Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Another Look at Vincent van Gogh

View of Arles with Irises

Flowering Garden


Wild Roses

Undergrowth with Two Figures 1890

Landscape with House and Ploughman



Cafe le Soir

Les Vessenots 1890

Harvest in Provence

Wheatfield with Cyprus

The Yellow House

These are just a few of my favourite paintings by artist Vincent van Gogh, I wanted to share these with you; I could not possibly post all of his works here that I truly admire.
He was a prolific painter, he showed us in a very unique way how he saw his surroundings, some very beautiful and some showed a darker side of his nature. Sadly in his lifetime his paintings did not get the recognition they deserved. Please take the time to really look at his works, you will see the diversity of his subject matter, from portraits, though I have none here, still life to landscapes, the extraordinary beauty of his colour palette and the changes in his style over his rather short and troubled life.

Vincent van Gogh 1853 - 1890


boneman said...

good news/bad news

Most of us will never be able to afford to just fly over and see the Amsterdam Museum, where most of his paintings still hang together.
If a person can get to a nearby large city, they might be able to see maybe as many as four paintings.
That's the good news.
The bad news is, no amount of four color process or digital photography will ever reveal the true painting.

Anonymous said...

staggering beauty
an amazing life story

the irving stone book, "lust for life" is highly recommended to all interested to know more about this artist

thanks, dianne -- you gotta love the painters!

¤ ¤ ¤


foam said...

love this artist !!

Little Lamb said...

A very talented artist.

dianne said...

You are so right there Boney, most of us will never get to see the original works in the Amsterdam Museum but if I ever have enough money I will take know so much about art, so we can enjoy them keep that in mind. ♡

I was fortunate enough to see the Renoir exhibition at the Art Gallery of N.S.W when it was here,there were 20 of his works.
No photo on the internet or in a magazine can ever capture the true beauty of the painting and its colours. ♡

dianne said...

Yes /t. dear truly amazing art, this is only a small sample of van Gogh's works, I love the colours and you can see how his style of painting changes throughout his troubled life, probably depending how he was feeling at the time. ♡

dianne said...

Yes Foamie dear I love his art and you have seen his works in Amsterdam, they must be so beautiful to see in person.

I don't think many are aware of the diversity of the man, most just identify him with 'sunflowers' and 'irises' and as I have shown here, van Gogh was so much more. ♡

I have many favourite artists from the Impressionist and post Impressionist movement and I hope to feature them here in future posts. ♡

dianne said...

Lambie dear, yes he was a most talented artist, I hope you have enjoyed seeing these paintings; I love his use of colour and texture. ♡

K9 said...

yeah -skip the movie lust for life starring kirk douglas. oy vey! grherhahaha

if you ever get a chance to locate and look at the landscapes of gustav klimt you should of course the elaborate kisses with the golden fabric are well know but the landscapes are insanely good. check it out.

theres one in the library at the U where i went to school - i checked that book out like 15 times. i was tempted to steal it claim i lost it and just pay for it s (its out of print) but i just couldnt.

anyway, all the VVG's are divine.

boneman said...

well, it looks that you're not mad at me.

/t probably meant Vincent right off, but, I was having a poke at him...

dianne said...

Yes my dear K9, I love the landscapes of Gustav Klimt, they are so beautiful, I am really a landscape kind of girl because I just love grasses, trees, flowers nature in all of its many colours.
The famous 'Kiss' is beautiful with its golden fabric but I think the man looks brutish when she is so delicate in contrast,maybe that is the point... that's the only part of the painting I don't like. ♡

I know what you mean about art books, I have coveted a few in my time but have never stolen any...thank goodness for the internet.
Though when I saw the Renoir exhibition there was a glorious painting of beautiful greens, it was titled 'into the forest' but nothing I have found on the Net does it justice.
I have a book somewhere I will have to scan the picture and post it. ♡
I,m pleased you enjoyed the VVG's. ♡

dianne said...

Boney dear I'm not mad at you, if I have only one endearing quality and I have many then 'forgiveness' is one of hurt me but I guess you had your reasons, no reason why we cant be friends... I have left a message for you at your blog. ♡

Lee said...

