Monday, August 17, 2009

I Give Up

I always thought that blogging was a forum where people shared ideas, their talents and it was a pleasant, friendly place to communicate...not so it seems, well not for some
Many of you will be aware that Berry Connell and myself have been close friends behind the scenes for many months,we have had our ups and downs, some personal and unfortunately some public.
We have recently had an argument which was personal and that's how it should have stayed but Mr Connell has a petty and nasty way of exacting his revenge.
There was a post this morning on Time Flies Like an Arrow which was a personal attack on me, another character assassination, some of you saw it and it wouldn't be the first time he has done this to me.
He must have either felt some guilt or had a change of heart or felt he might be in trouble with the Blogger overlords for such a scathing criticism of me and quickly removed it, along with my comment and that of another blogger and his reply to her.
He has also had the audacity to accuse me of having his half naked video 'flagged', please note attachment above ... in my defense I would not do anything so underhanded as that and I have suggested that Mr Connell get his facts right before throwing accusations at me and find out who did have it 'flagged'.
Apparently there was an apology by him but it conveniently disappeared, I suggested that if he was truly genuine in making an apology to me maybe he could post it again...but no, I was told and I quote "That's a lot of attitude you're wearin there gal".
He is very clever too, he has covered his tracks very well, instead of deleting the offending post he has edited it so that it will not show up as the original offensive post in the archives or google reader.

I could go on for quite a while about the pettiness of this man and the awful things he has done to me over the past few months ... and for what reason I don't know, I have stuck by him through thick and thin, been there for him when he has been down, both emotionally and when he has lost his pet dogs, I don't know why he feels he has to punish me.
Now all I can say is be careful whom you befriend and take into your trust.


Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

Geez guys, this is so silly! Why the fuck do yoy take everything so damn serious?!

hey, I know you're both sweet people
just don't take all that bullshit SERIOUS.

Have a little fun instead and focuss on who you really are and what you really mean.
Don't you get it: you're both very loveable, just stop hitting each other over the head over completely rediculous misunderstandings!
yes, that's what it is MISUNDERSTANDINGS! How silly that two nice, and most important: GOOD people have to attack each other like that, just because they have a little bit of a different point of view on humor and what is accepted to say...

Well for what's worth: I really like you both! Deal with that! And the fact that you're just arguing over misunderstanding each other!!!

So silly! Sorry to say it again, but you're acting like a married couple!

dianne said...

Thanks dear Sarah Sofia

you are very sweet and I appreciate your kind words of advice...I like you too in fact I am very fond of you.

Yes the whole thing is ridiculous and to me terribly sad because I thought we had something very special but apparently not special enough to him... Berry won't even speak to me now and I have tried to see if there is any chance of remaining friends but some people like him just don't want to listen so what is the point of trying.
You read what he said in his comment to you I think he made his decision very clear but thanks for trying. ♡

love Dianne xo

dianne said...

If anyone is at all interested in reading any more about this regrettable saga you will find more in the comments box over at "Time Flies Like An Arrow", that is unless they have been deleted by Mr Connell.

I dont think he had posted comment 21 which is from me, maybe he will, he had no problems in posting the personal messages that I have already left there.

In it I say that he has already been to my blog and removed his comments that he left recently, one including a poem that was meant to be sincere.
He put a happy 1st anniversary post on his blog for me to make himself look thoughtful in your eyes but it was a farce because he had already said Googbye to me and said didnt want to hear from me again.
He told me in an e-mail that I was gloating by posting my 1st anniversary post because he had not had a good year and I just did it to make him feel bad...a bit of paranoia there I would think.

Also last time he was upset with me because I dared defend myself against some things a couple of his friends and done to me, so he went trampling through my blog and removed every comment of his that he could...just to hurt me and then had the audacity to pillory me on his blog for upsetting his friends.
The last thing I wrote in his comments over at TFLAA tonight was Goodbye.

Ruela said...

Don't worry about that, friends come, friends go...
that's life!


dianne said...

Thank you dear Ruela
that was very sweet of you, I am feeling very alone here at the moment. ♡

A 'sweet kiss' for you too dear. X

Shwet said...
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Shwet said...
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Shwet said...

Dear Dianne,
I dont know much about it..but u r such a nice person..let things go..dont hold on to them..we are already loaded with a lot of burden..please dont carry grudges..they make life heavier..
i wish u come out of it soon..and i'll see the same sweet dianne again..
take care sweetheart..

Shwet said...
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Shwet said...
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Shwet said...
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Little Lamb said...

Dianne, you're not going to get along with everyone online and offline.

I have my disageements with boney, too. I also believe he knows what they are. If I don't like something he posts, I just leave it alone.

That's me. We're all different.

Shwet said...

honey..i dont know how come.same comment got posted so many prob with the touchpad.

Anonymous said...

like you both
could use a little nap

but what ruela said, don't sweat it

¤ ¤ ¤


foam said...


dianne said...

Thank you dearest Shwet
yes my friend I am letting it go - no-one and I mean no-one is worth all of this angst...and I don't hold grudges.
I will be back to my happy self soon enough.
You are a sweetheart, thanks for caring. ♡

love Dianne xo

dianne said...

Thanks sweet Lamby and I know you are a lovely little person...yes I agree we dont always get on with fellow bloggers online and off.

I think quite a few people have had some disagreements with Boneman since I've known him and that happens, he has made a few enemies... but when he launches a personal attack on me and publishes it and then blames me publicly for having his picture/video 'flagged' and removed then I am going to defend myself.
I didnt want to write this post but his accusations and that attack on me backed me into a corner, I dont want all of you thinking I would do a thing like that and I would not normally do anything to hurt someone else but he seems to have no problem hurting me.

Thank you for your advice, I do appreciate you coming here, I didnt think anyone would bother. ♡ xo

dianne said...

Thanks dear /t.

yes friends come and go...

I would have left it at that but he made the 'attack on me personal and then public' so I reacted.

I appreciate your comment and stopping by I thought no-one would as I dont want anyone to choose sides, it should have just been between Boneman and myself but he made it public. ♡ xo

dianne said...

Thanks Foamy dear

yes 'sigh'... what a mess and now it seems I'm the brunt of some jokes in the comments over at TFLAA unless they have been removed.
Oh well time to let it go and move on.
Thanks for stopping by I do appreciate it. ♡ xo

HLiza said...

I don't really understand what had happened but let's just close this chapter and move on Dianne..We've learned the lessons these wonderful friends said, you'll meet better people the next time.

dianne said...

Thank you sweet HLiza

yes it is time to move on and let this go, its not good for my heart or good for my inner spirit to let this get to me and hurt me so much. ♡

X. Dell said...

Sad. I can only guess this was some kind of misunderstanding. But what do I know?

As I told him, I can only hope the two of you find peace, either as friends or whatever.

dianne said...

X.Dell my friend,

Yes a big misunderstanding, thanks for trying but I think Berry ever seeing anything from my point of view would be a miracle. ♡

Mayden' s Voyage said...

My dear Diane~
I am sorry for this heartache. I know Mr. Berry from a distance, and one of his paintings hangs in my office (I can see it now).
Send me an email if you like- I'd love to hear from you in a less public forum <3

Hugs friend- you are a keeper <3

dianne said...

Thank you sweet Mayden

I tried behind the scenes via e-mail to save our friendship but Berry re-directed all of my mail to the spam file; he is the one who has made all of this public and I feel totally humiliated by personal comments I left at his blog which had the 'comment moderation' in place, he had the chance to read them then delete them but instead he published them for all to see...what kind of person does that?

Hugs to you Cora and thank you I may e-mail you when I am feeling a little less fragile. xo ♡