Saturday, August 30, 2008

Salvador Dali

A little surprise for my friend /t. - The famous surrealist painter Salvador Dali takes a break from painting to relax and play with nature. I wonder, is there any hidden symbolism here in this photo?


foam said...

i perhaps see some similarities between the /two..
dali is almost as old as dirt in this photo..
..and so is /t. ..

okay, okay ..
so, i'm not far behind ..

ps: i see you got yourself some tunes, dianne lady..
very pretty!

dianne said...

Lol Foamie, 'as old as dirt',Haha, well I guess he is getting on in years in this photo, looks a bit seedy doesn't he...maybe its the lifestyle.
I just thought /t. might appreciate it.
Yes we are all getting older. :)

Glad you liked my tune, I think its very pretty too, just couldn't place it where I wanted it on my Blog, doesn't matter. :) xoxox

boneman said...

Many times he worked on this photo.
Held the flower up, the cameraman would measure the light, but, by the time the camera clicked the picture, half the seeds had poofed away.
Start over, same movemantys, on and on and on, always the same outcome (it was a windy day) and no amount of having helpers hold sheets to safeguard him did it stop the wind.
Finally, he stated mater-of-factly, "this next take we will publish, no matter what it appears to be!"

Resolute. He is showing a form of resolutness.

He has scattered his seed and it went where it did.

He had his ears pierced for the flowers in his ear.

His secret lover of seventeen years has just died. And he mourns thusly.

Five guesses at symbolism.

dianne said...

Boney, five great guesses at symbolism, amazing what you can perceive from a photo or picture! :)

Anonymous said...


wonderful pic
i've not seen before

also, i love boneman's guesses


puerileuwaite said...

Hello Dali. So we meet again.

Dan said...

This is probably one of the photos taken by Robert Desharnes. Desharnes is said to have thousands of original photographs of Salvador Dali, many of which are easy to find in various published books also written by Desharnes.