Friday, June 10, 2016

Thank You...

I would write you a poem
But I cannot find the words
For sadness has robbed my heart
Of the words I wish to express
Feelings of certainty that I once felt
Now taken from me
Just fear and doubt instead
I want to sense the beauty of the flowers
That abound, feel the softness of their petals
Their fragrance that surrounds
Feel the warmth of the sunshine
As it wraps me in its light
Feel the comfort of knowing
That the end will be all right
To take away the shadows
That are haunting me each night…

Much love Dianne ... ♥

For dearest C.B, thank you for your visits my friend, it is comforting to feel you nearby.

Thank you dear friends for your messages of warmth and kindness.
My dear son Matthew remains in the ICU, with many complications, further surgeries planned and a skin graft in time to close the large, open incision.

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Yannis Politopoulos said...

Dear Dianne,

Our hearts, our souls and our minds are with you. You are a world of feelings in the desert of 21st century.
Everything will be better than ever because you are Dianne, the woman of feelings and beauty.

Warmest greetings.
Yannis and Vania Politopoulos

Crissi said...

My dear Dianne, my heart aches when I read your sad words. I think of you and pray for you, all I can do.
God bless you and all the best for Matthew
I embrace you in love

Anonymous said...

I am bowed cast downward
But as it happened before
I know that when all is over
He was always at the door

Waiting for the right time
Not my time, never our time
And that is hard for me
For anyone, anywhere to see

But then we will understand
And all will be revealed
His love and mercy and grace
While we waited patiently.

Quiet calmness
Silent prayers
One after another
For Matthew
And you.

Your C.B. who's thinking of you.

♥ Łucja-Maria ♥ said...

Hello Dear DIANNE!
I know that very suffering and worried about his son Matthew.
The prayers please his health. I am with you.
Kisses and greetings:)


Amiga poeta,tienes que enterrar esa melancolia que esta acabando con contigo

dianne said...

Dear Yannis and Vania , thank you dear friends for your beautiful and thoughtful words of comfort, I am trying to be as strong as I can for my son's sake.
You are two very good people and I am so happy that you are together.
Much love,
xoxoxo ♡

dianne said...

My dear Crissi, thank you sweet friend for your words of comfort and your prayers.
Gob bless you for your kindness.
Much love
xoxoxo ♡

dianne said...

My dearest C.B. thank you for your beautiful words of comfort, your prayer, your words always touch my heart dear one, but especially now when I feel so lost and in need of certainty.
Matthew and I thank you for taking the time to write such thoughtful words, they are precious to us both.

I cannot begin to tell you of all of the complications and setbacks he has suffered, far too many, I am in disbelief that so many problems could arise in a hospital of such good reputation, some from incompetence, some from negligence and some just unforeseen.
It is a miracle that he is still alive, along with his own medical knowledge which has saved him on more than one occasion. His determination to get well is still there but his strength is failing, his fight to go on wavers when every day is filled with pain and more problems. Now the depression is setting in.
The thought of more months of pain is daunting - as he has a long and painful journey ahead of him before he is out of danger.
So I thank you most dearly for thinking of us both. I look forward to days when I can feel happiness again.
Take care dear one, much love, your Dianne, you are forever in my heart.
xoxoxo ♡

dianne said...

Thank you dear Lucja for your lovely words of comfort, friendship and for your prayers, Matthew needs all of the kindness and support that you have all given so generously.
Kisses and greetings
Much love, Dianne
xoxoxo ♡

dianne said...

Thank you dear Juan for your thoughtful words, I am trying to let go of this melancholy, as I know it is making me ill, but it never leaves me, I am so worried about my son. He has suffered too much and I cannot stand to see him in so much pain...but I am there for him, putting on a brave face, trying to be positive to help him through this very difficult time.
Besos my friend
xoxoxo ♡

MARTY said...

it's so hard for a mother when her child is sick ! we cannot do anything to help you but only think of you and Matthew
with hope ! be strong Dianne and don't forget that our thoughts are with you !
bisous dear Dianne

dianne said...

Dear Marty thank you for your kind words, for your thoughtfulness and wishes for myself and Matthew.
I am trying to be strong with much difficulty, as the time goes on I am beginning to unravel and find all of the unforeseen problems are also affecting me.
bisous dear Marty
xoxoxo ♡

Olivier Violin said...

Chère Dianne,

Je te souhaite un bon dimanche.
Je pense bien à toi.

Bisous. ♥