Monday, August 10, 2009

One Year On...

'Meadow' - Impressionist Watercolour - Dianne D ♥

I am very happy as today marks the 1st Anniversary of my blog 'Here is my Heart', its hard to believe that a year has passed already...and thankfully I have learned so much since those early days of blogging thanks to some help from you, both personal and technical...and I keep learning...

I want to thank all of you, my followers, you are my friends and I am most grateful for all of the encouragement, support, your wonderful comments, feedback and great advice you have given to me over the last twelve months...I could not have done it without you.
Your kind words and thoughtfulness have helped me through some very rough patches in my personal life and I will never forget your kindness.

So I hope the next year is as interesting and that I learn more, grow more personally and will have plenty of new and interesting topics, photos and poems to post, hopefully happy poems.
Thank you again, I think all of you are the greatest and I am so pleased that we have met through are all now part of my extended family and a part of my life ... ♥

Please click on my painting to enlarge.


Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

congrats to you!!! Wow already a year?!
And you've found so many friends this way... really well done!
Because i am sure you only found them, because you also listened to them! There seem to be quite a few bloggers who get frustrated because nobody ever clicks onto them, but what they don't realize, is that no body cares about them, because they care about nobody else but themselves... it is therefore that I express my admiration to you, you give so much to others, treat them so kindly and respectful!

good luck for the future and I wish you many more happy blog-relationships all over the world!

oh, while I remember... what was that down there... the post about heartbreak?
but if you want my advice. take the friendship, friendship is anyway the greatest base of everything in life. My husband and I are mainly best friends and that's why we've been together for so long and have a successful relationship. We really are mates and all that romance-stuff... frankly it's a pretty exhausting game! If I had to put on that show for a man,I really don't think I'd be interested. too time-demanding and I also don't think that all these oh so romantic relationships are worth very much. I wanna see just how much they support each other, when the going gets tough!

Friendship and common goals are always the best thing I feel. that's something you can always count on. Well and if then one day there is some physical attraction on top of that as well... that's great, but I would never ever just go for the romance part!

I'm really very tired, almost doping off, haven't really seen a bead for several nights... just got back from the far north and am leaving again tomorrow, but just for a short trip tp Germany.

love,, sarah sofia

Anonymous said...


the BIG 01 already

time flies when you're having fun

fruit flies when you're having a banana

i'm paraphrasing, of course


<3 <3 <3

Shwet said...

congrats sweetheart...
i joined ur blog few weeks ago..but in these days i have got a lot from you..learned a lot from you ..
ur a painter, poet and much more..its good to be in touch of ur talls a lot abt life..
good going dear..expecting a lot of romantic and sweet poems from you..
take care

HLiza said...

Congrates! Hoping for many, many more years to come..and make me so so're a good painter too!

findingmywingsinlife said...

It has been wonderful reading your posts, getting to know you as a dear friend, and sharing my posts on blogger with you. I hope to continue the friendship (despite the fact I don't always get around to everyone's blogs in a timely fashion). :)

boneman said...
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dianne said...

Thanks dear Sarah Sofia

A whole year already, I have surprised myself...I was fortunate as I used to comment at some of the blogs of my friends who are still here with me, its a long story but some of these lovely people who have been with me from the start convinced me I should start my own blog.
I was hesitant for quite a while as I didnt think I had anything worthwile to contribute but then I took the plunge and for the most part I am happy that I I was lucky I already had some friends who would visit me and then more friends have come along, just like you did.
I love visiting friends blogs, I am interested in what they have posted, what they have to say, how they are, they are all talented and I always answer any comments which are left here, its so nice to converse with friends.

Romance LOL, you made me laugh Sarah Sofia, I wasnt planning on putting on any 'show' as you put it for any man...actually that statement you made brings many visions to mind. :-)

Gosh I dont expect to be wined and dined, showered with gifts, expensive romantic dinners, flowers...but I do want some romance... to me thoughfulness is romantic, kindness from someone who loves you is romantic...I love flowers and I would be just as happy with some wildflowers picked from a meadow as any bought from a florist if they were from the man I loved.
Yes I would really like someone whom I respected,trusted, who was a friend, whom I loved and someone whom I found physically attractive, someone with common goals, someone with whom I could share...someone to love me...and a little romance doesnt hurt you know, and great sex, because I tell you its awfully lonely going to bed on your own each night and waking up alone with no-one there to cuddle up to, to talk to, spend the day with and share your life. ♡ xo

So you have been off travelling again and now off to Germany, have a nice time.
love Dianne. xo

dianne said...

