Monday, August 11, 2008

For a Celtic Knight


Anonymous said...


you've been
holding out on us!

i love your new blog, and now that you have one, i'll get you linked at mo'po (and thanks for your link here) -- and of course we all love them cool celtic nights ;)

¤ ¤ ¤


ps -- if you're not allowing anonymous comments, you probably don't need word verification

boneman said...

If we get to vote, turn off the verification.

It isn't any big deal unless you get fifteen-twenty spams a day, which isn't very likely right off.

Well, unless you give your blog address out on the little (win something by filling this in) questionaires at the grocery and such.

Oh shoot.
See? I forgot why I came was something to say, but...oh well. s'gone now.
(like my mind)

foam said...

that ole loreena does have quite the voice...

oh goody ...
after the 3rd attempt my bifocally middlesaged eyes got the word verification right.

Anonymous said...

Hi all thanks for your input,I have removed the word verification, or hope I have. I'm having problems replying to your comments for some reason but I'll try and figure that out. :) <3
Sorry about your eyes Foamie,Boney I think its gone and /t. those celtic knights can be very cool. ;)

dianne said...

Actually /t. those knights can be very cold - it must be all that armour they wear! :) <3


puerileuwaite said...

Knights would have performed poorly in the Olympics, except maybe for jousting events.