Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Happy New Year my friends, I hope you all have a fun time!

An aerial view of Sydney Harbour, showing the bridge and Opera House. The Central Business District is to the left of the bridge and on the right, North Sydney. The foreshores are crowded with people already, gathering since last night as there will be a fireworks spectacular all over the harbour itself and on the bridge at midnight. Just a bit of trivia but see that cove on the bottom right hand side of the photo, well that's Careening Cove and I used to rent a flat there, right on the water about a bazillion years ago . It was great, I could just walk out of my door and dip my toes in the harbour. What a shame I couldn't afford to buy it.
Probably a better idea to donate all of that money spent on the celebration to a charitable or worthy cause instead...but I guess you have to welcome in the New Year , 2009 with a big bang!


foam said...

yeah ..
the money could be given to a charitable cause ..
but, you know .. life needs a party at times too.
now .. the money that's wasted on wars ..
there's a different story.
i do love seeing this aerial view.
hang in there, dianne
and a happy new year to you again.
i know it's just a few hours away.
here it's just 7:34 am.

foam said...

wow ..
less then a 1/2 hour away if your clock is right.

dianne said...

Yes its 2009 here now, I watched the fireworks on TV, actually they weren't that spectacular and the accompanying music was awful.
Quite disappointing seeing they spent five million dollars!! Can you believe it? ♥

Anonymous said...


what a waste...
that could have bought
five more bullets for a canadian soldier in afghanistan

have you a FINE 0-9, DI'NE <3

¤ ¤ ¤


Little Lamb said...

That's a very pretty picture.

dianne said...

Dear /t. , it would be great for all of those soldiers to come home, I dont think there will ever be peace in the Middle East, they have been warring and killing themselves off for decades.
I thought that 5 million would be better spent on our health system or the homeless but that's just my opinion. ♥
You have a great 2009 as well .
Remember I was telling you I didn't like my name and I would prefer the french Jeanette? Well I do like my name when there is an emphasis put on the 'anne'. ♥

dianne said...

Thank you dear Lil Lambie , Sydney is a very nice place and the harbour is beautiful. ♥

K9 said...


The Phosgene Kid said...

Hope you have a great New Year!!!

dianne said...

Thank you dear K9 , did you get my message that I left for you?

My protector, I'm wishing you all the best of everything for 2009.
Happy New Year! ♥

dianne said...

Thank you dear Phos , the very best of wishes for the New Year for you too. ♥

puerileuwaite said...

This looks eerily similar to a something I created using a program called "Sim City". Only the Opera House was purposely built on an island that was unreachable, and the citizens were always disgruntled.

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Very best wishes for 09!

dianne said...

The things you think of Puggles my sweet. And may I ask why you would make your opera house unreachable when you were building your simulated city? Not a fan of opera and the arts?
Our opera house is beautiful inside, very modern of course because it was designed by Danish architect Joern Utzon, lots of timber panelling and floor to ceiling glass which looks out onto the harbour, I'm sure you would be impressed. ♥

dianne said...

Thank you dear J cosmo , same to you, I hope you are having a nice day, I am just taking it easy, as I've been told to do. ♥

Corby said...

Happy New Year!!


dianne said...

Thank you dear Corby, your heart is filled with sweetness and I wish it to be filled with much happiness and joy in the coming year.
May we both find Kings or maybe a Prince. ♥

boneman said...
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