Thursday, December 4, 2008


Film Clip from 'Memoirs of a Geisha' - Music by Enya 'Tea House Moon'
Please enjoy these lavish images of the Orient below, with their sumptuous reds, opulent colours, extravagant concepts, art and beautiful fabrics and textures.


Anonymous said...

beauty here

most, umm, exotic!

i picture your house, dianne, as colorful and comfortably sumptuous -- well, that's just a guess -- you do seem to love this stuff, though

nice post(!) <3

¤ ¤ ¤


foam said...

no doubt .. that art is lovely. and what's not to like about enya's composition.
but i'm glad i never had to live the life of a geisha ..
ya' know?

puerileuwaite said...

I'm not sure the 2nd to last image is purely Oriental.

J Cosmo Newbery said...


Lee said...

Mmmm...warm, rich and sensual!

dianne said...

Thanks /t. my dear, I was hoping that you would enjoy it, indirectly you inspired it, I wanted to demonstrate in images what I felt. ♥

I'm sure you can now see the connection between your beautiful code poem 'experimental theatre' and my likening it to the sumptuous colours of the Orient; especially the red. ♥

Yes you are so right I love these kinds of things, I always enjoy my little journeys of discovery whilst searching for just the right image to portray my feelings.
I had an added pleasure while doing my research.
I found an image of some exquisite parasols in shades of yellow, wow I have added them to my 'yellow' folder.

My house might surprise you, its colours are neutral, my white and cream canvas to which I add loved objects which I have collected or been given over many years. Lots of shades of yellow of course but many other colours too. ♥

dianne said...

Foamie my dearest...I'm pleased that you enjoyed the images and Enya's lovely music...yes I'm right there with you as far as the Geisha lifestyle is concerned. :-)
My fan fluttering might be up to standard (Lol) but all of that bowing and face powdering would drive me nuts, I'm not the 'obedient' type :-), they would throw me out very quickly...I have too much to say and am too free willed and wouldn't pander to any mans demands. ♥♥ :-)

dianne said...

Oh Puggles my love, man you're a bit picky aren't you!?!

I put up all of these beautiful images, a film clip and lovely music and all you can say is that "the 2nd to last image isn't purely Oriental".

It is a flourish of beautiful red silk taffeta, in keeping with the whole theme of this post.
I have a pair of beautiful short PJ's made from this fabric and they are very Oriental...but I will leave that to your imagination. ;-) ♥

dianne said...

Thank you j cosmo I always strive to delight you all. ♥

dianne said...

Thank you Lee dear, red is such a lovely colour, it evokes warmth, richness, sensuality... it is vibrant, the colour of love and romance. ♥

dianne said...

Puggles , my sweet, this link is just for you...I like red OK?
Any complaints about this?

Warning Adult Content.

boneman said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
puerileuwaite said...

Oops. What I MEANT to say is that you need a naked PUG (after all, we ARE reputedly of Asian ancestry) in the middle of that shot. Perhaps posing provocatively with a cup of Sake.

Wait. Did you just say you ALSO have a pair or red silk taffeta PJs? Maybe we can wear ours at the same time and play slip-n-slide!

Unfortunately the link is NOT working for me ... :-( ... but I AM able to get to their main page. So perhaps if you provide click-by-click instructions, I can view it THAT way. Can't wait!


puerileuwaite said...

Typo alert! I mean: "a pair OF red silk taffeta PJs".

Anonymous said...


i see now
the connection
you spoke of earlier

my house is 'off-white' inside -- color comes from art works and other 'accents' (furnishings) -- i like to change things around from time to time to renew interest, and that's harder to do with too colorful walls...

<3s 2 u

¤ ¤ ¤


boneman said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
dianne said...

Yes Boney my love the first photo is my favourite also...that is why I chose it.
It is beautiful, I really love the almost cream colour silk of the kimono with its subtle lustre and delicate embroidery, it compliments the blue/gray colour of the the under dress (Kosode)?.
The pattern and colour of the screen print on the Nagoya obi is also beautiful.
I do have a penchant for beautiful garments in shades of cream. ♥

Yes I do have a pair of red silk taffeta Oriental short PJ's and Pug isn't getting anywhere near them...he can buy his own and he wont be following me anywhere. ♥ :-)

dianne said...

And Puggles my sweet you are not going to roll around naked on my beautiful swirl of red taffeta you might spill that sake. ♥

And yes we could do some slipping and sliding in our PJ's but sorry no hanky panky, I'm keeping my nighty nights on. ♥

Keep trying with the link, just copy and paste and enter, there's a nice surprise waiting for you. ♥ ;-)

dianne said...

Yes dear /t. , I love my neutral colour scheme it is a comfortable backdrop for my furnishings, art work and other accents. ♥
Like you I enjoy changing things around, a room can take on a whole new look with different coloured and textured accessories.
Its so much fun for me as well, it delights my creative nature. ♥

dianne said...

omigod yes Boney my love, I got that for Pug because he is such a flirt and a horny little fellow and he wanted to roll all over my lovely red silk taffeta
...I thought she would be a good diversion. ♥

Scratch him behind the ears?... I
dont think she will have to do anything much to get his attention.

Holy cats!!! I suppose you will want one now as well...I'll think about it... ♥

The Phosgene Kid said...

Lunar New Years is coming up in Early January, I always celebrate. The upcoming year is the year of the cow...

foam said...

i can't believe the pug didn't manage to get to that picture, dianne .. i did ..
lol .. cheeky ..

dianne said...

Phos dear, yes on January 26 the Chinese calendar changes from the Year of the Rat, (formal name Wu Zi) to the Year of the Ox (formal name Yi Chou), we have big colourful celebrations here in Sydney in Chinatown. ♥

The Vietnamese will celebrate the Year of the Water Buffalo.

The Japanese will celebrate the Year of the Cow.

Many celebrations! ♥

dianne said...

Foamie my dear girl I'm sure Puggles managed to find that picture...I most likely embarrassed him, Lol...cheeky yes...maybe not what he was expecting from me.
I thought I'd give him a little treat. ♥

The Mess said...

I sort of missed all that Asian culture..

Would have liked to visit Kyoto, think it's a beatiful place..

ANNA-LYS said...

This is colourful
I am glad Your mood
have turned, makes
me happy, too :-D

My satin sheet
looks almost
as lovely as
mine did in white.

Have a Happy Weekend!!!!

ANNA-LYS said...

Sooo Happy here again <3

dianne said...

Hi dearest M nice to see you, yes there are some beautiful things to see in Japan.

I went to a Japanese Trade exhibition a few years ago and after that I was very impressed. ♥

dianne said...

Hi Anna-Lys nice to have you back...I see you have put your Avatar back in my Followers list after you had removed it.

I dont believe my mood had turned at all,or changed, I remain the kind, caring person that I have always been. ♥

I'm pleased that you like my colourful post and that you are happy to be here again, you know you are always welcome. ♥

K9 said...

thank God you didn't show a geisha foot. it would have so spoiled the mood. ;-)

dianne said...

Yes my dear K9 a geisha foot, what a cruel barbaric practice 'foot-binding' was, I think they have stopped it now or I hope so. ♥

There are quite a lot of barbaric practices that women must endure in many cultures, makes me angry. ♥