Thursday, March 5, 2009

Softly into the night...

So softly into the night I go
like the light fades into darkness
Along with it I take my dreams
and any hopes of happiness

For I know I will never hear from you
never hear your voice again
It breaks my heart to think
that this is how it ends

I look up into a starless sky

a sky that we once shared
A time when I felt loved and wanted
when I thought that you cared

A time when all seemed bright and new
sweet moments that we shared
But they are gone and so are you
since you took your love away

So I look to the sky through misty eyes
wondering where you are
Maybe I can catch a glimpse
of one wishing star

I look at the moon shining bright
it seems so far away
I wonder if you have seen it too
as your night turns into day

Maybe we were watching
from our own parts of this sphere
And as I watched I thought of you
and wished that you were here

So when next you look upon the moon
when it lingers in your sky
When you look into the darkness
Can you sometimes think of me...

Poem by Dianne


/t. said...


good work, dianne

has a most wistful feeling

¤ ¤ ¤


Little Lamb said...

That is a very pretty picture.

foam said...

yearning wistfulness ..
when next i look upon the moon i will no doubt think about this poem ..
and you ..

Photo Glyn said...

LOL! You know, maybe the break up is actually the best thing that's happened to you Dianne, it has provided a huge wealth of inspiration for you, and the results are good! I also like the softest of images, no pretension, just simple observation, nice!


Glennis said...

Lovely gentle words, these will linger in the back of my mind, we all have those whom have left us in their wake, or that we have.

dianne said...

First of all my friends I would like to apologise for taking so long to reply to your comments, I did have a quick look earlier today but did not have the time to answer.

It has been quite a day, actually the last couple of weeks have been regrettable in many ways but that's life I guess...or my life.

I took my son Matthew for his follow up visit to the neurologist today after having the MRI on the 3rd February; I cant believe it has been over a month.

No encounters with famous people today or any pretty art....just bad news, more lesions found, so his future is looking very doubtful I'm afraid so we just go on day by day. I am not going to speak of this again as I didn't want to turn this blog into a personal journal but I have done that just lately. I apologise for having done that.

dianne said...

Than you dear /t.
pleased that you liked the poem. ♡

By 'wistful' do you mean full of wishful yearning or pensively sad ?

Well I am sad and disappointed but I no longer wish for anything from him , it would be pointless.

dianne said...

Thank you dearest Foamie
I'm pleased you liked my poem,
but no wistful yearning for things I cannot have, I am past that now, just sadness and disappointment.

So if you do look at the moon and think of this poem and of me...just forget about all of the sad events which have brought me to the point of writing it, surely they would spoil the moment. ♡

dianne said...

Well Glyn dear, I'm pleased that you could find some humour in all of this, it is kind of funny in a tragic way. :-)

Yes it has provided a wealth of inspiration for my poetry which you have said, and I am pleased that you liked my efforts... but I could think of and hope for happier times to inspire my poems.

You see they aren't just poems they are my feelings and thoughts expressed in words, you should see the others that I couldn't publish for they reveal all of the hurt, anguish and betrayal that I feel.

This man is not a bad person and he is not entirely at fault but he is unforgiving and showed me no loyalty, I wanted what he couldn't give and he didn't want what I had to offer so I will say no more and speak of him no more.

I'm pleased you liked the image, it was simple and the softness of the sky seemed right for the sentiment of the poem. ♡

dianne said...

Thank you Glennis for your kind words and welcome to my little blog...I wonder how you found me?

I'm pleased that my poem touched you, yes most of us have felt the cold chill and hurt of rejection but I must say that in my few encounters with those who have loved me most have remained friends. ♡

dianne said...

Lil Lambie dear, yes it is a nice picture, I'm pleased that you liked it. ♡

foam said...

dianne ..
you don't have to apologize for how your blog is at all ..
and really ..
it is your blog ..
write what you want.

let me add that i'm truly sorry to hear about your son matthew ..

dianne said...

Thank you dearest Foamie . ♡

Corby said...

Always remember you have yourself Diane, and you will get through this although it may feel like you will not. You are too wonderful to fade.


dianne said...

Thank you for your kind words dearest Corby , I don't know what to think any more, though exasperation does come to mind... you know what hurt can do, I feel like a shadow of who I once was. ♡

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Wistful seems to be the word du jour.

dianne said...

Well then j cosmo 'wistful' it is...
Thank you for stopping by dear friend. ♡

puerileuwaite said...

I try to pick out an obscure object in the sky. That way I can avoid it later on.

dianne said...

Puggles my sweet,why would you want to avoid any beautiful star or obscure object in the sky, they are all worth seeing? ♡