Monday, September 14, 2009

Which Path to Take ...

I will cross the bridge alone
For alone is what I am
And choose a smoother path beyond
I have hurt for too long
Look for days of sunshine
And clear skies once again
Leave the past behind
Hope for happiness instead
Brush away dark clouds
Of sadness I am done...


I will cross the bridge alone
For alone is what I am
And choose a smoother path beyond
I have tried for too long
I struggle to understand
Here in the darkness
Leave the past behind me
Where it belongs
Never open up my heart to love
Or want again
Never let the fire of passion
Burn within my soul again
Never hope to be wanted
Where I don't belong
Nor open up my heart
To words that bring me undone
Brush away dark clouds
Of sadness I am done
Never let my heart falter
And trust again
For show me any man
who is worthy of my trust
One who doesn't doubt me
Takes me for who I am
Someone who will see my truth
And love me for who I am
I fear there is not one...



chickory said...

i think option one is the way to go. lovely words. pretty stormy evocative photo. love to you

HLiza said...

Just cross that your heart to the beauty around you and just enjoy yourself. Love sometimes come when we least expect it..

foam said...

onward and forward, dianne ..
enjoy your life ..
don't look back ..
we are guarding the rear .. ;)

Anonymous said...

sure, but
some of us
want to know...

what's behind door #3?

× × ×


Little Lamb said...

Decisions, decisions, decisions. Which way to go?

dianne said...

Thanks dearest chickory ...I'm pleased you liked my words and yes that photo is so appropriate...still deciding, maybe there is a third option.
Love to you too and thanks for your ongoing support. xo ♡

dianne said...

Thank you dearest HLiza
that sounds like good advice to me, I guess I must not close my heart completely. xo ♡

dianne said...

Thank you dearest Foamy
I have had a weekend of reflection and wrote these thoughts yesterday, I was feeling sad.
Yes, I have to move forward but I realise that i'ts not so black and white...I must not close my heart completely.
Thank you also for your kind words and your ongoing support, its comforting to know that you are here for me. xo ♡

dianne said...

Thank you dearest /t.

Well I guess there is a compromise behind door #3, a mixture of the thoughts and feelings from both poems.
If there was someone out there who could love me for who I am and not judge me so harshly that would surely be a happy beginning...but until then I am content to go on alone.
I am not perfect by any means but I have so much to give to someone who is sincere... but I am so weary of the games that some men play. xo ♡

dianne said...

Thanks for stopping by dearest Lamby
Yes decisions, which way to go?
I guess I will work it all out in time but I know I must move forward. xo ♡

Lee said...

Pick a direction and go for it!

Shweta Tiwari said...

Hey Dianne,
Ur never alone..frnds are always there to be with you..go ahead. There is beautiful world out there..take a step forward and enjoy watever comes..
Take care

dianne said...

Thanks dear Lee

yes I will pick a direction soon but I will have to consult my 'emotional' compass first...its not that easy. ♡

dianne said...

Thanks dearest Shweta

I know I am never alone I have some wonderful friends here, you are all so special to me and I have my friends from home too but I am speaking of emotional attachments with the opposite sex...much more complicated.
I am not doing so well in the 'love' aspect of my life, I'm very much alone when it comes to that.
Just have to look forward and hope for the best...
I read your latest remember to be happy too , no being so sad now, you are only young you have your whole life ahead of you.
Take care and love xo ♡

Shweta Tiwari said...

I understand that and the post which u r talking about is unfortunately about the love aspect of my life..i know i have a long and wonderful life ahead..but these things smtime take a toll on me and in these things ,sometime , I feel very helpless. But Life is to face ,to accept and to go ahead. Lots of good things are out thr..need to enjoy them..that only will complete the purpose of is just a part.may be incomplete..but one should be happy that for sometime it was there.
I'm trying to get out of it..and sure will be..however that love will be with in u told me..

thanks dear for ur lovely words..
u too take care

dianne said...

Oh Shweta sweetheart, I know you are hurting and I'm so sorry... it is never easy to lose the one you love, it effects every aspect of your life...I understand so well.
Yes love is a part of life and when it all goes wrong we do have to accept it but its not easy...I know there is so much more to our lives but you are allowed to grieve a little, it will help you heal.
I'm sorry that it has ended, you were so happy for a while and you will never forget that love within you and you will most definitely find someone else in time and you will be happy once more.
I just know it, for you are a very special, lovely girl, there is some new guy out there right now just waiting for you to find him.

Love to you xo ♡

Shweta Tiwari said...

just thank u so much..
ur a sweetheart..keep smiling..people like u should they believe in spreading it..
take care

dianne said...

Thank you Shweta dear
no you are the try to smile and to be happy...I want everyone to be happy but I haven't got much 'happy' to spread around just now... ♡

puerileuwaite said...

I don't know if this will help at all, but reading through my collection of "The Far Side" cartoons really seems to do the trick. The hard part is incorporating it into prose as "Option #3".

dianne said...

Well Puggles my sweet
thanks that is a good idea
"The Far Side" cartoons are funny and a good diversion from reality...don't trouble yourself with prose I will find my way eventually. ♡

Helene said...

I choose number one!

Besides, when you find the right person, be it a friend or lover, I dont believe you will be able to keep your heart closed. You especially... you have such a big heart!

dianne said...

Thanks dear Helene

Yes, in an ideal world number one looks like a good option... when and if I find that someone special...notice I have put the emphasis on if . Believe me there aren't that many genuine, available guys out there.
I do have a big heart and I am capable of much love...trouble is I'm tired of being hurt,tired of being burned, tired of those who claim to be a friend and they aren't, tired of those who promise much and deliver nothing.
I am not hopeful any more, better to keep my heart closed and just get on with life alone. xo ♡