Thanks dear /t.

One whole year, gosh I am a wee girl...I have surprised myself that I am still here...
but the ride has been fun I hope it will continue, I love all of my friends. ♡

Yes, time does fly when you're having fun and fruit flies when you're having a banana, but isnt that Boneman's title and I never did understand that last part at all?
Maybe you or he will explain it to me one day, he seems to think your comment is amusing. ♡ xoxo

Little Lamb said...

HAPPY Anniversary!

dianne said...

Thank you sweet shwet and I'm so pleased that you joined my blog.
I am very honest with my feelings here, so you will know when I am happy and sad, I would like every day to be happy and beautiful but life isnt always like that...but I do try to bring some loveliness into the world via my little blog through my words, my poems, flowers and little things which I hope will bring happiness to you all.
Yes I must write some more poems but those which are happy and romantic.
You take care too sweet girl,good luck with your studies.
love Dianne xoxo ♡

dianne said...

Thank you dear HLiza
yes I hope I can keep going for many more years, I'm sure I will be able to, there is so much to inspire me, so many poems to write and now I am starting to paint again.
I hope you liked my painting, it was my inpression of a meadow, don't be 'green' dear girl, you have so much more to offer than I do, just look at your blog and your beautiful words and photography. ♡

dianne said...

Thank you dear April

It is so nice to have you for a dear friend and you know how much I admire your posts, your beautiful inspiring words...I will try to visit you more often as well my dear girl. ♡ xoxo

dianne said...

Thank you sweet Lil Lamby
I made it through a whole year, I have surprised myself, I hope the next is just as much fun with all of the comments from you and the rest of my friends. ♡ xoxo

Anonymous said...

fruit flies
love a banana...

also peaches, apples...


boneman said...
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boneman said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
foam said...

wow, dianne ..
one whole year already ...

i've truly enjoyed getting to know you ..
i hope you continue to blog for a long time.

ps: your painting to truly very beautiful!

foam said...

wow, dianne ..
one whole year already ...

i've truly enjoyed getting to know you ..
i hope you continue to blog for a long time.

ps: your painting to truly very beautiful!

foam said...

wow, dianne ..
one whole year already ...

i've truly enjoyed getting to know you ..
i hope you continue to blog for a long time.

ps: your painting to truly very beautiful!

chickory said...

i cannot believe its already been a year! whats next the mayan apocalypse? it'll be here sooner than you think. 2012.. might as well paint and blog cause nothing else matters...grherhaha


dianne said...

Yes dear /t.

fruit flies are a nuisance they like too many fruits including bananas...
peaches, apples, tomatoes, nectarines, mangoes... just too many fruits, nasty little things they are. :-) ♡

dianne said...

Thank you dear Boney
for the explantion...

yes... Time flies like an arrow
straight and true
It flies through the air like a shaft with a goal
Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana.

Yes dear I do get it now 'fruit flies like to eat bananas', thank you. ♡ xo

dianne said...

Thank you Boney my dear,

That is a beautiful little poem, yes the meadow wouldnt be as sweet if it wasnt for the birds who drop the tiny seeds gathered from so many other flowers, they cause the randomness along with the little breezes which also blow the seeds and make a meadow such a pretty place...such beauty from chaos.

Such a lovely place that it tempts a faire Princess to invite her lover there, so there waits another beautiful flower and more seeds are sown... ♡ xo

dianne said...

Thank you Foamy dear friend,
Yes one whole year, the time has flown like an arrow :-) I guess.
It has been lovely getting to know you and exchanging our comments and yes I want to keep blogging for as long as I can...

Thank you, I'm so pleased that you liked my painting, I was trying to give my 'impression' of the feeling of a meadow.
I must keep painting and get more practice...
I hope you're having fun at the beach?
Its quite cool here today, we actually have had some rain. ♡ xo

dianne said...