Quite a phenomenal talent.

Lob said...

Nice arts left a special feeling in my heart...

dianne said...

Thanks for your comment dear Lee , I didn't realise you had visited until now.
Yes a very talented artist, such a diversity of subjects and beautiful colours. ♡

dianne said...

Glad you liked the paintings 'Lovebird Lob', they are very beautiful...close to my heart too. ♡

The Mess said...

I like "Cafe le soir" feels almost like you are sitting there, stars in the ceiling and the temperature is warm, someone that gets your eyes at the coffe table and gives you warmth in the heart..

dianne said...

You are such a romantic dear M
Yes it would be lovely sitting there on a warm Summer's eve, under that sky filled with beautiful stars...
sitting there with someone you loved. ♡

The Mess said...

Rather fun that in the last episode of Dr Who they met Vincent at Cafe le Soir.

dianne said...

Yet another Dr Who fan!
What do you think of the new doctor, Matt Smith? He is OK but I am still getting used to him, I really liked David Tennant, I also think that actor John Simm would have made a good doctor instead of being the Master.
I believe that the Master and Dr Who are brothers or at least related, that is just my theory.
Haven't seen him meet Vincent at Cafe le Soir yet, that is next week's episode.
Good to hear from you after such a long time, hope you are OK M dear. xoxoxo ♡

The Mess said...

It all comes from eldest daughter who found him for some reason a couple of years ago when they restarted the series, he is not broadcast in Swedish telly.. She finds the episodes on internet, only minutes since they have been live in England. And yes, I've come to be a fan myself :-)

Daughter have in fact traced and saved every episode that still remains from when the series started in 1964, and also those that are erased and only remains as audio tapes.. from first and second Doctor.

Many "youngsters" have certainly some sort of relation to this series and can recall many prior Doctors. My favourite is in some way Peter Davison the fifth Doctor, who was a very lookalike to me in "All creatures Great and Small" ;-)

This newest Matt Smith is perhaps a bit young.. and the script is a bit for those under fifteen (aren't we all?) but he sure has a very good-looking companion..

Daughter thinks Delgado as master is a the real one,. and yes, they could be brothers, one evil and one good..

In last episode when they compare Vincents picture to the real Cafe, I directly remembered that you had that picture in your blog :-)

dianne said...

My eldest son Matthew is an absolute fan of Dr Who too, like your daughter he has downloaded every episode and has all of the episodes that still exist, a lot were destroyed as the BBC didn't think it was worthwhile archiving a weekly series ... how wrong they were.

You do tend to get caught up in the series and I am a fan but I am not as addicted to the series as some people are, I do watch it if I'm not busy.

Yes Matthew would agree that Amy Pond is a very attractive companion for the Dr.

I liked Christopher Eccleston and was sad to see him leave, then came David Tennant whom I thought was a great actor.
Yes Matt Smith is young but we will come to love him as well and we are all still young at heart.

I just loved Peter Davison as the doctor and he was great in "All Creatures Great and Small", that was a great series too.
He is or was really cute and I am very fond of blonde haired, blue eyed males, so you must have the young women chasing after you. ;-)

Yes I think the Master and the Doctor are either brothers or related, as you say the evil and the good.
I haven't seen the episode with Vincent yet, I actually missed it but I can catch up with it on my son's computer.
Funny that you should remember me posting that painting of Cafe le Soir after all of this time but it is a lovely painting.

I will be doing another post on Vincent van Gogh in the future.
I hope you are well and have recovered from your accident, take care dear M. xoxo ♡

Leovi said...

Vincent van Gogh is my favorite and the first painter who made ​​me love the colors. It really was the one who discovered the concept of modern color. It is a unique artist and a genius. I poured a tribute to one of my works:

dianne said...

Thank you dear Leovi , yes van Gogh was a genius, I love his colours, they are so vivid and bright, not dull and lifeless like some other artists and his subject matter is so versatile.
Thank you for the link to your homage to this wonderful artist, it is truly beautiful and your colours are amazing too...I left a comment there for you...

Besos xoxoxo ♡