Wednesday, September 10, 2008



puerileuwaite said...

Time waits for no one.

dianne said...

Puggles,good morning my sweet, no it doesn't wait for me, I'm tired of chasing it and trying to catch it. :) xoxox

dianne said...

Puggles dear, why is it when you are happy and you want the moments to last time passes so quickly and when you are sad and you want to heal and the hurt to be gone, why does time then pass so slowly. Can you tell me?

puerileuwaite said...

I think it's because happy time is controlled by a cheap Made in China windup watch, while sad time is controlled by the Swiss. Have you ever seen someone from Switzerland in a happy mood? No, of course you haven't*. But on the other hand, the Chinese - though warlike and generally distrustful of foreigners - are a happy bunch (SO happy, in fact, that they breed like they are always making up for lost time). I hope this explains things.

(* the Swiss Family Robinson don't count, as they were really Dutch)

foam said...

tom waits is one of my favorites.
and these folks who do the guitar renditions of his music do a pretty darn good job.
the boneman should like it .. :)

The Phosgene Kid said...

Waits rules! I have all his cds, but Raindogs and small change are my favorites

I added a link to your site, hope that is ok - let me know

Anonymous said...

i like
Tom Waits
being Canadian
i really like Tim Bits*

¤ ¤ ¤


* for those of you not knowing Tim Bits: 1) they are the deep fried center holes from doughnuts (that's donuts for all American friends) available only at the Tim Horton's doughnut chain; 2) they are like the national food of Canada; 3) they are like... better than sex**

** with an American

dianne said...

Well Puggles my love that was happy time reading your explanation of time, you always make me see the lighter side of life and make me laugh. No I haven't met a Swiss person who was in a happy mood, in fact a lot of people I've met from Central Europe are not happy souls & I find them distrustful of foreigners.
The Chinese here seem to be very happy. :) xoxoxo

Foamie dear, thanks for popping over, I am enjoying my coffee with you here this morning. Yes these guys do a great guitar rendition of his songs. I hope Boney enjoys it, thats if he stops by, trying to cheer him up because hes so upset about the missing dog. :) xoxoxo

Phos dear, of course you can link me, I've already put your name in my Links List, hope that was OK. I will have to listen to Raindogs & small change, I do like his music. :) xoxoxo

/t.dear we have those here as well, 'doughnut holes' or something like that, silly name really. Better than sex with an American eh, gosh they must be good, but then again I have no experience here. :) xoxoxox

Mayden' s Voyage said...

**Better than sex with an American???!!!

/t- we might have to talk about this at some point! ;)

dianne said...

Welcome Mayden, nice to see your pretty face over here! :) xoxoxo

boneman said...

I could use some Tim Bits, now.
Or some of the muffins.

Can't believe after one stop, the drivers for the folks up at the cerebral school absolutely wished they hadn't stopt at all there.
JKust North of Toronto was where we stopped.
And i begged for the next one, a few dozen miles beyond that.

And again a few miles beyond that.
I think there were about five on the road up to Bala, and I begged to stop at every one of them.
In order, I had the bits and coffee.
then a Blueberry muffin and hot chocolate.
Next, cheeseburger, chips and diet Dr. Pepper
then a muffin (I think it was a chocolate) and I split an apple muffin with the driver....
Last it was a box of donuts.
Hey...the heck with 'bits' when you can get the rest of the donut, eh?

Thanx for the Pascal music, Dianne.

Yeah...I think it's time to pull up my sox dry my tears and move on.

Heck, for all I know, he's in some dog harem enjoying the heck out of his still intact equipment.

dianne said...

That sounds like some trip Boney with many food stops, you must have been hungry.

Glad you liked the music.

I know exactly how you feel about the dog,I have experienced it myself; you are kind and caring so of course you are upset, its the 'not knowing' that is the worst. But try and think of him out there enjoying himself and maybe he has found his way home or been taken in by kind people like you and Steve.
Love and Big Hugs. :)