Monday, January 26, 2009


'Rest by the Bank of the Ruisseau' 1872 - Alfred Sisley
(1839 - 1899)
This is one of my favourite Impressionist paintings; what a lovely cool place to rest and ponder ones thoughts and dreams...under the shade of leafy trees, amongst the many beautiful greens of the plants and grasses, imagine their sweet fragrance as it floats on the air. To listen to the water as it flows gently by, its mirror surface only being interrupted by the ripple of some small insect or occasional curious fish.

Alfred Sisley was a French landscape painter, born of English parents in Paris, France.
He was one of the founders of the Impressionist School of Painting along with Claude Monet and Pierre-Auguste Renoir.


Little Lamb said...

I like that painting a lot.

Anonymous said...

i like that painting a lot, too

it's beautiful, dianne, and all the more so
for your evocative words -- now you have me longing for the summer

¤ ¤ ¤


K9 said...

i like sisley and corot for the reasons you so beautifully said; and i would add that this kind of impressionism is not as tranquil, but very alive as it looks like leaves are in the process of falling or swirling around in a breeze. ive always enjoyed those cool grey backgrounds that make the yellows in the greens pop as they do.

today, i am painting a nude woman holding....a chicken!! grherhahaha i know that, in real life, this is probably not a great idea as their feet are sharp on the tips - good for scratching out bugs/

foam said...

oh .. how i long to be in those grasses right now ..
relaxing by the stream .. swatting at the mosquitoes swirling around my bare ankles, watching tiny ants scurrying towards my simple picnic spread consisting of a crisp baguette, camembert and a tasty dry red wine ..
lord, i'm starved ..
i just got back from work. time to go get a snack..

dianne said...

I'm glad that you like the painting dear Lil Lambie , it is such a pretty place. ♥

dianne said...

Yes it is a lovely painting dear /t. just my kind of place, thanks I'm pleased that you liked my words.

I'm not longing for Summer, I've had enough of this heat...I look forward to the cooler seasons...♥

dianne said...

K9 dear I also like the works of Camille Corot, his landscapes and portraits.
I just love this painting,yes this Impressionism is very much alive, the colours not so muted but bright, I especially like the yellows amongst the greens and the different shades in between, and the dappling on the sunlight through the trees throwing light on the grasses.

If I was there I would be taking off my hat and stripping down to my muslin and lace pantaloons and chemise and would be wading into that water up to my breasts,how cool and refreshing that would be. ♥

I look forward to seeing this new painting, yes chickens do tend to scratch when picked up unless you calm them by patting them, speaking of breasts she had better watch out for her pink nipples, the chicken might think its a tasty snack. Lol...♥

dianne said...
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dianne said...

No dear Foamie , there are no mosquitoes and ants allowed here at our picnic by the river.
We are going to enjoy our simple luncheon of a fresh baguette, camembert, some marinated olives and a nice bottle of dry red for you...I might let my head go and have a glass of Moselle.
but before we enjoy our riparian repast we will both undress down to our frilly muslin chemises and panties and have a refreshing swim in the coolness of the water. ♥
Does that sound good to you? Gosh now I'm hungry. :-) ♥

J Cosmo Newbery said...

I want to lie under those trees!

dianne said...

Well J cosmo dear you are welcome to join our picnic, you can lay there as I would do and look up at the greenness of the leaves and how they change colour as the sun dapples through, you can sip your wine or take a nap.
But you must avert your eyes whilst we girls are bathing in the stream. :-) ♥

puerileuwaite said...

I'm right there with you on the blanket.

dianne said...

I know you are Puggles my sweet, you could stretch out on the blanket and I could pet you. ♥

foam said...

well, i was gonna suggest skinny dipping .. but then i read further and realized we might have male company .. guess it's time to get out the ole knee length tafetta bathing costume .. tsk ..

dianne said...

Yes skinny dipping would be fine with me but not since we have male company... but Foamie dear,not those old 'neck to knees', just our pretty muslin and lace knee length panties and our chemises with the ribbons laced up the front.
Gotta give them a bit of a thrill but still be modest. ♥

boneman said...

while the sunshine is indeed quite inviting, I prefer the snow right now (and we're slated to get more ovewr the next few days) ....the point, of course, that the winter kills errant grubs not deep enough and other crawling creeping critters that eat the garden.

But, oh, for a quick swim!

K9 said...

well i think an impressionist snow painting is forthcoming..

dianne said...

Nice to see you over here Boney , I was beginning to think you had decided to hibernate with the bears; I hope you're happy painting. :-)
Lets hope you don't get snowed in.
You can have too much sunshine and the heat that goes with it, a lot of my plants got absolutely scorched from the heat last week.
I wouldn't mind some snow in winter, for as you say it kills errant grubs and crawling critters and when it melts the soil is replenished with moisture.
You are welcome to join the picnic...a swim in that stream in the painting would be lovely. ♥

dianne said...

K9 my dear, I think you might be right, an impressionist snow painting with three beautiful trees bare of leaves...waiting for Spring.
That would be a lovely scene to paint Boney. ♥

And K9 how is your painting coming along with the nude lady and the chicken, cant wait to see it? ♥

Corby said...


Makes me long for spring and green things, we have so much snow here.


dianne said...

Thanks Corby dear, it is a very lovely spot, I really love all of the greens, it just looks tranquil to me, a place I would like to be. ♥
It is so hot here at the moment, Spring weather would be welcomed.

I hope you are feeling less sad now but it is good to grieve it is part of the healing process.
I lost my Mum about four years ago, I still miss her, I think about her every day... but I don't cry any more for I know her suffering has ended. ♥

foam said...

ahhhhhh .. i see you've already gotten out of the stream. that's good then. wouldn't want you to turn blue after all .. :)

chickory said...

that painting of the nude and chix is up my dear ;-)

dianne said...

Thanks for checking on me dear Foamie , that was very kind of you.
Yeah I had to get out I was getting too cold.
And did I read over at K9's where you said you were a lousy painter, well I don't think so, I've seen some of your lovely art. ♥

dianne said...

Thanks Chickory girl I've had a look, its beautiful and I love it; left a comment for you. ♥

Anonymous said...

I saw it in Paris for 4's soooooo beautiful!! My favourite

dianne said...

It is so beautiful anonymous ... you are so fortunate to have seen it in Paris. ♡