Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sibylla - Kingdom of Heaven

Can you feel and hear the delicate beauty in this music?


puerileuwaite said...

It's way better than the Judas Priest version.

Anonymous said...


i can feel
and hear the delicate beauty
in this music -- what do i win?!?

¤ ¤ ¤


..................... said...

the music .. indeed .. it's very lovely ..

but as far as the visuas gol that accompany the music ..
i'm glad i don't have to wear all that junk on my head and face ..

Pete Bogs said...

I saw this flick... not bad... they had a lot of Muslims upset that they might be portrayed badly... they were happy with the result... was that Eva Green in the movie? man, she was hot! I am having un-Islamic thoughts... 8-)

music by Vangelis? maybe I am thinking of Alexander... ttfn!

boneman said...

a hush falls over the crowd...
boneman steps up to the board
(and folks, sometimes he is very boring...)
but this is for the gold.
His hand raises...
he's lifting...
OH What a fabulous, four point deletion!
Yes! Boneman has over-reacted and deleted all four of his blogs in one swift afternoon!

Too bad there’s not a gold medal to hand him, though, as there is no over-reacting event at the olympics.
Instead we have a gold colored glass. Won't he love showing that off?

Oh, how sad.
And yet, not at all, because one blog is neater, swifter, and takes almost no time to deal with.

I say 'almost' because, well, you definitely have to watch where you step when there's gators hanging about.

I will write ten thousand more of these before my brain even sees a naked woman. And that's a good thing.
Because words like this will bring more smiles to more faces than the other.
If you can live with that, and remember whose blog it is, you are welcome to visit.

dianne said...

Puggles my sweet I haven't heard the Judas Priest version, maybe you could hum it for me. :) <3

/t.if you were able to feel & hear the delicate beauty in this music then you have won the prize already - having the ability to recognise and appreciate the beauty & subtle nuances in life is a reward in itself. :) <3

Foamie I'm with you on that one, the music and images were lovely
but I wouldn't like to wear all of that headgear & make-up, especially if it was in the desert, might keep out the sand but would be very hot. I just wear sunscreen myself, a little subtle eyeliner & lip gloss, sometimes a natural lip colour, like to keep it light. :) xoxox

Pete it is one of my very favourite movies, yes I think they handled it well considering the ongoing holy wars in the Middle East. I maybe a girl but I can still appreciate beauty & Eva Green is gorgeous, yes I can imagine any healthy male having some fantasies about her. The music is written by Harry Gregson Williams. :) <3

dianne said...

Oh Boney, I thought that we were friends. Again I was merely posting a comment like many other readers, you didn't have to lose your temper and fly off the handle & delete four perfectly good Blogs. I never forgot it was your Blog, how could I, you have had a go at me before. What happened to the great fire of humanity & you're welcome to join in as a participant? Is the invitation conditional for me? Is this some kind of apology for hurting me or are you rubbing a little more salt into my wounds as I noticed your new blog is called Get Your Own Blog
and your new URL starts with 'pissoffdianne', do I really deserve that? I'm sorry if I have hurt you in some way, I posted these 'Kingdom of Heaven' items as a peace offering as I know you love the movie and I remember the oaths we swore on how to live life and treat people decently? xoxoxo

Anonymous said...


of course
you are right!

<3 <3 <3


dianne said...

Thanks /t. If you enjoyed that then my latest post 'Hope' I think you will find very moving.
<3 <3 <3