Monday, August 3, 2009

Total Eclipse of the Heart

Once upon a time I had fallen in love
But now I'm only falling apart
There's nothing I can do
A total eclipse of the heart
Once upon a time there was light in my life
But now I'm all alone in the dark
Nothing I can say
A total eclipse of the heart...

Lovely lyrics from the Bonnie Tyler song with a little editing from me.

A beautiful photo of a a heart carved in the sand, yes love has washed over me again and left me behind , it seems I am never meant to be happy...that heart there will be as short lived as the happiness I felt when the tide washes over it and it is gone forever...
Not his fault, he never promised me anything but friendship...

But hey this is nothing new to me, so please dont feel sad for me, its not the end of the world, the tide will wash over many hearts carved in the sand, the sun will set again tonight, the moon will bring its beauty to the night sky along with the many stars and the sun will rise again tomorrow to bathe the Earth and flowers with warm sunlight.

Somewhere in the world there will be many couples who are in love and love goes on for others...just not for me...

Right at this moment I am lost in a mire of would think I would be immune by now but I'm not, just wanted to say something just in case I'm not around for a while and popping in to see you at your blogs...I will try to visit you as you do cheer me up and I hope to be back posting as soon as I have come to terms with the latest wound to my heart and regained my composure...

May the God you have chosen bless you all and may love and happiness fill your lives ... ♥

Image from flickr-photographed by Nathalia Leinig


foam said...

awwwwww ... poop ....
i'm so sorry, honey .. :(
if i were there i'd take you on a long hike with me and we'd just talk and walk and have some girl time ..

Anonymous said...

I know you honey and what a loving, giving beautiful person you are, it pains me to see you in such distress.

You are too kind to this man he did promise you more, he is a jerk, selfish and totally insensitive in the way he has treated you, his loss, maybe he will realise this one day.

J.H xoxo

HLiza said...

Hugs to you Dianne..I just wish time will heal you..

puerileuwaite said...

If it is any consolation, at least your beach seems relatively pristine.

My beach contains:

1) medical waste, including stuff with the radioactive symbol;

2) at least one discarded toilet seat;

3) empty cheap wine bottles of the twist-off cap variety;

4) seedy characters attempting to recreate the "making love in the sand" scene a la "From Here To Eternity" ... sometimes without a partner;

5) poorly constructed sand castles and lewd sculptures;

6) passed out celebrities including Nick Nolte, Mel Gibson and Lindsay Lohan (see #4);

7) at least one prosthetic limb;

8) some dude who looks just like Tom Hanks in "Cast Away", right before he escaped from the island;

9) the naked piano player from many opening segments of "Monty Python's Flying Circus";

10) my lost inner child, asking 2-policeman if they could help me find my parents ... and being told "Geez kid, I dunno, there's SO many places for them to hide".


9 said...

you will always have love. yellow blooms and blue skies. birdsong. your pets friends and family. and rottwielers.

Shwet said...

U r a very gentle and loving lady..who belives in spreading love..its really bad to see you like this..i'll pray to god..that u regain at the earliest and come up as the earlier same lovely Dianne who has love all around..
take care sweetheart..

Shwet said...

U r a very gentle and loving lady..who belives in spreading love..its really bad to see you like this..i'll pray to god..that u regain at the earliest and come up as the earlier same lovely Dianne who has love all around..
take care sweetheart..

Anonymous said...

Poor Dianne. His loss, I'd say. Plenty of fish in the sea, and from your photo and what you show us of yourself on your blog, I would think that you would have many nibbles on your line!!! I know that will probably be of no consolation to you, as you are wounded and only want the affection of one man, but if he is a stupid enough COD to toss you back in the waters, well then is he really worth having at all???????? Best wishes that time will heal your broken heart.

A Friend xxx

Anonymous said...

And honey as your friend, get some decent photos, those over there don't do you justice, you're such a pretty girl.

J.H xoxo

dianne said...

Thank you my dearest Foamy

I am still far from being happy but at least today I am not crying and I have been reading all of the lovely messages here, nice to have such good friends.

Its just another one of lifes disappointments. :(

I would love to go on a hike with you, it would be so nice to have your company, we could walk through that beautiful wilderness of yours, spend some girl time and talk...thanks for your thoughts sweetie. ♡ xoxo

dianne said...

Hello J my dear friend, thanks for coming here and leaving a comment, I love your honesty you dont 'mince' words do you... :-)

Well at least today I'm not the emotional mess that you came across on Saturday afternoon, I'm sorry to put you through that but I was devastated.

I had some 'words' with him today and though there is no hope of any romance and there never was but you know me the romantic fool...well I hoped...
I got such a shock when he said he was interested in someone else, thats what threw me, it was so I'm just trying to salvage the friendship because you know how I feel about him.

My photos? Hmmm well you know I'm not photogenic and they do serve a purpose as I'm not immediately recognisable to the 'locals' as they don't know about my blog...

