Saturday, December 13, 2008


Jane Eyre - Novel by Charlotte Brontë published 1847
Jane Eyre - BBC Costume Drama 4 part Mini-Series Production 2006
Big My Secret - Music composed and performed by Michael Nyman

Jane Eyre - Ruth Wilson
Mr Rochester - Toby Stephens


Anonymous said...

a fan of
the goth version,
jane eerie

but my youngest daughter (diane /w just one 'n')
and my wife both are eyre fans <3

¤ ¤ ¤


dianne said...

You're a funny fellow dear /t. , I really loved the book and I have seen a screen version and this mini-series, which I really enjoyed.
Pleased to hear both Ruth and Diane are fans, it really is a 'girls' kind of story. ♥
Did you notice I have displayed the code poem "Fear of Botticelli" that you wrote for me; its not every day that someone does a nice thing like that for me so thank you again, I thought it was about time I put it here. ♥♥♥

Anonymous said...


i did notice
think it looks better
here on your blog than on mine :)

well, it is FOR you, so i'm happy you're pleased enough to post it <3

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dianne said...

Thank you dear /t.

I am very proud to display it here.♥

¤ ¤ ¤

foam said...

i liked the book when i read it years ago. i've read all those books years ago .. you know .. the bronte sisters, jane austen ..
i remember especially loving wuthering heights ..
i have not seen this mini-series though.
..and i would imagine that these are 'girl' kinds of stories .. :)

Little Lamb said...

I didn't read the book or see the movie.

dianne said...

Yes dearest Foamie , being a hopeless romantic I have read them also, some of Thomas Hardy, George Eliot (who was a female), Dickens as well...I always wish for happy endings for our young heroines but it doesn't always happen that way. ♥
I really enjoy a good 'costume drama', there have been so many that I have watched. ♥

dianne said...

Oh dear Lil Lambie , it is a sad story but well worth reading and watching. ♥
Makes one appreciate that we girls live in this century for we have so many more choices and freedom. ♥

The Mess said...

Seems like a lot of girls have read these books from Brontë. Remember a British film about two women who met something like ten years after they graduated from University.. uhmm.. don't remember the title..

Anyway it was a lot of flashbacks from the years when they lived together and they had these books by Brontë that they always could relay on so if there was some fuss with love they took the book in their hands and said something like Brontë, Brontë show us the answer, and teyed flip up a page and pointed random at any word and it could be "yes" and then it was all clear :-)

Really liked that film, gave me a lots of thoughts and emotions.

Oh Light, yes light in northern Sweden.

Summertime it's Midnight Sun not so difficult to imagine just that the sun is not going down or only slightly below the horizon depending on how far up you go or what time of summer it is.

These mystic light you see on clear nights during winter is Norrsken or Nordic Light. Google on pictures of Norrsken and you'll see.

There must be similar sights near the southern pole to. What's the name down under?

I use to see it sometimes here in the southern part of Sweden where I live nowadays. But in the north you had it every night in some way and what makes it even more intriguing is that it not only moves fast on the sky you can also here like a crunching noice.

dianne said...

The lights down here are called Aurora Australis or Southern Lights.
They are only visible where the night sky is clear from cloud, bright moonlight and stars.
In Antarctica it is dark for a couple of weeks during winter,starts about June 21 and in summer there is daylight 24 hours.Thank you for the information;I will Google images of Norrsken, is that the same as the Aurora Borealis?

I think I have seen the movie you are referring to but I cannot think of the the name...will think on it.
I really enjoy these costume dramas, they are a good emotional escape from some of the rubbish that is on the television.
Thanks for stopping by M dear. ♥

puerileuwaite said...

If fans of The Grateful Dead are called "Dead Heads", is it okay to coin the phrase "Eyre Heads"?

dianne said...

If you like Puggles my sweet, my head is usually up in the clouds dreaming of a better existence. ♥

Laura Essendine said...

Much preferred the old Timothy Dalton version of Jane Eyre from the BBC. Far closer to the book with lots of original dialogue. Well worth watching if you can lay hold of a copy.

Laura Essendine
Author – The Accidental Guru
The Books Limited Blog

dianne said...

Thank you Laura, I was unaware of this production, I will look for a copy. ♥
The movie I was referring to was quite old and in black and white, saw it on a television program of old movies.
From what I can remember Orson Welles played Rochester and Joan Fontaine, Jane Eyre, rather somber and bleak, that's why I enjoyed the BBC production so much. ♥