Saturday, September 27, 2008


I am posting this song for someone very special to me and who is close to my heart...So save the slow dance for me...

Come Away With Me - Norah Jones


Pete Bogs said...

what a beautiful song!

dianne said...

yes Pete, I think so too! ♥ :) xoxo

ANNA-LYS said...

I Love Norah's lyrics, music and VOICE! This tune one is an absolute favo!

Tnx 4 sharing!!!

(( kram ))

dianne said...

Thanks Anna-Lys,I'm pleased that you enjoyed it, this is one of my favourites from her, the lyrics are beautiful as is her voice.

I like many of her songs, she is a very talented girl. :) ♥ xoxox

Anonymous said...

Hi, how are you? I am sending you this comment, because I am serching for blogger friends, and your site is interesting to me. I have an art blog here in San Diego, and I am curious if you would become my freind? Are you up to it?
I hope to see you soon on my art blog, and take care,

foam said...

that Is a beautiful song by norah ..
xo <3

The Mess said...

Would have been nice if a girl in a genuine Caddy would have picked me up just like that..

dianne said...

Hi Jesse, thanks for stopping by,I'm glad you like my Blog, I will pop over soon and check out your art. :) xoxox

Foamie dear I just love it,I love the words - you know what a romantic soul I am, Sigh, and Norah sings so beautifully :) ♥ xoxoxo

M my sweet, just hang in there my friend and some beautiful girl just might come along and offer you a lift in her car when you least expect it and you will be on the drive to your destiny. Hope she comes along soon for you :)♥ xoxoxo

puerileuwaite said...

I wish Norah would make it clear in the song what she wants.

Also, I noticed that she apparently uses the same car rental agency as Alanis "Ironic" Morisette and yours truly.

Anonymous said...

Puggles my sweet my computer has 'crashed' so I'm using another, thats why this will be posted under anonymous.
She wants you to go away with her, kiss you on a mountain top, cuddle up to you and listen to the rain.
Thats pretty straight forward, its a love song.

Thats one big car, plenty of room for a party! ♥ :) xoxoxo


puerileuwaite said...

This is all so sudden, as I barely know her. Plus, rain on a mountaintop is often accompanied by lightning.

Anyway, she shouldn't have been so subtle about declaring what she wants. I guess I'll never figure out women.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about the lightning my sweet, you will be safe under that tin roof. Gosh if she's coming onto to you I would definitely 'go for it' if I were you, she's beautiful and she's rich and not a humble farm girl like me who can't afford clothes. ;) ♥ xoxoxo


puerileuwaite said...

Sorry. No can do. She looks a wee bit too much like her dad (Ravi Shankar, the "famed" sitar player), which I have difficulty getting past. Plus you just KNOW he'd insist on playing that infernal instrument for a solid 45-minutes at our wedding reception while we were forced to pretend we enjoyed it.

I'll stick with the poorly clothed, very attractive farm girl with the Aussie accent (accents, especially British in origin, are a Pug turn-on). See you in the mountain-top "Love Shack" (tin roof! rusted!).

dianne said...

Well I'm so pleased to see that you have chosen me instead of her.That sitar would be a bit of a turn off at the wedding, put you off the wedding night wouldn't you say, every time you got in the mood you would think of Ravi. Lol, I'm laughing now, you crack me up Puggles!
Well I shall see you in the mountain-top "Love Shack", the rusted tin roof wont worry us my love. I do have a nice accent and I'm sure you will enjoy the sweet things that I say to you. :) ♥ xoxoxoxoxo