my sweet, all of my friends are very special to me, I guess you are in that 'very special' category because you are so darn cute.
I'm so pleased that my friendship is cherished and that I inspire you, I'm looking forward to your continued blogging because you are missed...I also look forward to Puglypaloosa. :) ♡

XOXO to you too...

dianne said...

Thank you dear Ruela you are really so sweet to me...its better than an Oscar as it comes with friendship, love and affection. ♡

Now your art deserves an Oscar! ♡

Sparrow said...

Thank you, Dianne! It is a lovely award. I am honored to be called your friend!

Anonymous said...

Hey Dianne

I'm honoured, especially as I seem to get so little time to respond to your lovely compliments and feedback on my imagery these days :-(( However, your output to others is one of the reasons why your friends value your on-line friendship so much, you are a very giving person without doubt! :-)) XX

dianne said...

Thank you dear Sparrow
I'm pleased that you are honoured with your award and that you are my friend, you do so much for others, this is just a little recognition of that and to thank you for the inspiration you give to us all. ♡

dianne said...

Thanks dear Glyn
I love coming to your blog, so much beauty there, your imagery is amazing and made even more so with your brilliant narrative which describes each photo and how it inspired you creatively and emotionally.
Yes you are an honoured friend, your friendly words and advice have helped me more than you could realise...
and as far as 'giving' well it never hurts to be kind and give someone a little recognition for whom they are, just like a smile can make someone's day. ♡

For some inspirational words and amazing photography you will find Glyn on my sidebar at 'Musings from the Anglesey Photo-Artist', so why not go over and take a look, you wont be disappointed.

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

Hi Diane, thanks for your sweet words! you're right Phos is back - and in one piece! And Berry surfaced as well... nice to hear that he is artisticly so active... he's a great artist, but it's often the artist who's the last one to find that out!!!

Happy endings... I have just posted a story without one or perhaps with one afterall, even though the guy didn't make it, but sometimes it just isn't worth it to hang on to the body:


It's tough reading, especially because it does actually have something to do with each and everyone of us, but I think it's something everyone should be aware of.

Anonymous said...

"Suppose I never ever met you"

Lee said...

You are a darling, Dianne, thank you! It's good to here you chirpy again.

dianne said...

You're welcome dear Sarah Sofia , sweet words for you and I enjoyed your latest post and photos.

Happy endings... I havent had a chance to look at the link you left but I will go take a look later.

Yes Phos has returned, he hasnt been over to collect his award yet and I'm pleased Boney/Berry has surfaced...I think he's busy with his painting and yes he is a great artist. ♡

dianne said...

Anonymous ,
Regina is a nice girl, it is a sweet song and a cute video, with a happy ending.

dianne said...

Thank you Lee dear, I'm pleased you liked the award and you are welcome... I always like to pass the happiness on to others. ♡

As I said to my friend Glyn up there in the comments it never hurts to be kind and give someone some recognition for whom they are, just like a smile can brighten someone's day and thats why I'm sharing this with all of you. ♡

ANNA-LYS said...

Thank You very much indeed, Dianne!
When I am back online by sun cell power I will try to create a golden heart 4 You!


dianne said...

You are welcome dear Anna-Lys , I'm pleased that you are happy with your award.
How are things on your beautiful island, I hope you are settling in and enjoying what must be an exciting experience...I'm sure you have made yourself a comfy little abode with the limited resources available there?
Look after that beautiful Scandinavian skin, dont forget your rosehip oil, I put mine on every night. :-D ♡

Pete Bogs said...

oh, I have so many people to thank!!! but mainly you, Dianne... I really appreciate this... nice hearing from you...

dianne said...

Thanks dear Pete I wouldn't leave you off my list of friends or forget your award you have been so nice to me right from the start and I appreciate that...nice to see you again... ♡

The Mess said...

You are such a kind and good hearted girl. I'm glad to have You as a friend.

Hmm.. think you found me first..

dianne said...

Thanks dear M you are most welcome and yes it lovely to have You as my friend...
I'm not sure who found who first but I seem to remember this good looking Swedish guy leaving a comment on my blog back in September last year and I thought gosh he's kinda cute.
Maybe you found me through Anna-Lys.
You were admiring a lovely sunlit painting I posted... then in my 'naked'pic outside the barn you made a remark about the size of one of my breasts and offered to warm them for me with your hands. :-) ♡

The Mess said...

I can do magic with my hands..

dianne said...

Yes M my dear, I'm sure you can... :) ♡

Corby said...


I am honored to be awarded! Thank you :-)


dianne said...

Corby dear

you are most welcome, I am so happy to count you amongst my friends, I love your sensitivity and how you express your feelings in your beautiful poems and prose...you not only paint with your art, you paint pictures with your words. ♡

-Dianne xo