Wednesday, May 9, 2018

les joies de mai

'"Everything that is made beautiful and fair and lovely is made for the eye of one who sees."


Anonymous said...

Isn't life so often missing the very essence of what it is to be... of what it really is to be? I thought of Faure today because, maybe, it was a long time ago and I forget, I had gone years ago by train to Aix-les-Bains to visit the Faure museum. I saw a white nude girl statue with lowered head in the hallway. It summed up how I felt, so alone, and yet, at peace with herself. It is a deep blue sky today outside. Very sunny. Very beautiful. Very tranquil. The birds woke me with such beautiful and gentle singing this morning. I was determined to go out and breathe. I did and was greatly rewarded by God's nature, whispering, hinting, disappearing and when I thought the chorus was over, a little bird stood on a single branch, just looking at me. For a long time. C.B.

Anonymous said...

dianne said...

It was lovely to hear from you again dear C.B. I was hoping you would leave me a message! I have missed you. Did you read all of the messages I have left you on my previous post? I hope you are well and not lonely? Life to me seems pointless sometimes, a repetitious, monotonous routine...yet I still find something in each day for which I am thankful...and I am always grateful for your messages. How lovely for you to wake up to the songs of birds and a beautiful sunny day. How sweet to have the little bird sit on the branch and look at you. I remember the bird feeder/table which you built to attract birds to your garden, such a long time ago. Do you still have your pretty garden? I love the morning chorus as the birds awake and set about their day.
Thank you for the link, I have Faure's Requiem on a CD, it is beautiful, such amazing voices!
'Broken Flowers', I had not heard of this film, perhaps a good title and inspiration for a poem or perhaps not.
Thank you also for the image of the statue of the nude white lady and the beautiful painting of the nude lady behind it! I remember when you went to Aix-les-Bains and visited the Faure museum, you posted a similar photo you had taken on your blog.
That statue is the one I was referring to when I posted the nude statue and poem on my blog last year.
The cold evening air is creeping in here. I hope you awake to another wonderful morning with a deep blue sky!
Take care dear one, much love, Dianne xoxo