Monday, July 12, 2010

I Was Lost For a While . . .

The path of promise
beckoned me
to wipe away my tears
and lose my sorrow
in the beauty
of the forest
The hush of the breeze
is a soothing song
as it gently moves
through the leaves
and stirs the grasses
from their slumber
As I wander on
I am transported
to another world
of verdant vines
and leafy bowers
I am warmed
and reassured
by the glow of the
sunshine upon myself
and the wild flowers
Their fragrance
surrounds me
with its sweetness
and the promise
of newly opened buds
delights me
I brush my hands
over flower
and leaf
Touch my hands
to my face
sweet fragrance dispersed
to my cheeks
Happy thoughts
stir within me
this place overwhelms me
Beauty untouched
Beauty unbound
at last I am found
and happiness
fills my heart
and rises up within me . . .

Poem by Dianne D ... ♥

Glorious image, 'Sunshine Through the Trees' with kind permission from my friend Des Boxall at
Picasaweb Albums from his 'Autumnal Sheffield' series, please enlarge the photo for a a more detailed view, you won't be disappointed.


puerileuwaite said...

Ah-choo! Pardon me! (The path of promise is playing havoc on my allegies.)



Anonymous said...

let us hope
this rising happiness
is not a temporary result from
inhalation of burning weeds on the path of promise

go forth now and enjoy!

× × ×


PS -- sorry, the pug gets me going every time -- your poem is lucid and engaging, dianne -- excellent


Lee said...

Figure out what you are doing...and keep doing it!

Happy thoughts from London.

foam said...

you are happy!
that brings a smile to my face .. :)

dianne said...

Oh poor sweet Pugsley , if you were going to follow me on the path of promise then you should have told me and I would have brought along an antihistamine for you, then you could have enjoyed the flowers and rolling in the grass. xoxo ♡

dianne said...

Thank you dear /t. lol, you are as irreverent as that Pug, he cannot help himself either. :)
I too hope this feeling of happiness lasts, it has nothing at all to do with inhaling smoke from burning weeds along the path of promise.
I think it was actually a temporary state of euphoria, it had something to do with a short film clip that I watched, I was inspired and the poem followed.
Thank you dear /t. for your complimentary appraisal of my heart-felt poem. xoxoxo ♡

dianne said...

Thank you dear Lee it is so nice to hear from you.
There are a few events in my life which have brought about this feeling of happiness,though I suspect the degree of happiness will only be temporary ... one is of acceptance and to value the things in my life which I do have.
I hope you are having a lovely time in London. xoxoxo ♡

dianne said...

Thank you dearest Foamy , yes at present I do feel happy, so I'm pleased that it has made you smile. :)
I have been unwell for the last two weeks and apart from missing certain people in my life I have been very sad and missing my Dad, thoughts and familiar things about him triggered a deep feeling of loss once more, but I have worked through this sadness and have once again come to terms with him being gone. xoxoxo ♡

foam said...

i certainly do understand that, dianne. i still grieve my mother plus the loss of a dear friend who passed away
in a deadly car wreck (not her fault) six weeks ago.

dianne said...

I knew you would understand dearest Foamy, the loss of your Mother is still recent, I was actually thinking about you and your Mother when I was feeling sad about my Dad and knew how you would still be grieving.
I thought I was fine as I do think of my Mother and Dad every day, but this was different, I couldn't shake this feeling of loss, it was as if Dad had just passed away again.
I looked after him for all of those years, his passing has left a void in my life,I was so busy and so used to having him with me I sometimes expect to see him or hear him speak, strange I know.
I guess it is like looking after a small child, you are always looking out for them and protecting them, it becomes second nature, then I realise that he is gone.
So sorry about your friend, it is a terrible thing to lose someone suddenly due to an accident or an illness.
That's why family and friendships are so very important and we should let people know that they are loved and valued so that if they are taken from us suddenly they knew that they were important to us and we loved them ... but some don't and when they lose a special person it is too late.
I know that does not apply to you Foamy or me, your mother and my parents knew that they were loved and treasured. xoxo ♡

Shweta Tiwari said...

Good to read your poem after a long time. Beautiful words
I'm happy to see you experiencing bliss.

take care

dianne said...

Schweta my sweet girl, it is so lovely to hear from you again and see your pretty face; I hope you are well?
Pleased that you enjoyed my poem, sadly my 'bliss'was short lived and is fading as the hours pass, not on a high of happiness any more, I've come back to earth and my happiness meter is sitting on 'normal'.
xoxoxoxo ♡

Anonymous said...

I may not know you diane,well I suppose I dont really know any of you over here,but I have to say something, that was a really nice poem,I felt that..thankyou neil

dianne said...

Thank you dear Neil , that was kind of you to compliment me on my poem, especially since I have read some of your beautiful poems.

You may not know me or any of my followers yet, but you will find that we are a friendly lot of people and you are welcome here any time you wish.
xoxoxo ♡

The Phosgene Kid said...

Nice shady tree to lie underneath whilst reading a good book. That is is if it ain't 'skeeter season...

dianne said...

Yes Phossy dear, it is a beautiful place and a lovely place to sit beneath a tree, relax and read a book, to lie on the grass and look at the sun shining through the leaf canopy, perhaps a romantic picnic with the one you love ... there are many possibilities.
xoxox ♡

This photo was taken in Endcliffe Woods, Sheffield, UK, I really don't know if they have mosquitoes in the UK.

Leovi said...

Beautiful poem about hope and illusion. As they say in Spain: "Hope is the last thing you lose." Greetings from La Mancha, Spain.

dianne said...

Thank you dear Leovi , I am pleased that you liked my poem.
That is a good saying, yes we must never lose hope, for without it there is nothing.

Saludos. xoxoxo ♡