Thanks so much for your support on Saturday,it meant so much to me to have a shoulder to cry're a Godsend. ♡ xoxo

dianne said...

Thank you dearest HLiza

you are very sweet, thats all I can hope for, time to get over this sadness and heal my heart. ♡ xoxo

dianne said...

Thank you Puggles my sweet, I think a week spent with you would cheer me up, you always make me smile and when I read your comment I even had a little laugh...

Sounds like you have a very interesting beach...that sand there in the photo might look pristine but I can tell you there are plenty of 'shady' characters there in hiding.

My beach has

1) Medical waste or used syringes

2) Empty cheap beer bottles

3) Plastic bags (lazy people)

4) The occasional used disposable
diaper buried in the sand YUK!

5) No passed out celebrities that
I've seen just drunks and some
'wasted' drug addicts

6) People who cant walk past you
without covering you in sand

7) The usual assortment of
perverts and flashers...or
'rock spiders' as we call them

8) I have seen some guys who bear
a striking resemblance to Tom
Hanks in 'Cast Away" they're
usually the ones with a bottle
of wine in a paper bag,
affectionately known as

9) Sorry, no naked piano players

10) I'm sorry my sweet, I cant
help you with your lost inner
child, I'm still looking for
my bikini top...those police
aren't very helpful... :)

Thank you my sweet for coming by and cheering me up, you are such a good friend. ♡ xoxo

dianne said...

Thank you my dearest 9 ,

yes I will always have those things of which you speak and they are some lovely daughter dropped by yesterday and helped me put things into perspective.

I feel blessed having you for a friend, I hope you got my 'special message' that I left at your blog and my email...I have been worried about you, I hope you are well?

Did you notice that I have added some more flower pics to my side bar, the lovely one from Boney and the the pale yellow Lycoris which is one of my favourite flowers... just thought I would try to brighten things up a little... thank you for your thoughtfulness, you are such a sweet girl. ♡ xoxo

dianne said...

Hello dearest Shwet so pleased you came back...
thank you for your lovely comments, you are the sweetheart..I try to spread love and happines around me but sometimes it doesnt always work out as I would wish, it would be nice if there were more happy times.

Thank you for praying for me, I need to feel peaceful.

Dont worry about me I will be fine again soon and I hope you sent my poem to your boyfriend... I said you could use it remember. ♡ xoxo

dianne said...

Thanks dear Anonymous

I think I know who you are and think you are a friend. :-)
Thanks for your comment, it has a nautical theme...and yes I do have some thinking to do, the water is a little cool at the moment.
But yes there have been a few nibbles on my line but somehow I keep throwing them back because they are not what I would like...but maybe I will have to take the plunge and dive in the water I might find its warmer than I thought and some of those rejected 'nibbles' might need a second look. ♡ xoxo

Anonymous said...

to take
a another line...

a watched pot never boils

stop looking, start living, find some peace & enjoyment in what you already do have, and everything else will follow -- might be the wrong line, but i do wish you all best, dear <3

¤ ¤ ¤


laughingwolf said...

friendships may not be romance, but are well worth it...

hope you heal soon

HLiza said...

Just checking you out have so many lovely friends listen to them okay dear. hoping you'll come back to be you again..

dianne said...

Thank you dear /t.

you are very wise and you are always so kind to me...that is good advice and that is just what I am going to do...we shall see what happens.

Thank you for your very thoughtful comment. ♡

dianne said...

Thank you dear laughinwolf

yes that is so true, friendships are very important and though its not the love I would wish for my friendship with this man means so much to me. ♡

dianne said...

Thanks for popping by again dear Hliza to check on me, you are very kind...
I am still a little, well a lot shaken by the events of last Satuday morning but I am feeling much more like myself today, slightly happier, yes I have some lovely, caring friends who have given me good advice...don't worry I will be back to being me again...but maybe a little wiser... ♡

The Phosgene Kid said...

Sorry you're feeling blue. Wish I had some sage advice, but am coming up dry right now...

dianne said...

Thanks Phossy dear

No sage advice required, the fact that you stopped by and left a thoughtful comment is enough dear friend. ♡

foam said...

just dropping in to say good morning ..
well, good evening for you actually ..
based on your comments i'm glad to see you are doing a bit better ..
chin up, eh?

dianne said...

Thank you dearest Foamy
Good morning to you!

yes dear friend, chin up...
what else can I do, nothing I want ever works out how I would like or hope, too many disappointments and too many compromises...I have so much to give and share...but life still goes on and someone else gets who I want and gets all of the love. ♡ xoxo

I think sadness is my 'Muse'.

laughingwolf said...

the other small truth: never say never :)

dianne said...

Thanks dear laughingwolf ...
for coming over to comment...I will keep that in mind. ♡

Leovi said...

That beautiful are your words, sadness can be beautiful ... and putting a smile. Besos.

dianne said...

Yes dear Leovi , I was very sad back then and yes there can be beauty in sadness but when I look back on this now I am not unhappy, it was never meant to be.

Besos xoxoxo ♡

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