Saturday, March 28, 2009

My Saturday

She had to tell him how she felt
For he would never know
But in doing so she sealed her fate
Oh why was this so?
For what is wrong with honesty
And letting truth be known?
Well she wasnt who he wanted
And now she is alone...

Just in case I havent mentioned it before my computer died a couple of months ago, so my youngest son 'the computer whizz kid' as I sometimes call him backed up all of the 'stuff' on my hard drive and set me up with his laptop as he knows how much I love blogging and talking to all of you...well blogging is fun for me and fills in some of the hours of my leisure time.

I have a new computer now which he bought me last week (good kid) and somehow when my tower caught on fire I now find that I have lost quite a few documents and sadly some pictures and photos.

Yes we all say we must transfer irreplaceable photos and such onto a CD but I didnt, now they are lost forever, so you guys make sure that you dont make the same mistake that I have.

I have been searching through my images and documents in a frenzy looking to see if they have turned up somwhere else, who knows what happens with these computers, sometimes I think they have a mind of their own...well they do have a memory. No luck they have gone but during my search I found some documents that I had forgotten about and some poems half written and the one above which I have published, nothing great but it was relevant at the time, please dont feel sad for me I'm fine.

Today has has been a mixed bag of happenings, had some e-mails from some lovely friends, another close friend sent me some pics of flowers that he grows. He has just retired from the business world in the city which is more like a jungle in which you try to survive and has moved north to a tropical rain forest area in NSW, his sanctuary, something he has been working towards for many years. He now grows these particular plants both as a hobby and commercially, I wished him well and hope he gets great enjoyment from his new venture. He has invited me and the boys to come up for a holiday as he says it is beautiful there and we would enjoy it, we might take him up on his offer.

Went to the shops and did some shopping for food and such this afternoon, came home and found a driveway blocked with cars, one of my sons friends had bought his car around so that Andrew could fix the CD stacker in his car, very clever child I have. Foamie you have all of this to look forward to in the future, boys and their cars. Anway as I was loaded up with shopping his friend helped me carry the bags up the driveway and into the house. With the car blocking my way I had to squeeze past sideways to get through the space and dammit caught my favourite blouse on a nail protruding from the gate and tore a great hole in it, very disappointing, I know ,something small in comparison with world events but its hard to replace a favourite blouse. :(

I also met up with my former neighbour from years back, we bump into each other at the shops from time to time, we had a lovely chat about our respective families and our children and she was very proud to tell me that she had become a Nanna for the fifth time, it was lovely to see her.

I have felt much happier today ,not quite so sad about my Dad passing away getting used to the idea that he is gone, I know it will take a long time, there are so many things that trigger my memory but I know he is better off and no longer suffering.

I hope you all have a lovely week end as your Saturday is just beginning, mine is almost over. I hope I have something more excitimg to write about next time; think I might take myself to the plant nursey tomorrow, one of my favourite places, I'm sure to come home with something lovely to add to my garden. ♥


foam said...

you always write lovely poetry, dianne ..
i'm sorry about you loosing many of your files on your computer. i do have an external hard drive which also backs up my things that i save on the computer. but you are right ..
we could loose everything really easily. it does take awhile to get used to folks being dead. i usually deal with it by putting them somewhere else ..
for example, my brother who passed away in 95 is just somewhere else ..
one of these days, i'll take the time to go visit him again and my father too .. :)

i hope you find some lovely plants for your garden. i've been eyeing our neighborhood greenhouse myself which has been open again for a few weeks now ..

oh, btw .. my oldest is 17 1/2 and is driving my old jalopy. at times our driveway is full with the old jalopies of his buddies .. :)

Anonymous said...

Ha No! I liked your post today, full of positivity, humour, anecdotes and relevant observations - a very GOOD post! :-) X

The Phosgene Kid said...

Wow. I work on computers and have seen a lot of mishaps, but never a fire. Maybe you should stay away from them? ad you lost all that data, I know how it can be. Sometimes trying to find stuff you know you have can be a chore, my drive tends to be like an old attic, lots of stuff int here, but who knows what?

Hope you have a nice rest of the weekend!!

chickory said...

you should definitely go up to that rain forest for a "holiday". take lots of photos and srite more of your lovely poetry. enjoyed this stuff of life post very much. xo

boneman said...
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Little Lamb said...

Pretty flower.

It's always handy to have someone in your life who knows more about computers than you do.

dianne said...

Yes Foamie dear my Dad is somewhere else and yet he is close by as well, that is comfrting.
I'm so sorry you lost your brother, I had no idea he had died, he is the young fellow in the photo with you with the skis I guess. ♡

Havent got to the garden centre yet, too much to do here, maybe I will get there later.

So you know all about the cars, I swear my son has rebuilt about three cars and made them roadworthy, I'm not too keen on my carport being taken over though.

Yes my house is often filled with friends of my sons, its nice to have them here, they are a lovely bunch of young guys and girls. ♡

dianne said...

