Tuesday, September 23, 2008

For Love Is All...

So unsure I stand before you
all vulnerable and exposed
I've longed to be this close to you
for so long you'll never know
As I look up to your face
I am mirrored in your eyes
Put your arms around me
hear the softness of my sighs.

My lips await the kiss from yours
I have waited for so long
Kiss them gently, softly, lovingly
for they are soft and full
Kiss more deeply and more slowly
taste the sweetness of my mouth
Please dont leave me wanting
its been my dream for so long.

Draw me close towards you
hold me closer still
Your skin touching mine
so close that we are one
I was made for your caress
surround me with your love
Hold me so closely
feel our hearts beat as one.

Touch me with softest hands
feel the warmth of my skin
I was made for you alone
I want to feel your love within
Whisper that you love me
they're the words I long to hear
I cannot let you go now
for at last you are so near.

So hold me ever closer
for to you I now belong
You have unlocked the love
within my heart
Please fill me with your love...

Poem by Dianne


Little Lamb said...

That's very pretty.

ANNA-LYS said...

Very beautiful, indeed!

foam said...

lovely love poem, dianne ..

/t. said...

a poem
for ME?!?

awwww... you
really shouldn't have

what do you mean you didn't?


well, it's a beautiful poem just the same ;)

¤ ¤ ¤


puerileuwaite said...

A guy with soft hands doesn't seem all that rugged. Sounds like a "fancy lad" to me. Either that or he's a dishwasher. So be careful.

Pete Bogs said...

beautiful... so much antici... pation...

Tonka said...

Very lovely poem Dianne, thanks for sharing it with me. Thanks also for sharing your site.

dianne said...

Thank you dear Lil Lamb. :) xoxox

Thank you dear Anna- Lys. :) xoxox

Thank you dearest Foamie. :) xoxox

I'm pleased that you girls enjoyed it, I didn't know whether it was a little too graphic but you seem OK about it, you can sense the love there cant you, for that's what it's really all about :)

Thank you /t., sorry my sweet no it wasn't for you, I was thinking of that other handsome fellow with the whitish hair and beard, my former Celtic knight. :) xoxox

Puggles my love you are playing with me aren't you. When I say "touch me with softest hands", I mean he is caressing me softly and gently, as I know you would.OK my sweet! :) xoxox

dianne said...

Thank you Tonka, I'm pleased to hear that you enjoyed the poem and welcome to my little world. :) xoxox

dianne said...

Thanks Pete, yes antici...pation... is part of what makes it so appealing and hopefully the outcome is as wonderful but dont forget the love. :) xoxoxo

The Mess said...

Colourful words from a warm heart.. it feels definitely yellow..

dianne said...

Thank you M...yes from a warm heart...I was definitely feeling yellow and a few shades of pink when I wrote that...we do have to put the colour in our world. :) xoxoxo

Corby said...

It is a touch mournful in a way a beautiful sad...


dianne said...

Yes Corby there is a touch of sadness... for it is just a wish, a hope and a dream and it will never happen. :) xoxoxoxo

Mayden' s Voyage said...

"A dream that will never happen"...
I find, are sometimes dreams which are replaced with something better-
a deeper passion, a warmer touch, a longer kiss-
and such is what I hope for- for you. ♥

dianne said...

Oh thank you Mayden, little wonder that everyone loves you as you are so sweet and kind...your pretty face just emanates all that is good. :)
Your words have touched me and made me cry, I hope you are right and I do find someone who will love me for who I am,I have so much to offer but that kind of happiness has so far eluded me. :) ♥ xoxoxo