So pleased that you are back dear Chickory , I have missed you...had another major eclipse of the heart and my steadfast warrior wasnt here to help me pick up the pieces but I am getting better at dealing with these blows I have my armour polished and my sword is straight and sharp.
I went over to your blog everything in your garden is growing so well there and looks amazing.
So what is this Mayan Apocalypse, I have not heard of it before?

I have gotten back into my painting,I am nowhere near the artist you are or Boney but I will have fun with my little paintings...I have the greatest respect for your talent and that of Boney; I certainly need to practise more and yes I will keep on blogging but I have to find some other things to do as well, like you have...always plenty to do in the garden.
Love to you sweet girl. xo ♡

The Phosgene Kid said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!

chickory said...

the mayan apocalypse? well they had a very accurate calendar. and predicted way in advance cosmic events. their calendar ends in 2012. the new agey people think what will happen is that a certain way of the world will end, meaning there will be a major enlightenment shift in human dna. like suddenly we will use that 80 percent of the brain sitting there doing nothing. i seriously doubt that - everytime i flip on a television i am convinced we are in reverse -and hauling ass. grrherhahaha

a sword and a paintbrush. all set then?

the flowers you asked about are cosmos. theres an old saw here about them. "if you cant grow cosmos then take up golf" - well it wasnt that easy the first batch never came up. and i hate golf. so i tried again. and got some.

big love to you!

dianne said...

Thanks Phossy dear,

nice of you to pop over and say so. ♡

dianne said...

Thanks dear Chickory ,
I googled the 'Mayan Apocalypse' and read what Dr Karl Kruszelnicki had to say about it...they were certainly ahead of us...I like the sound of a 'Harmonic Convergence of cosmic energy flowing through the Earth, cleansing it and raising it to a higher level of vibration' that would be a major enlightenment for our under utilised brains and a step in the right direction for removing the pollution we have created here on Earth...but as you say when you look at the world in general we are going in reverse...but something of this magnitude would sure wake up a lot of people.

Yes my sweet girl I have my armour, I feel I need to toughen up my heart and I have my paintbrush, maybe thats all I need to be happy?

Those flowers are so pretty, I must have a look in the garden centre seeing that Spring is so close and see if I can buy some seedlings, I just love flowers, I think I should have studied horticulture or opened my own florist shop.

Big love to you too. xoxo ♡

K9 said...

no -theres never seedlings of that. allthe cool flowers start from seeds. im growing california poppies this winter. i understand they like it coooooool

dianne said...

Thanks dear K9
I will look for packets of cosmos seeds.
California poppies are so beautiful, so many shades of pale yellow through to brilliant yellows and orange, gosh that will look amazing. ♡ xo

Lee said...

Happy Anniversary!

dianne said...

Thank you dear Lee

I made it, one whole year despite a few personal setbacks and some undermining from some who would not like to see me succeed.
Thanks for being a friend and offering your help when I needed it last year, I did appreciate your offer and advice. ♡ xo

The Mess said...

One of the great things with impressionist painting is that you could imagine how the artists impression are.

Looks like a happy sunny day and time spent outside thinking about life..

dianne said...

Thanks dearest M

Yes it is a happy sunny day in a meadow, I'm pleased that my impressionist painting conveyed that feeling to you. ♡

Leovi said...

Aquí celebras con una bonita acuarela el primer aniversario de tu blog y yo te felicito porque vas camino de celebrar el tercero. Besos.

Leovi said...

Here a beautiful watercolor celebrate the first anniversary of your blog and I congratulate you because you're way to celebrate the third. Besos.

dianne said...

Thank you dear Leovi I am pleased that you enjoyed the anniversary watercolour which I painted, I must paint more meadows and flowers.
Besos xoxoxo ♡

West said...

Yes dear /t. fruit flies are a nuisance they like too many fruits including bananas... peaches, apples, tomatoes, nectarines, mangoes... just too many fruits, nasty little things they are. :-) ♡

Gordon said...

Yes dear /t. fruit flies are a nuisance they like too many fruits including bananas... peaches, apples, tomatoes, nectarines, mangoes... just too many fruits, nasty little things they are. :-) ♡