Thank you Glyn dear I'm pleased you liked my post, my happiness was due in part to your positive vibes yesterday and seeing that beautiful comment you left for your wife, what a great person you are. ♡

dianne said...

Yes Phossy dear these computers can do the strangest things at times, I'm convinced my photos are still there somwhere...its a complete folder and some documents.

I was lucky to be home when it caught on fire, heard a bang and could smell that awful electrical burning smell, the curtain had got stuck near the CPU fan and it overheated, gosh I was fortunate I didnt have a big fire.

Thanks, I hope you have a lovely weekend as well. ♡

dianne said...

Thanks chickory girl, I'm pleased you enjoyed my post, I thought I would write something for a change.

It would be lovely to spend some time up there, a very pretty part of New South Wales, I'm sure Matthew would love it too.

This guy is like a brother to me so it would be OK, there wouldnt be any hidden surprises if you know what I mean. :)

dianne said...

Oh Boney thats terrible, how could they lose your Dad like that.

I went to the morgue the next day to say a final farewell to my Dad it was very sad he looked so different from when he had just died, he looked so lifeless and I cradled him in my arms and kissed his forehead, sobbed and covered him with tears...couldnt let go.

The funeral home asked if I wanted an open casket and I said no as I've seen what they do to some people just like they did to your Dad...too much makeup, some just look ridiculous and undignified.

But hey I can see your point of view and its a nice story...a comedy of errors wouldnt you say?
Robin Williams would definitely approve, so would Dave Allen.

I guess your Dad had a smile on his face so that was good and it obviously made the sadness and gravity of the loss more bearable for you and your Ma and the other relatives as well.

The wake must have been lively and your Dad has left you with one final memory, that of laughter. ♡

dianne said...

Thanks Lambie dear it is a pretty rose...nice to see you over here. ♡

Yes its great to have a computer expert in the family, I dont know what I would do without his help. ♡

chickory said...

maybe, maybe not. you might encounter a romantic rain forest pygmy or a lost spaceman or lenny kravitz.

dianne said...

Lol Chickory dear,
at almost 5'8" a pygmy just wont do,
nor a lost spaceman amd though cute not even Lenny. ♡

Lee said...

A bit late on the scene, but it was a good weekend.

dianne said...

Thanks Lee dear, it was a better weekend, I guess it all depends on trying to be positive and I had a little help from some friends. ♡

Diane said...


I LOVE the photo and the poem (I went through something similar not terribly long ago :(.

To answer your question RE my Sunday post, no, I'm not a photographer or a journalist :). The Republican is a forensic photographer, though, and that's why we went 'shooting' at Monticello. It's the home of our Thomas Jefferson, and one of the most famous/historic places in Virginia :) It's lovely, really, and, I think, the only (previously) private residence in the US given 'World Heritage' designation. I'll have to post one of my photos, though they're not nearly as good as the Republican's :).

All that being said, restaurant reviewing does sound like fun, though I'm not terribly discriminating about what I eat, so I might not be so good at it ;)


dianne said...

Diane thanks for stopping by, pleased that you liked my photo and poem; that was one I wrote last year...the story of my life I'm afraid. :)

Well, your Republican is a forensic photographer,crime scenes and all of that, interesting but probably sometimes not very nice.

Sorry I didnt know that Monticello was the home of Thomas Jefferson, dont know why I thought it was a restaurant...too much on my mind lately maybe.
Yes I would love to see a photo,I love old historic houses and their gardens. I have most likely seen it as I watch a lot of documentaries on American history, but dont test me on anything,OK.:) Your career sounds interesting too if you get to go to great places like that.

Yes restaurant reviewing would be fun I guess but like yourself there are many foods I wont eat, so there goes my chances, however journalism would be very interesting.

Dianne xo ♡

Helene (the Artist Formerly Known as Kate) said...

You make such a good point about backing up your files... I really should, but dont. I have lost many photos because of computer crashes... I try not to think about it honestly, as it makes me sick to my stomach to do so...

I am sorry you are missing your Dad so... It does get duller as time passes, not easier per say, but duller...

Have a great week.

dianne said...

Thanks Helene my dear, I do miss him and I think of him often, no phone calls from him, not in his favourite chair when I go there now, all the things you have grown to expect...but he is gone.
He has been there all of my life, I just have to let him go and keep the memories. ♡

Yes I felt ill myself when I noticed that some photos were missing, some which are irreplaceable, I couldnt or wouldnt believe they were gone and searched everywhere in my documents,pics etc but I have lost them and nothing will bring them back...

You have a great week as well. ♡

Leovi said...

Beautiful colors, pure delicacy, a deliciously exquisite beauty. Excellent texture of these majestic flowers. A hug

dianne said...

Thank you dear Leovi , yes it is a beautiful rose, a delicate beauty, its name is 'English Cream'.

A hug for you too. :)

xoxoxo ♡