Friday, August 14, 2009

"What Goes Around - Comes Around"

One of my favourite video songs by Justin Timberlake...I was going to post his version of the song but unfortunately embedding has been disabled but this little gal, Esmee Denters does a really good rendition of the song from a girls' perspective...and it's true..."What goes around, goes around, goes around, comes all the way back around"... ♥

Here is a link to the Justin Timberlake song, which is quite a spectacular music video, it has had over 23million views but I think it should come with a PGR warning... enjoy... ♥


Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...


just got back from germany as well as sweden and still don't seem to be able to settle down... still sooo much that I don't seem to be able to attend to... but you know what? I saw a doctor the other day re cardiological matters. He's done EDTA for more than 20 years and has got great reasults, got a book with case stories and those are just amazing. some of these people were totally hopeless caes... I mean completely hopeless, one woman has a rare genetic desease which does that her blood vessels chalk up rapidly and there is simply nothing you can do to keep her alive - except with this method she needs a couple of treatments a month and otherwise she can live a completely healthy and normal life. there were several people who had had bypass and some who chose EDTA instead of bypass. Quite amazing stories.
So Diane, what they are telling you is a lie. the truth is: you can get well again!

dianne said...

Thanks Sarah Sofia yes interesting, one of those songs you get in your head and you keep singing it over and over.

Thanks for the information about the EDTA, I will look into it further with my general practitioner and see if she can refer me to someone.

I hope you are well. ♡ xo

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

Good Diane, but the main person you need to rely on is you. anybody can tell you anything. you have to read and study a lot about the subject and then make your own decision of what is right or wrong. Seeking advice from doctors is very good and nescessary but very often they are just giving you nothing but suppressive crap back.
Don't misunderstand me, i'm not telling you off or anything at all, i'm just really frustrated, thatin general people on this planet to allow doctors to treat them as patients so badly. i personal am convinced that most people die of the treatment taht doctors and other practitioners give to their patients and thatb really, really pisses me of. Those people should be helping, since they are getting paid good money for it. but they aren't even causeing "no harm" as they have sworn, they're just arrogant bastards who talk down to people and who stop their patients from getting well and give dangerous/harmful treatments. I just really can't understand why the world's population keeps up with this crap while millions suffer and they are just talking about giving them even more power and even more money (all the talk about health insurance in the States)!

So please Diane, don't be fooled, just get informed and don't let other people mess with your health! you can find out for yourself and you can handle it yourself! your life is too precious to let others decide over it.

Which by the way, doesn't mean you should thinkl they way i do or do what i tell you, it means: find out for yourself, read about it, read really a lot until you understand how the human body works and what is true and what is BS.

re berry: did i get thism right, you guys were arguing again? and you're still not married? zzzz...!!!
but seriously: he's an old Nam-Vet.
that means he's got a certain sense of humor and perhaps a couple of strange ways of being (like most of us... and that is afterall what makes a person loveble... the weird things about a person...)
Anyway, I wouldn't bother getting into an argument at all with him and take things he says all too serious. there are the things he says and the things he means. like he says himself, there's a lot of stuff that he can get on and on about, but look at his real intention and him as a person. that's a very beautiful personality and very nice and decent intentions. just stick to that and don't bother about the individual words. I'm sure a lot of strange things may come out of a mouth of a person who in fact means bno harm at all. And he's one of those guys.
I know you guys really do like each other and are both very nice people. just don't get into taking the other one too serious. I know you don't mean to hurt eachother, so there's also no need to throw around some unfortunate words...
Just kiss and make up!

/t. said...


sorry dear,
but i just can't
get through 9 minutes
of justin timberlake -- i'd
rather watch timber floating on a lake... and be covered in biting ants... with my head on fire... but you get the point...

the girl did a nice job(!)

¤ ¤ ¤


foam said...

i'm with /t. on timberlake ... i barely know any of his songs, as a matter of fact i wasn't familiar with this song. the young lady does have a very lovely voice though ......

but i suppose you are right ...
most of the time, what goes around comes around ...
i wonder when i go to the beach next year if i'll find my sunglasses that the ocean shamelessly stole from me this year..

boneman said...
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dianne said...

Yes dear Sarah Sofia , I know my body better than anyone else and it does let me know when I need to take better care of it and what foods I should eat or not.
As I told you I got a fairly good report from the cadiologist and all of the many blood tests that were is up to me to take better care of myself and I will speak to my GP about the EDTA chelation therapy that you have recommended. ♡

As far as Berry is concerned I have nothing to say.

dianne said...

Sorry dear /t.

I didnt mean to torture you with 9 minutes of Justin Timberlake, he is an aquired taste and that is the only song of his that I like.,,its the song that I like. :-) ♡

Lol, would you really go to such drastic measures to avoid his music?

Yes the young girl did a nice rendition, well she really tried.♡

dianne said...

Thanks Foamy dear

I thought you might agree with /t.,
Justin Timberlake is very popular worldwide and I I do like this song, yes the girl does have a sweet voice. ♡

Did you get my comment about the documentary I watched last night it was great seeing so much of your country, it certainly is a beautiful place, I'm looking forward to next weeks episode, Stephen Fry is travelling north again I think he said Minnesota or Wisconsin.

Yes I find that what goes around, comes around and I certainly hope that you get your sunglasses back, well maybe that might be a big ask some cool fish is probably wearing them now. :-) ♡

dianne said...

Gosh boneman I'm surprised you didnt know that one...

"What goes around comes around" you ask?

Its a metaphor...

Well it has more to do with how you treat people... if you are fair and kind to them well they usually return that kindness but when you hurt them they give up on you and sometimes you will feel regret, especially if in time someone treats you in that goes full circle.

foam said...

yes, dianne, i did get your very nice comment about the documentary you watched. thank you very much .. :)
i do live in a beautiful area. i'm very appreciative of it too.

dianne said...

yes Foamy so very beautiful, the colours of the Fall foliage were amazing, the differnt hues of the blue sky and mist above the mountains, so very differnt to here...and yes I know you appreciate it from photos you have posted and what you have written. ♡

Leovi said...

You're right, this girl is not bad, but of course ... where is Justin ... Besos

dianne said...

Yes dear Leovi where is Justin? Unfortunately YouTube are always removing these really good songs from their playlist and his was a really good video.

besos xoxoxo ♡