Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Some More Renoir

Summer Garden

Springtime in Chatou

Country Footpath in Summer 1874

Landscape outside Cagnes

Picking Flowers

Impressionist Landscapes

Pierre - Auguste Renoir 1841 - 1919


Dave King said...

Lovely. Post as much of that as you like!

K9 said...

i like number 3 the best. all are lovely. a visit to your blog is a day in the country. how nice!

dianne said...

Thanks Dave they are lovely, wait until you see what I have coming up in the next week or so, some really great art. ♥

dianne said...

Thanks dear K9 , I like numder 1 and 3 the best, though as you say they are all lovely.

I have some great art coming up.

Yes a day in the country, walking on the soft meadow grass, looking at beautiful trees, shrubs and flowers...nature abounds...thats how I want you all to feel when you visit here. ♥

Anonymous said...

              you can
            never go
          far wrong
        with renoir

    ¤ ¤ ¤


foam said...

nothing that a good weedwacker wouldn't take care of ..


dianne said...

How true dear /t. , so many beautiful paintings and vistas to enjoy.

I have some very special art coming up soon. ♥

dianne said...

No dear Foamie , no weedwackers allowed here, I love that wild, untamed look.

Just imagine how lovely it would be to take in the country air, the fragrance of the meadows and to walk past those drifts of beautiful flowers. ♥

boneman said...
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dianne said...

Yes Boney dear, many weeds and grasses have a wonderful scent.

There are a few around here that are lovely but I dont know the names, they're not weeds to me just part of my garden.

I know what you mean about that Christmassy smell, the fragrance of the pine needles when we had a tree, fruit cakes and puddings cooking, nutmeg and cinnamon.
I always had candles on the table with a handmade base like a wreath of gumnuts and other bush foliage tied up with plaid ribbons or raffia to make it look more like a winter celebration.
I like the fragrance of my magnolia only because its very subtle, its a hybrid, some of the native frangipani and boronia which grow around here are lovely.

I'm not keen on the fragrance of cocoanut either,I like cocoanut milk for Thai cooking, but we are all different, it would be no fun if we were all the same.

I know you're a good person Boney,why do you think I admire you so much... yes a little different at times but that is part of what makes you who you are.
Your Ma was right to like you, I can understand why and what she said about you being a 'good catch' was right as well. ♡

Nina said...

I miss you, Mom!!!!!

dianne said...

Nina my little princess I miss you too, I will see you on Friday. ♥

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

very, very beuatifull!!!
I also love renoir and the south of france!
have a look here:
greetings from denmark, sarah sofia

dianne said...

Thank you Sarah for popping over to see my blog, I'm so pleased you like the paintings, yes Renoir and some of the other Impressionists are hard to beat, especially their landscapes.
I have been to your blog, what a beautiful place where you live and have your B&B and I love the yellow ochre rendering on your gallery walls, yellow is my fabourite colour then green, a close second. ♥

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

thanks Diane, I just saw your comment, after having written a very long blog-post on another subject on one of my other blogs:
If you do have the time, it might be worth reading. It's important to me to warn other people so they aren't just as stupid as I was and fall into the same trap!
love, and thanks for your visit and the lovely comment!
You might wanna stroll down further on the blog some time, there are mopre pictures and explainations on the gallery. it's our old gallery, we are currently renovating our new one, which hoepfully will open by the end of the year...

love and greetings from denmark, sarah sofia

Leovi said...

Magnificent Renoir, I've only seen three of his paintings in original, but the visiting daily for several days until I got various detail by detail. kisses.

dianne said...

Yes dear Leovi his paintings are amazing, I was fortunate enough to see an exhibition of his paintings when they were shown here at the Art Gallery of New South Wales in Sydney, quite a few years ago. It was so lovely to see the real paintings, the colours were so vibrant!

xoxoxo ♡